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Firearms News visits ATG Family Range Day – SMG test of Wolf 9mm Ammo

by FAN Online Editors 0

Firearms News editor, Vincent DeNiro runs the 115gr. 9mm FMJ ammunition through an M-11/9 sub machine-gun and a Beretta M9A1 Compact Inox pistol.

New from Wolf Performance Ammunition is the 9x39mm Wolf cartridge featuring a 278 grain  FMJ-BT at subsonic velocity.

Wolf Performance Ammunition’s New 9x39mm Wolf Cartridge

by David Fortier 0

Wolf Performance Ammunition introduces a worthy subsonic rival to the 300 Blackout.


Blackwater Precision

by FAN Online Editors 0

Firearms News Editor Vince DeNiro got a chance to speak with Blackwater Precision’s Jim Thompson and shoot their 9mm Subsonic Match Grade Ammo at the 7th Annual ATG Worldwide Family Range Fest.


Top short-barrel .38 Spl. loads for the street

by Patrick Sweeney 0

Picking the right carry load is critical, especially when you’re toting a short-barreled .38 Spl.

Life After 308

Life After .308 Win And The Future Of Long Range Rifle Cartridges

by Shotgun News Staff 0

The good old .308 Win. has served well for more than 60 years, but a new generation of rifle cartridges offers much better performance past 300 yards.


Is .40 S&W Dead?

by James Tarr 0

The line “I brought you into this world and I’ll take you out” is often used jokingly, but it may… more »


Hornady Heat Shield: More Than Just Hype?

by David Fortier 2

I will always remember talking to a rep in the industry after he left his gig at a famous bullet… more »

Beowulf_200g_Polycase copy_F

PolyCase Ammunition and Alexander Arms Create .50 Beowulf ARX

by Evan Brune 3

The designers of one of the most devastating short-to-medium range calibers met with the designers of some of the most… more »

Rowland_8 copy

960 Rowland Review

by Brad Miller 13

Johnny Rowland has done it again. He’s given you more for the same. That is, more power in the same… more »


14 Father’s Day Gifts for Gun-Loving Dads

by SGN Online Editors 0

No matter what kind of shooter you are today, chances are you owe your interest in firearms to your father…. more »

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