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SIG 300 Blackout ammo

SIG SAUER 300 Blackout Elite Performance Ammunition

by SGN Online Editors 0

SIG SAUER‘s subsonic 300 Blackout Elite Performance Ammunition Match Grade ammunition features a 220gr Open Tip Match (OTM) bullet with… more »


HPR .300 BLACKOUT with 110 gr. Barnes TTSX Bullet

by SGN Online Editors 0

HPR (High Precision Range) Ammunition now offers the new .300 BLACKOUT loaded with a 110gr Barnes TTSX bullet. This load… more »

Black Ops Ammo

HPR Black Ops Ammunition

by SGN Online Editors 0

Black Ops’ Open Tipped Frangible (OTF) projectile transfers 100% of its energy into the target and tracks straight through a… more »


The Decline of 10- & 16-Gauge Shotguns

by Kyle Wintersteen 71

Americans have no qualms with purchasing an assortment of specialized firearms. In terms of rifles, what gun safe is complete… more »


Liberty .38 Special Civil Defense Ammunition

by SGN Online Editors 0

Liberty Ammunition has added the popular .38 Spl. to its line of Civil Defense lead free handgun cartridges. Featuring nickel-plated… more »


HSM .257 Weatherby Magnum

by SGN Online Editors 0

HSM’s .257 Weatherby Magnum sends a 115-grain Berger VLD bullet through a 24-inch hunting rifle barrel at more than 3300… more »


HPR Black Ops Pistol Ammunition

by SGN Online Editors 0

HPR’s Black Ops line of ammunition uses a JHP projectile with added expansion control for a higher bullet weight retention,… more »


HSM Ammo Double Duty Combo Pack

by SGN Online Editors 0

The HSM Double Duty combo pack contains 250 rounds of lower-cost, remanufactured ball ammunition and 50 rounds of top-notch self-defense… more »

Hornady Critical Defense 410

Introducing Hornady Critical Defense .410 and Critical Defense Lite

by Dylan Polk 3

Hornady introduced two new handgun loads during the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas: Hornady Critical Defense .410 and Critical… more »


IMA’s WWI British Vickers MG Ammunition Belt

by Ashley Dale 0

Original World War I Vickers Machine Gun belts with early brass long dividers every third round, which indicated how far… more »

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