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Mauser Bent Bolt Handle

by Reid Coffield   |  August 29th, 2011 16

Mauser Bent Bolt Handle

To bend a straight Mauser bolt handle with minimal risk of damage, the bolt handle shank will need to be heated with a torch to almost 1000∞ or until it is a glowing red color.

Question: I am working on a Mauser rifle and want to bend the bolt handle. Right now it sticks straight out to the right. Can I bend the handle without using any heat? I don’t have a welding outfit and it would be a lot easier if I could just do it myself.

Answer: If you try to bend the bolt handle cold, it will probably break or crack. I would strongly encourage you to take the bolt to a gunsmith so the handle shank can be heated and bent safely. Also, youíll want to make sure there is no heat damage to the locking lugs or the cammning surface of the bolt body when heat is applied to the bolt handle.


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