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Rebarreling a Savage Model 11

by Gus Norcross 0

I have long been a big fan of Savage 110 series bolt action rifles. They are an extremely good value,… more »


Building a Heavy AR-15 Varmint Upper Part 3: Final Assembly & Test Fire

by Gus Norcross 1

In Part 2 we left off with our gas system installed, ready to screw on the fore-end tube. Most AR… more »


Building a Heavy AR-15 Varmint Upper Part 2: Barrel Assembly

by Gus Norcross 0

In the first part of this article we gathered a pile of cool parts and now it’s time to start… more »


Building a Heavy AR-15 Varmint Upper Part 1: Parts Selection

by Gus Norcross 3

A customer of mine recently expressed interest in building a heavy varmint upper receiver assembly for his AR-15. We discussed… more »

Finishing 80% AR Lowers

How To Finish 80% AR-15 Lowers

by Gus Norcross 1

An 80 percent receiver is simply one that is not finished enough to be considered a firearm by the ATF…. more »


Troubleshooting 1911 Slide Stops

by Gus Norcross 6

The 1911 slide stop is only a $20 part but proper fit and function is critical to the trouble free… more »


How to Use a 1911 Lug Iron

by Gus Norcross 0

Recently, I was test-firing a Chinese Norinco 1911 imported into this country in the early 1990s before the Clinton Administration… more »


Rechambering a Savage 110 in 7.62x54R

by Gus Norcross 9

A couple miles south of Keene, N.H., in North Swanzey is LPR Gunsmithing. It’s owned and operated by one of… more »


How to Select the Right 1911 Rear Sights

by Gus Norcross 0

The two most useful changes you can make to a 1911 are the trigger and sights. The trigger must be… more »


How to Fit a Barrel Bushing to a Slide and Barrel

by Gus Norcross 0

In past articles, I have focused on fitting the rear end of the barrel to the slide and slide stop… more »

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