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The Era of the Classic Snubnose Revolver

by Peter G. Kokalis 0

Double-action revolvers are a long way from moribund. They still have their aficionados and lethal applications. I still frequently carry… more »


Review: POF ReVolt Straight-Pull AR

by Peter G. Kokalis 0

It’s been close to 120 years since an infantry rifle with a straight-pull action has been introduced. Add to that… more »


A History of the CZ 75

by Peter G. Kokalis 5

I frequently carried a CZ 75 in a Galco vertical shoulder rig during the war in El Salvador. I was… more »


IWI Tavor: History and Development

by Peter G. Kokalis 1

The state of Israel declared its independence from Great Britain on 14 May 1948. Since that time it has been… more »


Ultimate Gas Impingement AR: KAC SR-15E3 SBR Review

by Peter G. Kokalis 3

Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) is well-known for the excellent 7.62x51mm NATO M110 Sniper Weapon System they supply to the United… more »


Wilson Combat CQB Light Rail Lightweight Compact Review

by Peter G. Kokalis 4

I’ve been at this about 35 years now and during that time I’ve written close to 2,000 articles about firearms…. more »


POF Burnt Bronze Carbine Review

by Peter G. Kokalis 3

SHOTGUN NEWS has just received for test and evaluation a rifle that will be a serious contender in the wildly… more »


Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Review

by Peter G. Kokalis 4

Founded at the beginning of the new millennium, Daniel Defense was focused upon significantly improving the M16/AR-15 system. Marty Daniel… more »


Black Rain Ordnance AR-15 Review

by Peter G. Kokalis 0

The term “Black Rain” means different things to different people. To some, although not likely anyone reading this, it’s the… more »


Ruger SR1911 CMD Review

by Peter G. Kokalis 8

The project that was to result in the Colt Commander commenced almost 65 years ago in a U.S. government post-World-War-II-era… more »

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