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Armatac SAW-MAG

by Ashley Dale   |  June 10th, 2011 5

Finally, a reliable and efficient 150-round magazine for the NATO standard (STANAG-4179) .223/5.56 mm rifle. Made from high-impact glass-filled nylon for durability high and light weight, the ammunition is always in a singular stream resulting in a very low friction operation.

For further information contact Armatac Industries, Inc., Dept. SGN, P.O. Box 340, Lyndhurst, Va 22952 or

  • Christian

    Awesomeness!!! Need that toy, lol

  • MKG

    This magazine is marketed all wrong. It would be great for a squad weapon. As for other tactical purposes such as CQB, It is too bulky. If the magazine takes a round or becomes fouled (Murphy's Law) you are out of action. When it comes to war fighting which I assume this magazine is intended for, it is true that the quickest reload is the one that does not happen. That is a result of one of two things happening; one, your enemy is dead, or two you are dead. Quickly clearing malfunctions (which happen often, even with well maintained weapons) and combat reloading are essential in combat survival. If a combatant is not proficient at these tasks, he or she has no business being there. As far as squad weapons go this magazine would be perfect.

  • gene willis

    i wonder if it's forsale to urban families?as well as city citizens?and what the cost would be to own it?

  • erik

    a gun with tits, nice.

  • Darn Fine Shot

    Selling the Armatac Saw Mag at

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