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Be Ready! Hits the Newsstand

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  August 29th, 2013 16

Just in time for hurricane season, Shotgun News’s Be Ready hit the newsstand this week. It’s a 100-page magazine that will help you be prepared for disasters, natural or manmade. There are familiar SGN writers like David Fortier, Patrick Sweeney and Jim Tarr, and some new names you may not know.  But all of them take an in-depth look at some of the important issues in being prepared for calamities like earthquakes, tornadoes or social unrest. It’s available now at Barnes & Noble, Walmart and other fine retailers.

  • Austin Isop

    I’ll definitely be buying this next time I am at the store. I laughed at the “Available at Walmart or other fine retailers” line…like Walmart is a “fine” retailer…

    • Kenneth Ketchum

      This is a very old post, but walmart is a fine retailer, their online site makes it possible to buy from many many other online retailers and have shipped to store/local walmart making for very easy pickup,,,,

  • Gizmael

    Does anybody know what type of machete/knife is on the cover of the magazine? Thank you for your help

    • jeffyjeffjeff

      a cool one.

      • bigpaul

        is it available in the UK?

    • Tim A Miller

      I believe that is the new Camillus machete (bought one at a store in Ohio and didnt keep the package so cant give you the real name). It is awesome, handy, and I will be buying one for each go bag and each vehicle. They are about 30$.

    • Kenneth Ketchum

      It’s not a machete, it’s a rope knife,,, what did u purchase? Gander mountain carries SOG,,,

  • deathgoat

    Walmart is a “fine” retailer…..yeah caught that.

  • galloyd

    I just pick up your mag. Good job. I liked the portable preparedness story. When you have time look at the earl back country tablet. we would like to know what you all think

  • Pete

    In this publication Bryce Towsley wrote a very good article regarding “Water Purification”…However, I think he was in error when he stated that “pump” filters did not remove viruses. The “FIRST NEED” filter DOES remove viruses and a lot of everything else with no after taste. My wife and I have used this filter for years and have never gotten sick from any water borne critters… that we know of anyway…!

  • Thomas F. McDonald

    is this “BE READY” magazine a one time issue or something I can subscribe to?

  • snsliberty

    What is this a joke? I cannot find this magazine anywhere! Not even on Shotgun News to purchase.

  • snsliberty

    This must be a ghost magazine. Does not exist anywhere.

  • Dave F. Ohio

    Is there another issue? It said it was coming out August 27, 2013. I checked four Walmarts and my local Barnes & Nobel every week. Finally Gander Mountain had a few copies in Late December. Also, havent seen any new Shotgun News for months? What gives?

  • beachbum

    $9 for this very thin magazine??? It has some good info, but not for $9 when the info I readily available on the internet.

  • Don Thisguy

    how do i get this issue?

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