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The 43⁄4" barrel Colt Single Action Army is the fastest and best-balanced barrel length. (Photo credit Colt’s Manufacturing Company, LLC)

Saga of the Colt Single Action Army .45

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Thanks to Hollywood Westerns, the M1873 Colt Single Action Army (SAA) is the world’s most recognized pistol.


TriStar Compact – A 12 Gauge Bullpup

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TriStar Arms announces the arrival of the new TriStar Compact. This 12-gauge bullpup packs a 20″ barrel into a shotgun with an overall length of just 30″.


Century Arms Announces Release of New AK-47 Pistol

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Century Arms has announced a new addition to their AK-47 pistol line, the C39v2 Blade Pistol.

Wilson Combat Ranger

New Ranger AR Rifle Series From Wilson Combat

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Wilson Combat has introduced their new Ranger AR Rifle Series.


Firearms News Gets Some Range Time with IWI and the Galil ACE

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Firearms News Contributing Writer Scot Loveland interviews Tom Alibrando who is the LE National Sales Manager for IWI and gets in some trigger time with the Gailil ACE pistol.


NEW for 2018: Brownells’ Line of Retro Rifles

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David Fortier, Field Editor for Firearms News, sits down with Paul Levy of Brownells to discuss the company’s new line of Retro Rifles.

New for 2018, Savage Arms has introduced the brand new MSR 15 rifle in Federal Premium Ammunition's 224 Valkyrie cartridge. (Photo courtesy of Savage Arms)

All-New Savage Arms .224 Valkyrie MSR-15 Introduced

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Savage Arms has introduced a reasonably priced long-range, tack-driving MSR (modern sporting rifle) in 224 Valkyrie.


SIG’s New Shortie

by David Fortier 0

SIG Sauer’s new Rattler puts rifle punch into a very discreet package.


AR Accessories I Like Today

by James Tarr 0

There’s always another one around the corner, but these AR add-ons are what Tarr is favoring on his personal rifle.


The Return of the Quarter Bore

by David Fortier 0

The 6.5mm craze has been going on for a while: maybe it’s time to look a notch down the caliber scale at a bore size that was popular 100 years ago.

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