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Know Your Billionaire Bullies: Ken Lerer

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  June 6th, 2013 17

As if Mike Bloomberg’s billions weren’t enough for us to fight, another plutocrat has joined those arrayed against gun ownership.  Venture capitalist and Huffington Post founder Ken Lerer has started a new website called Stop The NRA.

Even though it hasn’t worked for 50 years, the antis still seem to think that demonizing the NRA is a sound strategy for gun-grabbing. The Stop The NRA site is exactly what you would expect: carefully chosen and edited news stories intended to make gun ownership look bad interspersed with predictable screeds about the bad, bad NRA.

Having worked there 20 years, I can tell you that the greatest fear of the top echelons at NRA is that people like Ken Lerer might stop attacking it, because the harder those attacks are pressed, the louder the cash register rings. That this isn’t self-evident to the anti-gunners has always puzzled me, but I have given up trying to understand them.

Asked what caused him to put his money trove at the service of Bloomberg and other tramplers of the Bill of Rights, Lerer said gun violence is “tearing the country apart.”

“I also don’t like bullies,” he adds. “And the NRA is a bully. And Congress needs leadership from the outside.”

Well, we aren’t so wild about bullies, either, especially those who use their fortunes to promote oppression of their less wealthy fellow citizens. That’s what’s tearing the country apart.

  • Ronald G Miner Jr

    I just have one thing to say..If the liberals want to ban all guns I say let them try…But don’t ask a bunch of Law Enforcement Officers do their dirty work for them. Let Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Holder and Reid come knock down my door and take my firearms. See what the results are. Even if by some miracle a group was successful in removing the NRA from the planet, you would still have 100 million American gun owners who are not going to concede defeat simply because the NRA isn’t around to be the mouthpiece for the 2nd amendment. The NRA only represents about 25% of gun owners anyway…So go ahead, try to stop the NRA…Try to ban and confiscate our firearms..The only thing you will accomplish is creating an army who’s members will fight (and kill) those that oppose them. Maybe finally we can put an end to the gun grabbers once and for all..

  • alnga

    When was the last time that a registered member of the NRA committed some gun atrocity. Compare that zero number to the hundreds of deaths annually committed by non-NRA folks. And you want to ban the nra…you are pathetic..

  • Rich K

    Le this worthless piece of skin waste his monmy on a cause long lost.Funny how people who are smart enough to make money are clueless how to spend it though.

  • Rich K

    The website is a rouges gallery of lefty news groups so it’s a worthwhile forum for all us freedom loving americans to see.As in the enemy in our midst.On display.

  • OldeStyleLiberal

    The NRA is 5,000,000 people. That’s not a bully; that’s a mass movement.

  • OldeStyleLiberal

    Well. I had to go look. StopTheNRA is a big dump with an e-mail signup that doesn’t give you any idea what you might be signing up for. Lerer is a very confused man.

  • VictorErimita

    Actually, Ken, gun violence is not tearing America apart. It’s tearing poor neighborhoods in failed blue-model cities apart. But gun violence is way down, not that facts matter to Smart People Who Know Things, like you.

    Another thing tearing America apart? The arrogance and contempt you and your ilk feel toward, you know, actual Americans. But hey, throw your billions into a losing battle. Have a big time.

  • richard40

    I remember during the debate of the expanded background check bill, I told a leftist I was opposed to any bill that could create a national list of gun owners, no matter how many safeguards they put on it, because it could be misused someday for confiscation. He told me I was totally paranoid, and Obama and the dems would never do anything like that. Of course he told me that before all the recent scandals broke, I wonder if he would dare to tell me that today. I just thank heaven we managed to win that debate and kill that bill before the recent gov breakdown hit. With Obamas recent collapse I think gun control is dead for now, although once the smoke clears from the Obama wreckage, the dems will probably try again.

  • Miller Mccrabb

    He is a mouth load his mama should of Swallowed.

  • Patrick

    I’m certain that Lerer has his own personal team of professional bodyguards, 24/7 electronic surveillance, personal jet, bullet-proof vehicles, ad nauseum. He doesn’t live in our world, the real world. Take away all of the above and left to defend himself against real personal threats with nothing more than his bare hands, he’d be calling 911 in a hurry. The only problem is, there might not be anything left by the time the cops get there. Don’t get me wrong, I hold members of law enforcement in high regard, but there’s no such thing as instant response. 3 minutes, 5 minutes… Most violent attacks begin and end in seconds. Mr. Lerer, stay on your side of the fence, and we’ll stay on ours.

  • Fred Heckelman

    Sound like a communist party agenda to me…

  • sakovkt

    It’s not just guns, they’re after. Now that the Jane Fondas, Noam Chomskys and Susan Sontags are in power, we’re seeing how traditional “America Haters” run
    things, from fiscal irresponsibility to “politically correct” censorship.
    These are the “pilgrims” to Castro’s Cube, Stalin’s Russia, Sandinista Nicaragua, telling how wonderful it was and how America was so far off, never mind the
    “domestic violence”.
    Twisting the verbiage of law doesn’t make a crime any less a crime. Rather, it just adds another crime to the first. But that seems to be the current notion of governance.
    These are the people whom Giap and Ho Chi Minh declared that they could not
    have won the Viet Nam War without.
    And now that these people are in control, we’re headed for something much worse.

  • David Bryson

    for being a billionaire he’s a f$^king idiot. Gun violence = idiocy = democratic agenda. People with comments like gun violence is tearing this country apart. No it isn’t, it’s dumbass people like you that would take guns away from the “NORMAL” individual and only allow criminals to possess them. You just can’t fix stupid on some people, no matter their wealth.

  • Jimbo Jones

    Another nasty rich guy that got rich by taking advantage of other
    people, and aligning himself with other power hungry people that just
    live for greed and other people’s suffering. New he wants to disguise
    more greed by lying to the people that he is trying to fight crime by
    disarming the people. And he’s friends with Obama.

  • Jimbo Jones

    I wonder if his body guard has a gun? Or is he against them carrying a gun also???

  • Tim

    Last time I check the NRA is the oldest Civil Rights organization. They help protect our 2nd Amendment Rights from such people who try and take them away. Now if does not believe in the NRA I guess he does not believe in the 2nd Amendment so why should he have 1st Amendment rights? It is people such as this which are trying to destroy our country.

  • rawcut

    i have an announcement for every being on this and every other planet in existence. i promise to never give up my tools.

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