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Lone Wolf Werewolf Glock Race Gun

by Ashley Dale   |  November 4th, 2011 5

Lone Wolf’s Werewolf is for the serious Glock shooter and has every feature necessary for USPSA/IPSC Open Division competition: stainless steel slide and barrel, Hybrid porting on slide and barrel, thread on compensator, Burris Fastfire 4 moa dot red dot sight, 3.5-pound tuned trigger system, LWD custom shop engraving and slide cover plate, custom racing stripe engraving, stainless steel recoil spring guide rod assembly.

For further information contact: Lone Wolf Distributors, Dept. SGN, P.O. Box 3549 Oldtown, ID 83822 or

  • VANDAL209

    first ….thats one cool looking gun much to turn my XD into something like that

    • Will

      Give the guys over at Expedition Firearms in Idaho a call. They did a race cz75 for me and I know the own shoots USPSA and has his own custom race gun.

      • Milan

        greetings from Czech Republic :o)

  • Felipe

    What Price??you have the cal 9mm?you send to Brazil?

  • Snorpht FingerShoot

    No Felipe, we sends dem to Mexiko. for freeeeeeeeeeeee

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