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Pocket 9mms—Just Right Or Too Much Of A Good Thing?

by Ashley Dale   |  July 6th, 2011 19

A new generation of .380s got people thinking about pocket pistols, and it didn’t take long for makers to offer micro autoloaders in 9mm. Should you run right out and buy one? Tarr says it’s wise to study and try before you buy. He’ll be telling all about it in the September 20 issue of SGN.

With so many states on the CCW bandwagon, micro 9mms like this Ruger
LC9 are all the rage. Is the additional power compared to a .380 ACP worth
the added recoil?

The Kahr CM9 is a less expensive version of the PM9. It is supplied with one
six-round magazine and the front sight is plastic, but it functions just as well.

Tarr started out skeptical of the Kahr CM9, but found himself converted
after shooting sessions. It was very controllable, and had very user-friendly

While Kimber is best known for 1911s, the Solo Carry is a compact DAO
pistol with good sights and an ambidextrous safety that works like the one
on a 1911.

The Solo is a great-looking little pistol, but Tarr argues that Kimber may
have inadvertently overachieved in the goal of making it smooth and snag-free.

If, like Tarr, you find it hard to get a handle on the Solo, Kimber recently
announced the CDP with ample checkering on the front and back of the frame.

With the extended baseplate installed on the magazine, it is possible to get
all three fingers on the LC9, something not possible with any of the other pistols.

Being able to get all your fingers on the LC9 helps control recoil,.But Tarr
thinks the excessively long trigger pull makes extended shooting a chore.

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