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Century’s Semi-Auto DP-28 Machine Gun

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  June 23rd, 2011 3

“Semiauto” and “Machine gun” may seem a contradiction in terms, but putting the two together has been the basis of a successful new style of firearms. Peter Kokalis will review it in the 8/20 issue, and here we preview a few photos.

Century International Arms’ semi-auto version of the DP-28 is an accurate replication of a very important weapon in the history of military small arms.

Which one is which? The Century DP-28 (foreground) is externally an exact duplicate of the original DP-28 Light Machine Gun (background) in every way.

Nothing on Soviet DP-28 is more distinctive than its clumsy-looking 47-round pan drum, which is surprisingly probably the sturdiest and reliable of its type.

Two drum carriers were issued: canvas and steel. Both hold three drums. The steel carrier is incredibly bulky and heavy. The canvas type is easier to carry.

Finnish-made DP drums, marked “VKT” (Valtion Kivääritehdas--State Rifle Factory) and “SA” (Finnish Army) exhibit considerably better finish and overall quality.

The bulbous buttstock was presumably cradled in the support hand when firing from the prone position. There is a sling loop on the left side of the butt.

Feed lips are incorporated in the magazine. Kokalis says loading the 47-round pan drum by hand is a slow, tedious and all too often frustrating ordeal.

The three-position gas regulator has a closed longitudinal canal with three transverse exhaust holes with diameters of 2.7, 3.3 and 4mm, respectively.

The DP-28 gunner’s kit contains essential spare parts for the bolt group and a large assortment of maintenance tools. It’s available from Allegheny Arsenal.

Allegheny Arsenal’s unique DP-28 pan drum loader greatly simplifies loading the DP-28’s 47-round drum. A drum can be completely loaded in under two minutes.

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