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Franklin Armory XO-26

by Brock Norman   |  May 31st, 2011 1

Everyone knows about California’s harsh assault weapon regulations, but what everyone doesn’t know is that they are riddled with loopholes that allow some pretty surprising guns to be perfectly legal. One such product is the Franklin Armory XO-26, an AR-style pistol available in 5.56 or 7.62x39mm. A 10-round magazine is mandatory in California and some other states, but most of us can cram in any size. With an 11.5-inch barrel, it’s a legal configuration; just don’t try to install a buttstock or you’ll create a taxable short-barreled rifle.

For more information contact: Franklin Armory, 305 Vineyard Town Center, No. 220, Dept. SGN, Morgan Hill, CA 95037,

  • Mark P.

    with Franklin armory's legal sucess with the xo-26 it is bringing up some important questions, can someone apply a vert forearm to a large pistol ie vector v-53 the PRT51/32 or the draco AK pistols? it would be a great thing for private citizens to be able to do this legaly on there own weapons! think of the posabilities!!! any help is apprecated!

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