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Finally, A Gun Buyback We Can Get Behind

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  July 18th, 2013 3

Gun owners hate gun buybacks for any number of very good reasons, the most important of which are they are  implying the government is buying “back” guns it never owned in the first place, and that they just don’t work, a fact that even the antis have admitted.

Well, there’s now an exception to that rule, the Redistribution of Firepower program conducted by the Armed Citizen Project. The idea is simple. ACP will buy your gun, just like the communities and churches running the usual buybacks. The difference is that instead of going to a smelter somewhere to be made into rebar or some hokey art object, your gun will be issued to a deserving single mother, widow or retiree who can benefit from the security of gun ownership.

With a nod to Vice President “Tactical Joe” Biden, ACP will start the program with shotguns, which make up a large percentage of the arms turned in in “buyback” programs.

ACP is currently operating in Texas and Florida, and hopes to expand to other states.

Now, this is a program we can support. That old Hi-Standard Flite-King is not doing much good in the back of your gun safe, but could be a lifesaver for someone in a bad neighborhood. Let’s hope this particular buyback scheme spreads around the nation.

What I’d really like is the chance to donate a gun to the armed citizen groups in Mexico who are fighting a two-front war against corrupt police and the drug cartels. In the meantime, the ACP program is a worthwhile initiative that will drive anti-gunners and the press nuts.

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