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SAR Arms: The Turkish Revolution

by James Tarr   |  August 7th, 2012 55

Turkish guns have quietly infiltrated the U.S. market, but now a real invasion is on, instigated by Turkey’s biggest manufacturer. Jim Tarr toured the Sarsilmaz factory and reports on some of the pistols and shotguns it will export to the USA in the 7/20 issue of SGN.

  • vinnie

    Those are some very intreresting pictures of the manufacturing facility . Looks like some quality stuff . i will be looking for these at my local gun shop . post more pics if you have them .. thanks /

  • Gonzo

    Not to get deceived, HUGLU, UTS-15 are poorly manufactured guns designed by a been counters to make money with opportunity of cheap import. i have been seeing and working on this junk for 20 years and its nice looking in accurate firearm for inexperienced shooter who is new in gun hobby, beauty full wood or interesting concept design are the aye catch, but this firearms have nothing to do with gunsmith, i called cheap throw away one time use gun well overpriced. Poor mechanical design, poor wood inflating, not precise choke sit machining are the main cause that i grade them that way.

    • Aaron

      Do some of you guys even know what your talking about? I have owned 2 shotguns and 4 pistols till now and can tell you i wouldn't change it for any American gun. The quality and reliability is amazing to say the least. Not one issue. Well done to Sarsilmaz!

      • Antonio

        I agree with you 100 and 10 percent man. And to answer you question, no they don’t know what they are talking about. All they know is Springfield XD and Glock. Which are Eroupean and Eastern Euro made. XDs are made in Croatia. If it wasn’t for Springfield marketing them , no one would buy them. But they did an excellent job of marketing them.

  • Don Holland

    I am like Gonzo, I already have my mind made up, sight unseen. I have seen enough imported guns to last me for a lifetime, if they are not made in the US they are poorly made, overpriced junk. My mind is made up and I don't want to change it.

  • clsdblt

    I hope Gonzo is a better at gunsmithing than spelling!

  • clsdblt

    Either that or he just has a bad case of fat finger syndrome like me.

  • Gonzo

    Sorry for bad spelling guys, I look at PS-90 as a gun that is all composite and interesting and innovating design and have to say that is worth the money: composite is stiff with right amount fiberglass to do so, designs is smart, mechanics well designed, engineering no problem, gun has its limitations and advantages but its a product worth the money and most. UTS-15 not at all ! JUNK

  • Gonzo

    The technology of producing strong composite molded parts is very difficult and kept secret by Germans and couple other companies, Turks can afford to figure that out, its easier for them to find the way to our politicians pockets then do quality product, but on the other hand look at old Remington nylon series: strong, durable, design – more then impressive and made in USA at more then reasonable price, what happened ?! Did we get that low that we have to have this shit on the market here!

  • geeguy

    Gonzo – As a producer of composite parts IN THE USA, there is no secret to making a good composite frame, stock, mag, or other component. It's just a matter of doing it and paying for the tool to make a good product. In addition to Glass there are Nano-clay, UV, and other additives that are well known throughout the world. As with metal there are good plastics and bad plastics. The upside is a consistent component with far less number of parts, the down side is some modifications are easier and some are harder then metal. Get off your mill for awhile and learn about adhesives, because it's the wave of the future. For my highly modified competition guns I use metal, but for everyday people the plastic is the best option if done correctly.

  • Wisdo

    Purchased a Turkish made, Remington branded 12 ga. double barrel shotgun. Model 320 I believe.
    Could not hit the ground with it. Point of impact litterally feet away from point of aim. Never again

    • semiami

      I heard Stoger and so many other brands are also made in Turkey but marked importers brands on the gun , what's wrong with getting import guns if it is reasonable price and reliable why not ? Did you know that Sarsilmaz firearms company is the official supplier of the Nato's second largest military ..Yes Turkish military is the second largest military member of the Nato ..I personally experienced their shotgun SARSASP(special purpose home defense type with the pistol grip) purchased thru a local dealer imported by EAA out of Florida , it is a nice shotgun i almost shot 500 rounds never jammed . Than i bought SAR K245 pistol which is the best 45 cal. in the market 15 rounds shot , double action , slim body , perfect grip guess what it is 600 $ ..

      • guest

        Stoegers are made in Brazil also. .

      • Antonio

        Hello semiami, I totally agree with everything you said. I just responded to one of the guys above who is also really supportive of Sar and other Turk makers, as I am. Most guys don’t have any clue how good they are. They only care if they can make them in to a tactical teddy toy. I know it’s frustrating not to be able to find aftermarket parts. But I don’t care. My sar pasp is deadly enough just the way it is. I guress when these young guys have a family they wont be in such a hurry to put more accesories on their guns. All I buy now is Turkish guns. You can ‘t beat the price or quality. The prices will go up though just like they did with cz

  • ???

    Ammaliate's AR-24 pistol is a CZ clone made in Turkey.

  • Jeepers Creepers

    I will keep my TURKEY made 9MM pistol until OBAMA desides that he would like to have it. It is the best shooting SEMI AUTO I have ever owned. Over the years I have owned a lot of different types and calibers of slide guns. My turkey gun is by far the best by my set standards. No S&W, Glock, Etc could come close to my set requirements for a pistol. EAA comes close, real close. I'm talking about stock mass produced pistols. Any pistol can be made to shoot good with enough money spent on the pistol. But for stock less than $700 the Turks are hard to beat.

    • Antonio

      Agree, and they are much less than 700 bucks.

  • guest

    SAR is a knockoff maker of medium quality. Better than the Brazilians and most former Eastern Bloc makers. They do not have the refinement of a top end maker, but they don't try to be. Quality versus price is pretty good

    • Antonio

      They are much better than medium qualtiy. They are just as good as anyone out there as far as durability. They manufacture for NATO countries and have met or exceeded all NATO standards. I would do a little more research.

  • Ray

    I have had a SAR 12 sa with a 28 inch barrel for 2 years. I've never had a hiccup with it. The parts are form fitting. The action bars have held up to sessions of trap shooting and other target plinking. I've never had a failure to feed or eject… never. I have guns made by Springfield (Croat made xd), Remington, Winchester – God rest her soul, DPMS, Sears/JC Higgins, and Marlin. I have to say the SAR is a really well-made gun for the price. Its half the weight of my Winchester and way more fun to shoot. As far as being a knockoff, who isn't? You have a few innovative manufacturers of commercially available firearms and the all copy as many good ideas as they can from one another.

  • Rick

    You guys that knock these guns havent seen how well they are made. The Sarsilmaz plant is highly advanced..with hundreds of journeyman CNC machines and operators. The machines are more advanced than many big american could practically eat off the floor. And the salizmar guns are TIGHT tolerance..well made..and the pistols are military grade. And very accurate. Im buying one before they skyrocket like the CZ's did.

    • JMAR

      I have one of these and can find nothing that’s compatible with it. I need a new shorter forearm and have no idea where to look – Nothing else looks like this pump action – it’s weird. I need a sidesaddle, but don’t have a clue which one to order. The TacStar for the 870 doesn’t fit. I want to replace the stock with a SpecOps gen II, but don’t have a clue which one might fit, and I can’t purchase every stock just to find out nothing fits. I bought this because I thought it might be fun to fix it up. It’s not. I wish I would have purchased the 870 instead. The people at SAR won’t even respond

      • Mike Keith

        JMAR, this is what they are trying to say, all of you guys are complaining because you are all buying a complete firearm, and then trying to modify it, or “trick it out” like in a video game. obviously them SAR shotguns were not meant to be modified or messed with. So by the gun and fire it when someone is breaking into your house, its not for “looks”, a crook in your house at 3:00am isnt going to care if your shotgun has a folding stock or a side saddle, just that you are about to blow a hole in him/her.

        • JMAR

          Mike Keith – Don’t you mean “them thar SAR shotguns” and “So by and by” the gun????? Based on your complete lack of English, I suspect you might be in the 3rd grade which is also why you reference “Trick it out” or “video games”. I’ll even bet your mommy and daddy voted for O’Bummer. Personally, I’ve never owned a firearm, in which I didn’t try to modify it in some way, primarily to learn how it works. Since you are apparently in the 3rd grade, with a total misunderstanding of the problem at hand, you should take all of the weapons and ammo you have and surrender them to the local authorities before you shoot yourself in the eye kid.

          • Mike Keith

            “Personally, I’ve never owned a firearm, in which I didn’t try to modify it in some way, primarily to learn how it works.”, so you are telling me that you only buy a gun to play with, and not it intended use, which is to kill another person that is assaulting you or your family, or for hunting, which you wouldn’t be using a semi-auto shotgun for. So who is the one who should be turning in his weapons?

          • Cuda

            since you still seem to monitor this thread you are the one that needs to surrender your arms, Mike was trying to explain and help you and you want to piss on his ankles, you act like a spoiled little ingrate and likely got smacked too much or not enough!

    • Antonio

      Rick, half of these guys don’t even know how to operate these guns. They’re whinning because they can’t find more tactical teddy, aftermarket parts to put on them. As you said, SAR is one of the finest manufacturers in the world. The shooting world is catching on though. Tristar firearms are getting really popular also. There CZ type pistols(made by Canik) and various shotguns are second to none. But you know, most guys just know XDs and Glock. If they only knew! I spoke to one of the VPs at Tristar importers the other day. He told me how his company reps go to Turkey to visit their manufacturers and check out their quality control It’s one of the best there is with high tech machines and methods. If you want more info im at I too am stocking up.

  • jgotte01

    I just bought a SAR 12g special purpose shotgun. Took it to the range and fired 50 rounds and had no problems. A friend brought his Mossberg 500 and was having ejection issues. I am pleased with my SAR.

    • TheSpartan

      What Kind of ammo did you use to cycle those 50 shots out?

  • john otte

    Does any body make a magazine extension for a sar 12g pump?

    • Machinist

      Machine shop can make anything you want for $$

  • rowdy

    I just bought a sarpa 12 ga pump 18.5" & 28" I was wondering if there was any aftermarket parts out there please let me know.

    • Guest

      the barrel extender for a Rem870 will fit the SARPASP

      • pt109

        thank you for your response . just didn,t want to order the wrong part . thanks

    • JMAR

      Howdy Rowdy – I have looked and looked and looked and nobody knows about these. SAR won’t respond, internally, the pump action is weird so I don’t know if I can even find a replacement shorter forearm. I’ll probably have to just shorten the one that came with the gun. Before I do that I need to contact SAR for parts and nobody will respond. I’ve contacted them six times now with no response. If you do find ANYTHING that fits on this shotgun, please, please, please let me know. I do believe the barrel uses Benelli threads but that’s all and I am not interested in changing the choke. I really wish I had purchased the 870 instead.

    • timb300

      When looking for parts look at a CZ 712. I have bought multiple parts for my SAR SASP and all have fit perfectly. Just added a tube extension for a CZ 712 with no gaps and now hold 7 in the tube. Also look at butt stock from ATI for CZ 712. Gun needs to be broken in using high brass around 1300 fps. I have put around 300 rounds and I can get 1250 to cycle with no problems. Other big issue is in order to lower fps the gun needs to be clean and well oiled. My guess when I get around 500 rounds through it will work really well

  • JMAR

    I just purchased a SAR PASP. Ever since then, I have been trying to upgrade it and it does not seem to be compatible with ANYTHING. I can’t get SAR to respond. Nobody knows about this shotgun and Midway responded that they were too busy to even respond. I wish I had purchased an 870 or Mossberg 500 instead. I would not recommend anyone purchase this shotgun.

    • JMAR

      I finally got a response from SAR. I asked him all kinds of questions. Among them, I asked him if an 870 stock would fit on a SARPASP. His “lengthy” response to all my questions and concerns was “No sir”. That was it. Apparently, this is the extent of the ridiculous SAR customer service. I then responded with “What if I need to repair the shotgun, or purchase replacement parts??? I have never received and don’t expect to receive a response. SAR = Sorry Assed Rediculous Company.

      • MyFriendsCallMeEd

        SAR firearms are imported and serviced in the US by EAA.

    • SecondAidKit

      i know for a fact that the 870 tube extension does fit for the SAR. the threads on the 870 tube is the same as the SAR. there is about a quarter inch gap in the tube to the end of extension tube that you can use spacers for to fill the gap like i did. i dont know about the choke tho. i heard on the internet that the choke is the same as benelli.

      • JD

        On the SARSA SP (semi-auto) or are you referring to the SAR Pump Action……I’m trying to figure out the semi auto

  • Roger Barranco

    I got a SAR Arms SARSASP 12 Gauge semi auto… Hate it so far. Operating handle does not stay locked back, and it it does with any slight move it release. Can only load one round into 5 round chamber or it jams up when you load rounds. Maybe it only works with 3″ rounds. Very disappointed!!!

    • Tim

      Well I had the same problem til I figured out how to use it. Load the gun with 5 rounds then at the bottom of the loading gate ( just in front of the trigger gaurd) theres a small nub push it. Then chamber a round. Dont push the slide release button cause it will jam everytime. I know the button is small but once you know its there the gun works great!and if you want the operating handle to stay back you also have to push this button then pull it back. Stays fine.

  • mehmet
  • shotgun manufacturers

    growing up in Turkey

    turkish shotgun manufacturers

  • pt109

    I just got a sarsasp simi auto shot gun. Iv,e been told to use a remington 870 magazine extention. is this the right part to use

  • jonah

    For my first shotgun it wants very fun but I got an ati folding stock to go on, a pain in the ass but I got it, n I got the remaining 870 +3 mag extension for it. If the pic I attached it’s pretty koo finished

    • jonah


    • jonah

      Sry I had too take a lower resolution photo to post

    • jonah

      To customize

  • ArmyAviator

    I recently saw a Turkish Huglu copy of the Ithaca M37 pumpgun. It seemed well made with a nice walnut buttstock and forend. The barrel appeared to be chrome lined. Anyone else ever see one of these guns? It was a takedown model and the owner said he could use other barrels etc.

  • Redneck Rampage

    I have been spending several hours tinkering with a SAR Pump Action
    Special Purpose shotgun. And I have come to a conclusion: Never ever buy
    one of these pieces of junk. The way the slides and pump are designed
    is the worst design I have ever come across. I literally, cannot fathom
    the absolute stupidity of the design of the pump; and the bolt design is
    just a Remington 870 knockoff. If anyone sees a SAR PASP Turkish
    shotgun; dont get it and get a Mossberg Maverick Security or an 870
    express. You will save yourself both time, headaches, and money.

  • bobbalu01

    I bought the SAR 12 gauge semi-auto and its great, but i have a quick question. when i shoot it, i ten to have problems with the gun cycling. I think its the rounds. what would you recommend for ammunition that will not do this?

  • Branson

    I need parts. Does anyone know how I can get them?

    • Cuda

      try EAA

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