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Beware the Man Who Only Owns One Gun

Firearms News Issue 3, 2018: Beware the Man Who Only Owns One Gun

by FAN Online Editors 0

Read Beware the Man Who Only Owns One Gun by Scot Loveland in Firearms News Issue 3 coming in mid-January 2018.


Springfield Armory’s Venerable 1911 TRP, Now Available in 10mm

by Calvin Ross 0

Springfield Armory’s new 1911 TRP models can now be used with a 10mm cartridge, giving the versatile handgun more power than it has seen before.


Big Retro Firearms Issue

by FAN Online Editors 0

Firearms News Editor Vincent DeNiro is a huge retro fan & collector and he and his great writing staff will be covering this topic in Issue 30.


Russia licenses Saudis to build AK-103 Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition

by David Fortier 0

The agreement will facilitate licensed manufacture of Concern Kalashnikov’s 7.62x39mm AK-103 series of assault rifles as well as ammunition.


Sneak Peak at the Galil Ace 5.56 pistol

by FAN Online Editors 0

Firearms News Contributing Writer Scot Loveland gives us a peak at the Galil Ace 5.56 pistol. Look for a review in issue #2! Hits newsstands January 16, 2018.


Firearms News’ Big 10mm Special Issue Coming in November!

by FAN Online Editors 0

Be sure to pick up Firearms News issue #27 which is our big 10mm issue.

SHOWN (left to right, starting at top): 1970s Boy Scout mess kit, hand-warmer, Arby’s fast-food restaurant book of matches (remember when people could smoke in fast-food restaurants and Arby's would give out little metal ashtrays?), Ray-O-Vac model 100 camping lamp, Llama .45 pistol, Panasonic AM radio model R-70, Armalite AR-180 (by Sterling) with spare parts in stock behind butt plate, General Electric walkie-talkie model 3-5961C, spare Ray-O-Vac 9-volt battery, RCA four-channel police scanner model 16S100, 40-round AR-180 magazine. All 1970s era items are laying on a 1970s U.S.-military field jacket. Photo taken with simulated Kodak 110 film effect.

Special issue of Firearms News coming out at the end of 2017!

by FAN Online Editors 0

What happens when the “neighborhood nutcase survivalist” becomes everyone’s best friend.

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Gun Rights Gathering Scheduled for Dallas

by Jeff Knox 0

Once a year, gun rights leaders and activists get together to discuss the state of the movement, and strategies for advancing the cause.


SIG Sauer P320 Public Service Announcement

by Marshal Halloway 0

A G&A report and details about the P320® Voluntary Upgrade Program.


Introducing Firearms News

by David Hunter Jones 11

Greetings. You might think that your computer has taken a wrong turn as the title in your browser now reads… more »

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