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Hot New Products from SIG Sauer

by FAN Online Editors   |  February 9th, 2018 0

SIG Sauer’s Pistol Product Manager Phil Strader spoke to Joe Kriz about the new SIG Sauer P365 high-capacity micro-compact pistol. This new micro-pistol is a complete redesign. The P365 has some unique features that make it a perfect everyday carry gun. The P365 features a 10+1 9mm capacity with two doublestack magazines. The P365 also features SIGLITE Nite Sites, so the sights can be easily found in the dark. The P365 comes with a proprietary rail as well.

“We wanted people to have more of everything; more concealment, more shootability and more capacity. We did it all with this pistol,” Strader said.

For a Guns & Ammo review of the P365, click here.

Peter Howell, SIG Sauer’s Sales Operations Training Manager, also spoke about a couple of products at SHOT Show 2018. The first product Howell promoted was the new KILO Laser Rangefinders. This new rangefinder comes with a simplified interface, SpectraCoat anti-reflection coating and HyperScan. The KILO Laser Rangefinder has a range of 1,200 yards to two miles.

Howell also showed off the Romeo4T Red Dot Sight and the Juliet4 Magnifier. The Romeo4T is the official FBI red dot sight that comes with 100,000 hours of battery life. The sight also has a solar panel, and four different reticles.

The Juliet4 comes with a QB mount, and can be used as a standalone or with a red dot sight. The Juliet4 comes with a 4x magnifier.

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