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Now on the Newsstands: Firearms News #13, July 2018 – BIG RETRO GUNS COLLECTOR ISSUE!

by FAN Online Editors   |  July 3rd, 2018 0


Our second collector retro issue is here with the iconic Armalite AR-180 on the cover! Patrick Sweeney digs into his gun safe to tell us about his rare Howa AR-180 and the history of the 1960s M16 alternative! Other articles include:


  • Leroy Thompson tests the first commercially available AK-type rifle available to U.S. shooters in a review of his Valmet M62S!
  • Dr. Will Dabbs blasts away with the High Standard Model 10B bullpup 12-gauge shotgun!
  • Daewoo K1 & K2 Rifles by Leroy Thompson
  • Italy’s M14 – The BM 59! By Leroy Thompson
  • Plus, the one and only “Paper Gun Show” in the firearms industry since 1946!


Be sure to pick up your copy at your local magazine stand or major book retailer! On sale July 3, 2018!


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