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First Look: Gemtech Tracker Suppressor

by FAN Online Editors   |  May 27th, 2016 0

Gemtech announced the release of its Tracker suppressor for 2016, specifically aimed at the hunting market.

The Tracker, initially developed for a military program in the Middle East, was beefed up and introduced to the commercial market in the United States.

The benefit of using a suppressor like the Gemtech Tracker while hunting is the added hearing protection and ability to take a shot without spooking nearby game. In addition, suppressors have also been shown to improve accuracy due to the even distribution of propellant gases around the bullet.


Keeping the hunter in mind, Gemtech designed the Tracker with the shortest overall length possible while still retaining sound suppression at hearing-safe levels. Total noise reduction has been recorded at 27 decibels, according to the company.

The overall length of the Gemtech Tracker is 7.9 inches. The heft of the suppressor was also kept in mind for the weight-conscious hunter. The Tracker only weighs 11.3 ounces. The diameter of the suppressor is 1.6 inches.

The Gemtech Tracker is built from titanium and aluminum and is finished in a black-anodized hard coat finish. The suppressor is attached to a rifle using a 5/8-24 thread mount.


The Tracker is designed for use with several calibers, but there are limitations on barrel lengths with those calibers. Using the Tracker on a .300 Win. Mag. rifle necessitates a barrel length of 24 inches or longer. Use on .308 Win. or 5.56 NATO barrels requires at least a 16-inch barrel length. Finally, use on a .300 BLK barrel is limited to 7.5 inches.

It is also important to note that the Gemtech Tracker is specifically designed for hunting purposes, not high-volume shooting. It is not full-auto rated and must be allowed to cool to ambient temperatures after 10 shots across all caliber usage.

The Gemtech Tracker sells for a suggested retail price of $599.

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