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Review: Wilson Combat Paul Howe Tactical Carbine

by James Tarr

Bill Wilson—in the form of Wilson Combat—has been hugely successful in the business arena. He started out selling custom 1911… more »


Back to the Future: The Series 70 Colt 1911

by R.K. Campbell

When the word “retro” is used, many things come to mind. A link with the past, the Chevy Super Sport,… more »


Review: POF ReVolt Straight-Pull AR

by Peter G. Kokalis

It’s been close to 120 years since an infantry rifle with a straight-pull action has been introduced. Add to that… more »


Winchester Model 1894 vs. AK47

by James Tarr

John Dean “Jeff” Cooper is an iconic figure in the gun world. He is perhaps best known for promoting “The… more »


Galil ACE Review

by David Fortier

Some like to repeat a mantra that goes “The Soviets created the AK rifle, the Finns refined it, but it… more »


Review: Colt Competition Pistol

by Paul Scarlata

To the vast majority of handgun shooters the words “Colt” and “1911” are more or less synonymous. They go together… more »


Buying and Cleaning a Mosin-Nagant

by Jeff Knox

The days of the $12 Mauser are long gone, but there are still some pretty good deals to be had,… more »


Shooting the MP-28 Submachine Gun

by David Fortier

Without a doubt, it was a bit awkward and the side-mounted magazine didn’t help its balance any. But none of… more »


Elftmann Tactical Drop-in Trigger Review

by James Tarr

I never share funny cat videos, and am not much of a “social” person, but I find myself on Facebook… more »


First Look: Gemtech Tracker Suppressor

by FAN Online Editors

Gemtech announced the release of its Tracker suppressor for 2016, specifically aimed at the hunting market. The Tracker, initially developed… more »


Review: Daniel Defense V11

by James Tarr

Daniel Defense has been making quality, dependable rifles for years, but perhaps the incident that has gotten them the most… more »


Grande Puissance: The FN Browning Hi-Power

by Paul Scarlata

In a day of CAD programs and 3D printers, it is difficult to believe that the world’s greatest firearms designer… more »

Rise Armament RA-535 Trigger

Rise Armament RA-535 Trigger

by SGN Online Editors

RISE Armament’s RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger (APT) is a single-stage drop-in trigger group with an 3.5 pound pull, crisp release with… more »


A History of the CZ 75

by Peter G. Kokalis

I frequently carried a CZ 75 in a Galco vertical shoulder rig during the war in El Salvador. I was… more »


Ruger 10/22 Takedown Review

by David Fortier

In decades gone by, they used to say there were only two types of riflemen: those who owned Marlin Model… more »


Why I Shoot Airguns

by Tom Gaylord

You probably think that because I write about airguns that I don’t shoot firearms. Well, actually, I grew up interested… more »


What If John Browning Were Never Born?

by Paul Scarlata

Between 1847 and 1852, thousands of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (better known as Mormons)… more »


Basic Gunsmithing Skills

by Steven Matthews

A home gunsmithing project may call on a variety of mechanical skills, and perfecting them beforehand will make your projects… more »


What Is an Airgun?

by Tom Gaylord

Simple enough question, no? Maybe you get some confusion from certain air-powered tools or perhaps a slang reference to a… more »


Building A 1911 Long Slide

by Gus Norcross

There is something that draws me to long slide 1911s. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I like… more »