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Mossberg 590M Shockwave 12-gauge Firearm

Mossberg Introduces 590M Shockwave 12-Gauge Pump-Action

by FAN Online Editors

Mossberg introduces the 590M Shockwave 12-gauge firearm with 15-inch barrel, pistol grip and the world’s first double-stack, 10-round shotgun magazine.

“You can take an AK, throw it in the mud, shake it off and it’ll run as if it was just out of the armory.”

Nine Factors of Kalashikov Reliability

by FAN Online Editors

Exploring just some of the engineering reasons why the AK is reliable.

Lawsuits Filed Over Bump Stocks

Lawsuits Filed Against Columbus and Cincinnati Over Bump Stocks

by FAN Online Editors

Lawsuits were filed against the cities of Columbus and Cincinnati over ordinances banning the possession, use, or acquisition of bump stocks or trigger cranks.

P-TACTICAL SuperDot Red Dot Sight

Nikon Introduces P-TACTICAL SuperDot Red Dot Sight

by FAN Online Editors

Nikon announced its new red dot sight, the P-TACTICAL SUPERDOT.


Ruger Security 9 and Precision Rifle in Matching Colors

by FAN Online Editors

The Ruger Security 9 in Barrett Brown Cerakote as well as the Ruger Precision Rifle Barrett Brown in .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor are now available.


Texas Department of Public Safety Selects SIG SAUER P320

by FAN Online Editors

SIG SAUER, Inc., announced the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) has integrated the SIG SAUER P320 as its official service firearm.

Renegade + SPR

POF-USA Chosen as Rifle of the Year at 2018 Industry Choice Awards

by FAN Online Editors

Patriot Ordnance Factory, POF-USA, announced their winning of the Rifle of the Year award from the 2018 Firearms Industry Choice Awards for a second year running.

The Big Horn Armory AR500 in 500 Auto Max

Big Horn Armory AR500 in 500 Auto Max

by FAN Online Editors

Big Horn Armory, makers of big-bore firearms, introduced their AR500 in 500 Auto Max.


Now on the Newsstands: Special M14 Issue- Firearms News #12, June 2018

by FAN Online Editors

Be sure to pick up your copy at your local magazine stand or major book retailer! On sale June 19, 2018!


Gunsite and Intuit Come to Terms

by FAN Online Editors

Gunsite Academy, Inc. recently had issues with credit card processing company Intuit, but the two companies came to an agreement.

Your Ready-To-Go Ammunition Depot kit includes Condor's Recon Chest Rig and Six Amend2 mag bundled with PMC ammo.

Ammunition Depot Unveil the Condor Tactical Ready Rig Kit

by FAN Online Editors

Ammunition Depot introduced a new concept in preparedness with the Condor Tactical Ready Rig Kit, a bundled kit in one convenient, ready-to-go platform.


Oklahoma Rifle Association, at Odds with NRA, Opposed Constitutional Carry Bill Vetoed by Governor

by FAN Online Editors

Oklahoma’s attempt to enact so-called “Constitutional Carry” has been dealt a setback from quarters assumed to be “pro-gun.”


When Do We Start Counting Lamp Posts, and Measuring Hemp?

by Vin Suprynowicz

Honest Democrats & Traitor Republicans


NSSF-Adjusted NICS Background Checks for May 2018

by FAN Online Editors

The May 2018 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 904,834 is a decrease of 8.5 percent compared to the May 2017 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 988,473.


SIG SAUER Announces ‘The 365 Challenge’

by FAN Online Editors

SIG SAUER, Inc. announced The 365 Challenge during the 2018 USPSA World Speed Shooting Championship at the Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL.


The Mexican Paradox

by FAN Online Editors

The Mexican Paradox – Gun Ownership & Gun Crime in Mexico


Now on the Newsstands: Firearms News June 2018 – Issue 11

by FAN Online Editors

Firearms News June 2018 – Issue 11 is on sale May 15, 2018. Be sure to pick up your copy at your local magazine stand or major book retailer.

Starline Brass .224 Valkyrie

Starline Adds .224 Valkyrie Rifle Brass

by FAN Online Editors

Starline Brass adds to their growing line of rifle brass with the release of the .224 Valkyrie.

The P320 Nitron Carry is one of the approved pistols for the Chicago Police Department.

Chicago PD adds SIG SAUER P320 as an Authorized Duty Pistol

by FAN Online Editors

The Chicago Police Department is the second largest police department in the United States with over 13,000 sworn officers.


SIG SAUER Introduces Special Edition Thin Blue Line P320 Pistol to Law Enforcement Professionals

by FAN Online Editors

This SIG SAUER P320 Carry-size pistol is only available to the law enforcement community through NAPED.