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First Look: Gemtech Tracker Suppressor

by FAN Online Editors

Gemtech announced the release of its Tracker suppressor for 2016, specifically aimed at the hunting market. The Tracker, initially developed… more »


Review: Daniel Defense V11

by James Tarr

Daniel Defense has been making quality, dependable rifles for years, but perhaps the incident that has gotten them the most… more »


Grande Puissance: The FN Browning Hi-Power

by Paul Scarlata

In a day of CAD programs and 3D printers, it is difficult to believe that the world’s greatest firearms designer… more »

Rise Armament RA-535 Trigger

Rise Armament RA-535 Trigger

by SGN Online Editors

RISE Armament’s RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger (APT) is a single-stage drop-in trigger group with an 3.5 pound pull, crisp release with… more »


A History of the CZ 75

by Peter G. Kokalis

I frequently carried a CZ 75 in a Galco vertical shoulder rig during the war in El Salvador. I was… more »


Ruger 10/22 Takedown Review

by David Fortier

In decades gone by, they used to say there were only two types of riflemen: those who owned Marlin Model… more »


Why I Shoot Airguns

by Tom Gaylord

You probably think that because I write about airguns that I don’t shoot firearms. Well, actually, I grew up interested… more »


What If John Browning Were Never Born?

by Paul Scarlata

Between 1847 and 1852, thousands of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (better known as Mormons)… more »


Basic Gunsmithing Skills

by Steven Matthews

A home gunsmithing project may call on a variety of mechanical skills, and perfecting them beforehand will make your projects… more »


What Is an Airgun?

by Tom Gaylord

Simple enough question, no? Maybe you get some confusion from certain air-powered tools or perhaps a slang reference to a… more »


Building A 1911 Long Slide

by Gus Norcross

There is something that draws me to long slide 1911s. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I like… more »


Walther PPQ M2 .45 ACP Review

by Evan Brune

Glock, Heckler and Koch, Luger, Mauser, Luger, and Walther. With a long history of excellence in firearm manufacturing, Walther proves… more »


Ruger 22/45 Lite Review

by James Tarr

In case you haven’t noticed, .22 Long Rifle ammunition has been a bit hard to find for the last two… more »


Great VEPR 7.62x54R Rifle Upgrades

by Jim Grant

Before the recent tide of VEPR 7.62x54R rifle imports landed stateside, the hearty AK-derivative enjoyed a near mythic status among… more »


Review: Rock Island Armory Baby Rock .380

by David Hunter Jones

In the world of carry and concealment, compromise is the name of the game. You want high capacity and velocity?… more »


Polymer 80 Percent Lower Receiver for ARs

by Steven Matthews

Traditional gunmaking materials like steel and aluminum are more and more being replaced by modern polymers. Many of today’s plastic… more »


Elite Survival Systems Stealth Backpack Review

by James Bender

When an extreme emergency or event occurs and the need arises to leave your location and travel to another, safer… more »


8 Great New Gun Accessories for 2016

by Jim Grant

Many readers may have noticed the lack of any real new firearms at SHOT Show 2016, with the exception of… more »


How to Buy Military Surplus Guns

by Paul Scarlata

This article is condensed from the Introduction of the author’s book “Collecting Classic Military Bolt Action Rifles.” It and his… more »


First Look: Umarex Throttle Air Rifle

by FAN Online Editors

The new Throttle air rifle from Umarex features the company’s innovative Stopshox anti-recoil system. The rifle also features a SilencAir… more »