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The Nation’s 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  August 2nd, 2013 51

The real estate website has compiled a list of the nation’s 25 most dangerous neighborhoods

It’s always important to remember that crime is neighborhood-based, and one neighborhood can be as dangerous as Nigeria and the next one as safe as Sweden, depending on a whole lot of demographic and land-use factors. My first contact with Clayton Cramer’s work was through a piece he submitted to the American Rifleman detailing the differentials in murder rates among Los Angeles-area communities. Many were quite surprising, even when two jurisdictions were just separated by a freeway.

It’s always tempting for our side to play up Chicago’s position in the violent crime stats, but this particular table can easily be cited as evidence for or against gun control. Chicago certainly has both strict gun control and high crime, but Indianapolis—in gun-friendly Indiana—has two neighborhoods in the Top 25. You’d probably expect to see notorious ‘hoods like Compton, Calif., or the South Bronx on the list, but instead we get places like Spartanburg, S.C., or West Memphis, Ark., where gun laws are more tailored for the SGN mindset.

Crime in a neighborhood is conditioned by dozens of factors, gun laws being only one. We are correct in pointing to that in debate with anti-gunners, and we need to remember it ourselves.

Right here in Peoria, Ill., we have spots where I wouldn’t get out of the car without a cocked and locked 1911 in my hand—and I’d prefer an AR-15. But there are places less than 5 miles away where people don’t lock their doors at night. The differences between the two localities are much, much, deeper than gun laws, a fact everyone needs to remember.

  • Doug Guidi

    What???? Oakland wasn’t on the list? Must be a mistake here!!!

  • Stephen Ramsey

    I’m guessing here, but a look at the demographic profiles of these hoods….um neighborhoods…….. might say more.

    • Billy


    • AL KIPF

      No doubt, I was thinking the same thing. Too bad these people don’t wake up and do something about it.

      It surprises me Camden, NJ didn’t make the list.

      • ebaker72

        I did something,I moved my family from Detroit to south Alabama!

  • Roderick Bateman

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

  • Triarius

    What’s the common denominator with all these neighborhoods? Don’t say poverty is the cause, the poorest area of the US is Eastern Kentucky and other parts of Appalachia, yet none of those areas made the list.

    • ilovelindzy

      and eastern Kentucky has a fraction of the population… so whats your point?

      • Triarius

        Please point out all the home invasions, drive-by shootings, elderly rapes, murdering for sneakers, turf warfare, knock-out games, car jackings, and overall thuggery in Eastern Kentucky. Please provide some links to stories where this happens.

        Look at the “per capita”, not total. You still fail. And what makes you think I should be ashamed of where I post? Lmao.

      • YT

        Blah Blah Racist, Blah Blah Fat, Stupid, Racist YT, Blah Blah Racism YT. there I’ve been much more succinct with using Racist/Racism YT three times in one post.

      • claytoncramer

        Rural blacks, like rural whites, tend not to be spectacularly violent. There is something seriously broken in many black inner city neighborhoods. It isn’t just about race, and it may not have anything to do with race — but it does have something to do with cultural values that are often associated with high density black neighborhoods. Separating the different components out isn’t easy. Assuming it is race is a mistake, but there are correlations here that you can’t just ignore without looking stupid.

  • Rabid Rabbi

    iiiss looking like ze plan of my self chisen ones is verking. Heheheheheheheh.

  • percynjpn

    No New Orleans neighborhoods?

    • Orlok

      Hurricane Katrina spewed the dregs of humanity far and wide, look where they settled,you will find crime.

      • barb

        Not always true. We got a group out of New Orleans, They opened a restaurant, and a church, they work hard and they are a force for good in our town.

        • Justin_Igger

          Give it time, the inevitable chimpout will strike. This I promise.

        • bobrien2

          Of course that is true. But I got to say he didn’t say EVERYONE. If on in 100 were criminals that would raise the crime rate of wherever they move.

    • Phelps

      They are the Houston neighborhoods. After Katrina, Houston ended up with NOLA’s worst.

  • Web Designing in Chennai

    Simple math…less n i g g e r s = less crime.
    No n i g g e r s would mean that the sickle cell is doing what it’s supposed to…

  • country boy

    WOW! I just did a Goggle* street view of Atlanta at Hopkins ST and Adair AVE, on the Hopkins street side of the intersection you can see a wad of police CS tape laying on the ground. And if you go a little further down Hopkins you can see more CS tape tied to a tree.

  • motoguzzi

    It would be interesting to see an in depth analysis of the data using as many variables as possible and not just gun laws. Average ages, income rental vs home ownership, how many churches vs bars, employment rates, any thing that one could think of and see what the results would yield.
    We need a modern day John Snow.

    • ilovelindzy

      Shhhh.. statistics and facts will only cause the fear mongers and racists brains to explode. :)
      wouldn’t want that :)

  • FAAQ2

    All cities with black majorities !

  • Dissident


  • Ms. Leroy Goldberg

    Blacks in the majority.

  • Jim Anderson

    when I was a kid Peoria had black scum stabbing white whore houses everywhere …Richard Pryor grew up in one where his black ass momma was a madam..

  • durabo

    So where is the District of Columbia?

  • Pick a Name

    Run buy Democrats …..

  • nrthrndncr

    Well, I just got this through an email from a retired Chicago Police Lieutenant who has moved to AZ. What a crock! Halsted & 77th is far safer than Halsted & anywhere from 51st through 64th Place. South Indiana & East 60th not so hot stay in after dark, but Homan & Roosevelt Road? Unless they killed each other off you do 10 miles over the speed limit in either/any direction. Where do these studies get their information? It cant be from Police Logs. They didn’t even mention the worst of the areas which is along the lakefront East through to Ashland, West from 35th, North through 59th, South & anywhere along South Cottage Grove, South MIchigan Ave etc. BOGUS! It’ll show edited cuz I forgot to include almost the entire West Side of Chicago form Logan Blvd, North to getting progressively better along SouthWest running Archer Ave, South. Now, I’m done…:-)

  • Justin_Igger

    Yep. All n1gger cities, every last one of them.

  • aaron

    Good info, but maybe somewhat misleading. I know for a fact that here in Bay area Cali, the violent crime stats in certain areas (Richmond, Oakland, East Palo Alto, San Jose), are purposely under-reported as not to draw attention to ethnic neighborhoods or long term rule by Democrats and their policies. I can imagine this happens in So-Cal as well.

    • claytoncramer

      Perhaps not necessarily intentional underreporting (although that does happen) but police departments too busy to take crime reports. I remember a time when San Francisco PD announced that they were no longer going to investigate attempted murder reports unless someone knew who the criminal was — they didn’t have time to do it. And thefts below $5000 they wouldn’t send police out to take a report — they were too busy.

  • 218albemarle

    I can’t believe creighton court Richmond, Va. Was not listed. Ever other news cast has “breaking news” about somebody shot or killed in that hood.

  • gman

    “Crime in a neighborhood is conditioned by dozens of factors ….”

    yeah. but one factor really stands out.

  • Daniel J Cartier

    I can’t believe Wall Street didn’t make the list. Oh… we’re not counting White Collar Crime? Ok. I’ll shut up then

    • Tortoise

      Best response yet! Golden pony award to Daniel on this one. Funny how that top 1% are able to orchestrate more world crime and war than all the rest of humanity…… that’s a big neighborhood to look at!

  • Tawanna

    better copy this page to your fav document before the govt makes em delete it

  • Patrick O’Connor

    I would bypass the obvious demographic-traps in favor of “culture”. It crosses demographics, spreads through generations, and kills like a cancer.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Seems fairly obvious that we could if we wanted to use enough police to clean up these nieghborhoods. I can only assume we choose not to for some reason

    • Jim Jordan

      Crime makes money. When criminals get caught they are fined and turned back onto the streets. Those who can not pay or have been found guilty of greater crimes get locked up. These things create a need for police and guards. The people must be taxed to pay for these. The workers unionize, The unions collect dues then donate to campaign funds of politicians who negotiate with them for wages. The politicians and union bosses get rich The rank and file get wages that are equivalent to other unions and the tax payers pick up the tab. If they eliminated crime that would break this circle and the money would stop flowing.

      • v

        crime and punishment as a growth industry! same thing happens with natives in canada.

  • Jakob Stagg

    Never fear! King Pinocchio, Jester Holder, Di Fi, and all the rest of them will continue to try to make us safer by taking firearms from the law abiding who are no problem and assuring criminals will have anything they want. The Socialist States of New York, Illinois, and California have the most Draconian gun laws and the most violent crime. Well except for a few cities in Michigan, where crime reigns supreme. Remember Fast and Furious had a dual purpose. It armed the Sinaloa Cartel and gave Pinocchio an excuse to blame law abiding Americans for all crime on any side of the borders.

    Our government has become the greatest threat of all.

    • ilovelindzy

      You realize they made those laws AFTER they were already crime ridden right? stop acting like taking guns away CAUSED the problem. It didn’t.

      • Jakob Stagg

        Even if I were to agree, they have constantly missed the mark by enacting laws that only effect the law abiding. Since the law abiding are not the threat, it makes a lot of sense to work on crime and criminals. Since that is NEVER done, no progress is ever made.

      • Jim Jordan

        Illinois and California have been making and tightening gun laws for close to half a century now. When I was a child in Illinois anyone could walk into a store and purchase firearms, ammunition or explosives. All you needed to do this was enough money to make your purchase. I bought ammunition a lot of times and so did my friends. Firearms were a little beyond our ability to gather enough money for, besides we either already had or could borrow those. Chicago had a serious crime problem but a lot of the criminals there were running the city. Some of the other cities had some crime but very little was violent. Almost every door to every house had a shotgun next to it and nobody wanted to give anyone an excuse to use it. Just trespassing on property could get you shot but you probably would not get shot unless you gave someone more reason than that. Causing damage might get you shot if you came back again though. I would go back to that time now if I could. There were a lot less laws and a lot more respect.

    • Tortoise

      You got my vote…. And F and F almost worked. They were pretty close to having even me convinced that our guns were making it south because of the cartels.. I think that subversive act in itself should stand out as a prime example of why Americans shouldn’t trust our leadership anymore. It killed one border patrol and one DEA agent that they know were a direct result of the F and F project. How many other innocent bystanders from both sides of the border also died? .

  • Henry

    Most if not all these neighborhoods are predominately black or hispanic, so I would say that is a big factor.

  • Michigan local

    Were number one, were number one. Oh wait were number 1,2,3,7,10,19 that’s not a good thing.

  • Michael Joiner

    All black neighborhoods…it must be a conspiracy.

  • lisa

    Come to a prison in Ga 97.99% are black that’s a fact.

  • Max Euwe

    The story could just as well been titled , “America’s most n****r infested neighborhoods”.

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