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The Nation’s 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  August 2nd, 2013 51

The real estate website has compiled a list of the nation’s 25 most dangerous neighborhoods

It’s always important to remember that crime is neighborhood-based, and one neighborhood can be as dangerous as Nigeria and the next one as safe as Sweden, depending on a whole lot of demographic and land-use factors. My first contact with Clayton Cramer’s work was through a piece he submitted to the American Rifleman detailing the differentials in murder rates among Los Angeles-area communities. Many were quite surprising, even when two jurisdictions were just separated by a freeway.

It’s always tempting for our side to play up Chicago’s position in the violent crime stats, but this particular table can easily be cited as evidence for or against gun control. Chicago certainly has both strict gun control and high crime, but Indianapolis—in gun-friendly Indiana—has two neighborhoods in the Top 25. You’d probably expect to see notorious ‘hoods like Compton, Calif., or the South Bronx on the list, but instead we get places like Spartanburg, S.C., or West Memphis, Ark., where gun laws are more tailored for the SGN mindset.

Crime in a neighborhood is conditioned by dozens of factors, gun laws being only one. We are correct in pointing to that in debate with anti-gunners, and we need to remember it ourselves.

Right here in Peoria, Ill., we have spots where I wouldn’t get out of the car without a cocked and locked 1911 in my hand—and I’d prefer an AR-15. But there are places less than 5 miles away where people don’t lock their doors at night. The differences between the two localities are much, much, deeper than gun laws, a fact everyone needs to remember.

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