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Bloomberg NYPD Bodyguards Following Former Mayor into Retirement

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  November 7th, 2013 12

Photo by The Associated Press

Mike Bloomberg will be losing the first half of his traditional “New York mayor and billionaire bully” sobriquet when he retires next year. He’ll just be a freelance billionaire bully and a detested pest to gun owners.

But he’ll still enjoy the personal security he seeks to deny the rest of us. The New York Post reports that key members of his security detail, including a police lieutenant and several detectives, will accompany the gun- and fat-hating plutocrat into private life, reportedly at six-figure salaries in addition to their NYPD retirement payments.

A Post source speculated Bloomberg elected to keep the cops in his own employ to keep them from spilling secrets they may have observed during his three terms as Gotham’s chief executive.

It’s hard to picture the buttoned-down Bloomberg engaging in any Justin Bieber-style antics with weed and hookers, but you never know. He’s served long and well as a piñata for this column, and we promise to keep swinging the stick at him just as avidly in retirement. With that in mind, what better than another look at the Steve Lauer vs. Bloomberg bobblehead set from SGN advertiser Lauer Custom Weaponry? It’s a sure collectors item.


  • Damocles

    I want that bobblehead, it’s awesome. I’ve given LCW a bunch of money over the past few years, and a couple of my rifles look great in natural camo. Suck on that Bloomturd.

  • Ed

    Why? Everyone knows that those who do no wrong have nothing to worry about.

  • TopCat_Texas

    You mean that the NY Safe Act is good enough for “common” folks but not for the “rich”? He should live by the laws that he supported, no body guards, no more than 6 bullets. Maybe he should be “stopped and frisked” a few times every week?

  • David Lef

    Whatsa matter Nanny? Don’t you know guns are illegal in NY your safe from the bad bad men. Go ahead and go nappy now shhhh shhhh it’s gonna be ok

  • Tired of hypocrites

    He believes that the regular citizen should not be able to protect themselves so why does he think he deserves armed bodyguards. Like most politicians, he feels that he is above the laws that he made for the common people.

  • howieone

    what this repubturd isn’t feeling safe in his gun free zone.

  • Norm Brown

    He should be arrested for Treason against the Constitution, that includes all of the Bill of Rights.

    • Timothy Taylor

      My thoughts in resonance !: )

  • Leland64

    No problem. Bloomberg should declare himself a “gun free zone.” No armed body guards necessary since assassins always obey the law.

  • tired of this shit

    real cops don’t suck off pussy libs.

  • Timothy Taylor

    Hey Bloom — Watch yer head gettin’ into the Armed Citizenry’s squadcar.. We’ll give ya a nicely expensive ride – to the farthest maximum-security prison!! Hee hee hee….! LOL!! !: )

  • Don223


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