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California Gun Owners: May As Well Start Packing

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  February 21st, 2013 30

The long-suffering gun owners of California are about to be visited with a new series of plagues by the Democrat-controlled state legislature.

Mouthing the usual platitudes about respecting the Second Amendment, Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg announced a draconian series of initiatives designed to snuff the few freedoms Golden Staters are still allowed.

A series of bills would:

* “Prohibit the future sale, purchase, manufacture, importation, or transfer in California of semi-automatic rifles that can accept detachable magazines. This legislative action decisively closes the loopholes that have allowed the gun industry to flood our communities with rapid-reload battlefield weapons.”
Since both centerfires and rimfires are covered, the Ruger 10/22 is apparently now to be considered a “battlefield weapon.”

* “Ban possession of large capacity ammunition magazines over 10 rounds. This legislative action decisively closes loopholes that have allowed the gun industry to enable the assembly and home-modification of 10-round magazines into larger capacity magazines.”
The “gun industry” is blamed throughout, as if individual gun owners can’t figure out how to modify a magazine. Or just drive across the border.

* “This legislative action closes the loophole that has allowed the gun industry to flood our communities with modification tools to rapidly detach and replace magazines from semi-automatic rifles.”
Yep, they’re mad that you figured out the bullet button, and now they’re banning them. If you have a bullet button rifle, you’ll have to register it just like any other “assault rifle” for convenient confiscation at some later date.

* “Shotgun Definition (Jackson): This legislative action updates the definition of a banned shotgun with a revolving cylinder to include the new technology of a shotgun-rifle combination.”
Well, I would call the LeMat a shotgun-rifle combination, but what they are aiming at here is the Taurus Circuit Judge, which now will be lumped in with the Streetsweeper as a banned shotgun. This is typical anti-gun thinking: if it’s new and unfamiliar, ban it before too many people get one.

* “Requires Ownership Record of all Guns (Steinberg): Applies ownership records consistently across-the-board, ensuring all firearms are recorded, and ensuring that no firearms of any classification are legally accessible to prohibited persons or persons without a background check.”
This expands the record-keeping that already applies to pistols and “assault weapons” to all other firearms.  So if you thought your trap gun or fine English double weren’t threatened, think again.

* “Ammunition Purchase Permit (de Leon): Expanding on what Los Angeles and Sacramento are already doing requiring anyone wishing to purchase ammunition in California to obtain a purchase permit first, by passing a full and complete background check.”
If you’d been looking for an excuse to take up handloading and bullet casting, you have it.

*  “Gun Loans (Block): This legislative action prevents unregulated gun loans, with exceptions, including hunting. To limit legal accessibility of weapons to prohibited persons or persons without a background check.”
This would, among other things, require that a handgun be loaned only by its registered owner. It also would add new storage requirements.

* “APPS Expansion (Leno): This legislative action prohibits individuals on APPS from residing in a home with any weapons. Expand the APPS list by adding more than two DUIs, other crimes.”
The APPS list is a roll of those prohibited by law from owning firearms. If your brother-in-law’s on it, he can’t stay at your place unless your guns are in a safe or otherwise locked.
“APPS Enforcement (Leno/Steinberg): This legislative action authorizes DOJ to use existing DROS funding to eliminate the 19,000 backlog of individuals on APPS.
If you’re a prohibited person, the police will come around and relieve you of any firearms. This measure speeds that process up.

There are a variety of other measures on offer, but these are the major ones. Since Democrats hold strong majorities in both houses and the governorship, there’s not much in the way of any or all of them passing. In my mind, the anti-Circuit Judge bill may be the worst. It sets the precedent that any new style of firearm can and probably will be banned, regardless of whether any crimes at all have been committed with it.

A longtime dream of the antis is to put a stopper to any future development of firearms; then the existing types can be whittled down one by one. The sanctimonious bows to Second Amendment rights notwithstanding, Democrats will not be satisfied as long as Golden Staters have so much as a slingshot.

Why? Every time a gun owner gets disgusted and moves to Arizona, that’s one less Republican vote, in their minds. Gun control in California is a sort of ethnic cleansing designed to run undesirables out of the state. And this latest pack of onerous laws will run out many more. My suggestion? Utah’s pretty this time of year.

  • Stuff It

    Its funny that when all the tax payers move from california, they will only have gov officials and the leaches of society…..who's gonna foot the bills then?

    • Mark

      Simple…We the people…in the form of a Gov't bailout!

  • Barry

    I've said this over and over,and over again! Stand up people!! Stand up! The people of California,and everywhere else in the US must Stand Up! If you don't stop voting these monster's into office,then whats next?? Drones hovering in our neighborhoods? Camera's in our house's??? Think they wont try it?? Think again! What it is going to take for people to wake up and think for themselves,and stop blindly marching their rights to the slaughter house?

  • Roger

    Most of you voted for this clown..I have no pity for you now..

  • Heretic

    We let this scum get their foot in the door with the NFA. Once we accepted that infringement, it gave them a run for the rest. They will not stop.

  • MattM

    CA residents, come on over to AZ!! We're happy to have you. Just leave the USC, UCLA and CAL loyalties behind9unless you graduated from there). You'd be AZ residents and we already put up with everyone form "back east" bringing their loyalties with them!

  • sedona2a

    kalifornication is not what we want! If you escape to AZ , don't bring your liberal crap with you. We don't won't to end up like the pit you are leaving. Look at what you have done to CO.

  • RickE

    Doesn't this all sound vaguely familiar? The federal government is trying, in essence, to change the second ammendment if not expunge it. States are now taking sides. Some for and some against. The country as a whole is dividing over this issue. Some states going as far as forbidding the federal government from enforcing their new laws in their state. Now just take out the line "to change the second ammendment if not expunge it" and insert the line "to abolish slavery". Do you think it is far fetched to entertain the idea of a civil war or is it inevitable?

  • thebronze

    I'm getting ready to pack up. Screw this state and all the Leftists in it. I hope this state implodes in a glorious way. After I leave of course!

    • Mike Brun

      hey i would just like you to know that their are many job openings in utah. depending on your skill set. factory work around here is a dime a dozen if you know computers their are two large manufacturing companies in highland. LEO work is readily available the prison is always hiring. good luck and we would welcome anyone who values their 1 and 2 amendment rights enough to leave a state.

  • John

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

  • Starky

    The people of Calf. deserve everything they get. They have been on the same road for years. Legislate, legislate, legislate. Tax, tax, tax. Spend, spend , spend. Oh look what we have done, now what? I know legislate, legislate, legislate. Tax, tax, tax. Spend, spend, spend. Let them go down.

    • Mike Nonamesorry

      “The people of California deserve what they get”? Really? I didn’t know the citizens of CA are the twisted law makers that tax tax tax and spend spend spend, Why don’t you move to Delaware and go FU FU FU Fuk yourself:) Have a nice day…

  • Califrustrated

    Hey I'm glad to say we're not all that way. We have been swindled just like the rest of the nation has with the CIC that has been forced upon us. It's strange, almost everybody that I know does not like the direction that Cali or the nation is heading. I just wish that Cali more like Az except for the heat but other than that its a beautiful state.

  • Free2think

    Wow… First off if you're not from California; don't speak for us. We don't do it for you, don't do it for us. Second; until Arizona magically grows a beach, don't call my state a pit. You can debate/discuss all you want but not at the expense of demeaning a state that makes more than any of yours, and that's a statistical fact. And lastly if you mention leaving, then go ahead already, we don't need deserters. Guns in CA for protection or hunting are not hard to acquire for the law abiding. And yes, it gets more stringent but we'll deal with it and act on making things better such as propose a bill making hunter education and its ecological value and elective course to introduce students to proper weapon safety and alleviate the fear of guns. This is exactly why we, the progun, are losing support from the neutrals, we bicker and whine, instead of talking proactively.

    • coalbed

      Yea you deserve what you get “free2think”(for now). Makes more what? money?, Do you get any of it? you somehow better than us because of Billionaires living in Beverly? I hope the damn communist state falls off into the sea next earthquake where we can be rid of it. I swear if we bail out these losers next year I will drop out and stop paying taxes.

      • FourString

        There are pro 2a shooters in California you sick homicidal mindless cunt. Your kind of bullshit is precisely why we’re losing the battle. Why don’t you fucking support your fellow shooter instead of whining about and insulting THEM rather than the legislators? Fucking ass hat. Die.

      • FourString

        California has far more jobs and wealth than your state does, refer to the statistics you fucking ass hat. And don’t give me that “welfare leechers” bullshit your lot always screams irrationally. Top economy in the nation, as well as contributed taxes, and all the thanks we get is someone claiming we’re a welfare state? FUCK YOU

    • Trevor Nisja

      Amen coalbed, California is a weight around the neck of the nation

    • FourString

      Precisely. It’s really ridiculous when these retarded clowns trash talk ALL Californians, like this is something we actually want. Fucking overgeneralizing lunatics—this is what drives neutral people away, the batshit crazy extremist bullshit of this lot. OF COURSE NO ONE IS GOING TO SUPPORT YOU IF YOU CALL CALIFORNIA THE NATION’S A**HOLE. Dumbasses.

      (Pro 2a California shooter here)

    • FourString

      Furthermore Trevor Nisja’s bloody comment is straight up asinine. California’s economy is 8th largest in the world: not exactly a “weight around the neck of the nation” nor an example of “freeloaders of the state”. Fucktards are so fucking retarded it makes me want to fucking vomit. These non-Californian California-bashing internet ‘experts’ have absolutely no fucking idea what they’re fucking talking about.


  • John

    I’m not even from California, but lets look at the numbers in January, 2013 CA there was 133,187 NICS firearm background checks. In that same month last year there was 74,416. In December, 2012 their was in California 150,805 NICS firearm background checks, and that same month in 2011 85,592. The number of firearm background checks initiated through NICS don’t represent the total number of firearms sold; just the requests for a background check.

  • kenneth

    Strange how they accept more and more regulations and bans, yet the sentences for criminals goes the other way! Yea, let’s punish those who obey the laws by taking away their rights and give them to those you do not. America is doomed, led by fools into the abyss of ignorance! The second amendment has nothing at all to do with hunting, it was written to protect our freedoms from those who only wish to relieve us of them. The problem is them not us. Amazing, from the Russia, to Nazi Germany, it appears that history has taught us nothing.

  • MKG

    Stand your ground while you can or pretty soon there will be no where to move away to. Liberals have one use for fire arms and that is revolution. So naturally they want to disarm us so they can have their way with us. California (and federal) gun control legislation is designed to make gun ownership so inconvenient that we will give it up on our own. That legislation is coming so to a state near you. Stand your ground, speak up and vote!

    • Skip Church

      That’s pretty paranoid.

      • FourString

        These commenters here really go too far in their grandly delusional sweeping generalizations. Upvotes != (does not equal) validity, just mob mentality in this particular case

      • Anthony

        I was born and raised in California now I live in Idaho it does not matter what does matter is the fighting amongst all of you this is what the elite win and have always won amongst all of us divide and conquer you all better start planning with each other no matter where you’re from what matters is where are we going just saying

  • Jeffrey S Turner

    California makes me SICK!!! But geeeee Commisar Feinstein is from their!!! Connecticunt is another embarassing state, they should be LEGALY REQUIRED to change their liscence plates to Anti- Constitution state!! Mass and Ny should be stricken from the history books in relation to the Revolution!! They are and embarasment as well. Most of the New England states should be ashamed!!! Especialy our ancestors won OUR FRACKING FREEDOM!! If the current polititans were in charge back then WE WOULD STILL BE PART OF ENGLAND !!! What a bunch of frack tards

  • falconnier

    Time to just shoot the bastards.

  • Timothy Reid

    Never mind building a fence along Mexico, build it along California.

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