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Cuomo Numbers Drop After Gun Ban

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  January 31st, 2013 8

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo enjoyed the plaudits of the New York Times and other right-thinking types when he rammed through a law restricting “assault weapons” and limiting non-criminals in the Empire State to seven rounds in a magazine.

The new measure was clearly not all that popular with regular folks, however, as Cuomo’s approval ratings took a nosedive from a previously stratospheric 74% to 59%. An approval rating of 59% is still plenty strong, but a 15% drop can leave no doubt that gun owners are not just a few lone nuts bitterly clinging to their firearms and religion.

Cuomo admitted the decline was impressive:

“I understand the sensitivity very, very well, and we all knew it going in,” Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, said. “There’s no mystery to the fact that we’ve been dealing with this issue as a government and as a society for decades without action. Why? Because it’s politically sensitive.

But we are not here to duck the tough issues. We are here to take on the tough issues.”

Mr. Cuomo added that he believed that, with time, gun owners who were upset with him would reconsider their views.

Sorry Andy. We never forget and we never forgive. That 15% is irrelevant now, but the day will come when it makes the difference. Then the toll for “taking on the tough issues” will be exacted.

  • Heretic

    The fact that he's still at 59& shows how far gone the people of New York really are. Subversion of the Constitution is treason and should be treated accordingly.

  • tripdad

    SGN advertisers boycott new york state police agencies until governor Cuomo restores the second ammendment.

  • Ohioaxk

    Despite what we may feel, the reality is disturbing. Urban voters drive our politicians because of high populations and since they live in high crime areas and are subjected to shocking levels of teen crime. Liberal policies against teen crime is driving this explosion and no politician wants to address it. How do we overcome this? As long as "The People" continue to ignore high crime by teens, we will continue to see blame being pointed at gun owners rather than the real issue…teen crime! Its a sad day in America when everyone knows where the true problems are, but they refuse to accept or address it.

  • Richard Eng

    It amazes me that now 59% of the population can't think for themselves. Once you've gotten over the emotions and realize you have been easily led, what happens now when the criminals come in the night to help themselves to you, and your belongings?. You think the Police will be there in two minutes?. Get real. This was nothing but a political move by the NY Governor to set himself up for the Presidency. All at a cost to you. That's right you, who voted for the gun ban. He doesn't need a gun, he has a security detail armed to the teeth. Well, all I can say is, people don't forget. Enjoy your present term in office for all the Politicians that voted yes to this bill.

  • Chris S

    Well if the people of New York cant protect them selves im not going to spend my turist dollars visiting there
    Chris S Australia
    Oh and buy the buy we had nearly every firearm removed from us, Thanks Little Johnny Howard you treated every firearms owners as criminals, and i intend to punish your party at every election till im dead

  • Chris N

    I live in NY and until this move, liked Cuomo. There is no way I'd vote for him now and I have a long memory.

  • janbanan

    + don´t forget the simple fact that these guys will cook the numbers and have prolly already done so, just wait and see that´s all I say.. Lots of info point at Kerry as the real winner as well, I´m telling you guys they don´t play fair and never will for that matter. They will keep up this "racist cracker" talk till it´s all gone, they know very well what they are doing but these guys don´t care cause they serve satan.

  • Samdownstate

    I was distressed by what Cumo did and how he did it and I will never vote for him again. Too bad he had a bright future. At least for governor I will vote for any half decent candidate who fairly represents the interests of gun owners. What that means–republicans are you listening– no BS trashing the president without specific cause. No constant yammering about social issues those things are none of your or the government's damn business. We also want a governor who is pro business without being in every poluting corportations hip pocket. The Republican's are boo hoo hooing over losing elections well here is a chance for the Republican party to prove they are on the side of gun owners. Get a decent candidate, give him a sane platform to run on and then he had better follow through for gun owners. 2014 is coming sooner than you think. Send Cumo back to the upper west side of Manhattan. Those are his folks.

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