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Hero AutoZone Employee Axed

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  November 30th, 2012 10

By now, we are used to the story. Armed robber enters store, courageous employee pulls gun and foils robber. Courageous employee gets fired for violating company policy.

It happened again in York Co., Va., where Devin McClean was working at the local AutoZone when the “Fake Beard Bandit,” who has pulled off more than 30 armed robberies in Southeast Virginia, entered and displayed a gun.

McClean exited the store’s restroom, ran to his truck and retrieved his Glock. He reentered the store and confronted the robber, who dropped his own pistol and bolted. No shots were fired.

McClean’s local manager was grateful for his co-worker’s fast action, but predictably, corporate headquarters saw it differently and two days later, McClean was fired.

The parts man was philosophical: “If I can save somebody’s life, I put that way above a store policy,” he said.

It used to be the thing to call for a boycott when this sort of injustice happened, but chain retail stores pretty universally forbid employees from having personal firearms on premises, so we’d be boycotting the whole world. My suggestion? If you have a locally owned auto parts store, patronize it. And if you have a business in Southeast Virginia and can use a brave man as an employee, look up Devin McClean.

  • AshleyDale210

    I applaud the man. Yes, he knew it was against store policy but had he not taken action the outcome could have been devastating. He kept the employees and patrons safe. Bravo!

  • Rudy

    So did auto zone fire the other guy for coming with a gun, what about customers who have guns in the vehicles. So auto zone would be better off with a dead employee

  • will

    I will not purchase from AZ again.."NExt time let the employees get shot" Autozone policy makers need a gun put to their heads during a robbery..This guy IS A HERO..

  • MKG

    BRAVO, I applaud a man who stands his ground. Unfortunately the corporate lawyers and bean counters do not see it that way. They have taken the human aspect out of the equation. Despite your ideas of principle and code of honor, they do not want to pay for workers comp and the insurance required to cover such actions of employees in the event something goes wrong. I broached the subject once in a corporate environment and was quickly reminded, "Your just a human resource."

  • Jake

    Boycott autozone til they give the kid his job back. #1vettoanother

    • SHARON

      I think he did the right thing. If I were him, I wouldn't WANT the job back!

  • Uncle Buck

    I applaud the the man, Corporation have policies in place that have to be followed, this has happened at McDonald's any many other chains, what if the robber had not dropped his gun an shot a killed one of the employees, Big time law suit for not having a safe work environment. I carry and I would shoot with out hesitation.

  • Chuck

    I am glad that there are still Americans out there that put the rights of the innocent above the criminals. He should have gotten a raise! Firing him is a no balls pitiful its always someone else's fault BS that the anti gun people will use until they are herd, we must be louder and I hope all here support the NRA.

  • ron

    im glad in kentucky your employer cant keep you from geeping a gun in your car if you have a ccdw permit these idiot companies dont care if you get murdered by some crack head on you way to or from work as long as they can keep paying you as little as possible and taking your benifits and rights away

    • ron

      sorry was supposed to say keeping gun in car

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