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Protect and Serve: LAPD Officers Open Fire on Innocent Women

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  February 8th, 2013 50

According to CBS News, Los Angeles Police officers were guarding the Torrance, Calif., home of a high-ranking police official early Thursday morning when a pair of women delivering newspapers approached in a royal blue Toyota pickup.

The police apparently mistook the Toyota for the dark blue or black Nissan pickup thought to be driven by rogue LAPD officer and cop-killer Christopher Dorner.

Check out the video from CBS Los Angeles:

According to the women, the police opened up on them without warning, riddling the Toyota and putting a bullet in one woman’s back and cutting the other with broken glass. In the meantime, other cops just blocks away opened up on a man in a black Honda pickup, holing it repeatedly.

I can understand why cops might get a little trigger-happy when potentially confronting a renegade from their own ranks. But hosing down two vehicles whose only similarity to the target truck was Japanese manufacture has to go down as the worst sort of ineptitude.

If the LAPD is going to resort to this sort of Keystone Kops policing, maybe the Smith & Wesson Regulation Police revolver needs to be its next issue sidearm.

  • supergrunt

    And they want to take our firearms. Everyone of these idoit Cops that can't tell the differents in trucks and opened fire on innocent people need to be fired and brought up on charges. it is their jobs to assest the situation before the put their finger on the trigger, but they won't because it's the LAPD.

    • Rick

      Not one of you get it, not at all . I could go on and on but you wouldn't get it, only to say that the truck with the two women was driving on the wrong side of the street. Driving towards the police slowly with it's lights out on a very dark night on a street without street lights. The women were told to stop a number of times but they continued…….. You will never get it

      • MakeMineA10mm

        I don't care what was said or what the ladied did or didn't do. These two cops need to be investigated. Hopefully jailed. I know a bunch of good officers, these are not any of those.

        • Rick

          That way you don't get it and I said you'll never will..

      • supergrunt

        I DON'TGET ! I Did 3 tours in Iraq and never shot the wrong people, bectause made sure before we pulled the trigger these trigger happy morons will shoot first then look second. they shot not only two Asian women becase the looked like a 6'2 200+lbs black man driving a wrong color and make truck, but they did it two more time. wake up Rick!!

        • Roxsman


          Your a LIER.

          • Rick

            That's dude…. About what Roxsman, please enlighten me? So you have or given knowledge and maybe some insight PLEASE. I maybe wrong at time but I'm not a lier. Having showing me your intelligence please tell me what I lied about in a sensible way without yowling, yelling or squealing like you have done already

          • Rick

            That's Rude…….

          • TomG

            it is LIAR, not lier.

      • tom

        You clearly DONT GET IT Rick.They panicked and shot up a truck that looked nothing like the actual!Un trained unprofessional idiots that do need to be brought up on attempted murder charges. I also have multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan as an advanced Army infantryman and civilian contractor.As supergrunt stated we never shot what we didnt know exactly what we were shooting.No exceptions!I am a professional.Thats the difference that you will never get

        • Rick

          Tom & SUPERGRUNT , that name Supergrunt tell me a lot about you, I guess 3 or 4 tours in Irag & Afghanistan you learned a lot, and thank you both for your long service in Country. Wear that CIB badge with pride on your chest you learned it. Seriously thank you. OK Tom panicked maybe, trigger happy I think not, and I'm not ready to kick them to the curb eighteen. Lets talk about un-trained ,unprofessional idiots. After being a WO3 for 5 years (on & off) in Irag and having 200+ investigations with then the CID. Private / Civilian contractors needs to be brought up on murder charges not attempt murder . "As supergrunt stated we never shot what we didnt know exactly what we were shooting" and Tom you being a professional do you believe that? Once or twice the team have gone out to talk to contractors about an incident (you can guess what that was about) just to find they have already left the County never to be found again… Talking about this sad thing is not what I like to do. Thanks again

      • UncleT

        NO EXCUSES. The target is not the truck. The target is,was Dorner. You don't engage until you have accessed the surroundings and identified the target. POOR TRAINING. Much like the two NYPD officers who wounded 9 civilians while engaging a lone target and firing 16 times….all around the target. POOR TRAINING.

      • Dr. Juan hunglou

        Where does it mention any of that???

      • Badbish

        Who cares if they what side of the street they were driving on! Are you retarded or something? They were delivering newspapers! Of course they would be on the wrong side of the street! Still doesn't give them the right to open fire! Imbecile!

  • IPSC.45

    Maybe the Numb-nutz media and Feinstein are right. We should limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds and weld magazines in place for AR-15s, M-16s and all police-operated weapons. I watched the end of a low-speed chase in LA, unfolding live about 6 months ago. By the time the "possibly armed" suspect pulled into a gas station, ending the 'chase', he had in tow, nearly 20 police cars from various units. Upon his stopping and not immediately submitting to police commands, he was riddled with holes, live on TV. It looked like a fireworks show as the 20+ officers semi-circled around the suspect opened up with everything they had, emptying their 15 round magazines as fast as they could. Footage from the ground showed that the car had more than 40 rounds into it, and all with a gas station convenience store as a back-stop.
    Should local police depts, with relatively limited training in my opinion, be allowed to be armed to the level of the military, with tactical assault rifles, many 30 round magazines and a belt equipped with a semi-auto pistol and at least 45 rounds while the people they are claiming to serve are limited to 6 round pea-shooters?

  • Alfred Sauve

    You think they would have figured out that newspapers are delivered early in the morning.

    Did they also take pot shots at the mailman when he attempted to drive right up to the mail box?

    Oh wait until trash day. I'd hate to be the guys driving that truck.

  • Starky

    How do you mistake two women for a black male nearly 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds and built like a tank. No excuse for this.

    • Fred

      Oh I don't know, maybe because it was before dawn…

      • rich

        i see so you dont have to be sure of your target as long as its dark?

    • obamatard

      The only explanation is that the offending officers were black men embracing their inner chimp IQ 85.

  • Gary

    Go to jail don't pass go. Protect and Serve? Thats some ones MOM!!!!!

  • john ulan

    if they fire all these cops maybe they will go on a rampage too… is california

  • bhp9

    Cops are really brave when they are beating up or intimidating civilians but when they go up against an equal they panic like the basic cowards they all are. I have had many a person tell me they perceive cops to be nothing more than thugs in uniform. I think also when the truth comes out that people will find out that they black cop that was fired probably was fired unjustly. People do not go that far over the brink if they did not suffer some sort of abuse and discrimination and the LAPD is noted for being the most brutal thug police force in the entire nation.

    • lance

      bhp9 you are trying to use race as a basis for this cop going postal when blacks and hispanics make up almost 50% of the LAPD. I also dont care if they called him names or just fired him for no reason this does not give ANYONE THE REASON TO KILL ANOTHER HUMAN! I agree these cops that opened up on two woman should be arrested and sent to prison but stop saying all cops are thugs and bullies. There are cops out there risking their lives to protect and serve ,alot are the same guys that went to Iraq and Afghanistan. Dont condem all for the actions of a few. Imagine what this country would look like if we had no police at all ….. or hey we could just go to marshal law and have the military police the country lol Im sure you all would just love that. Hey America can be the next Bosnia.

      • Dan

        When POTUS does declare martial law I hope you swallow your tongue for even thinking that. .I've got an idea the local cops won't be any better treated then the rest of the population when it does happen. And before you call me a cop hater, I was a cop until I had an off duty accident scuba diving that disabled me for life, and I did serve in the military before becoming a cop.

        • lance

          Ok first of all DAN unless your name is bhp9 then I wasnt even talking to you and I see why you are not a police officer any more cause you cant read. When I suggested martial law I was being a smart ass and second I am only condeming those who think all cops are crooked evil civilian hating monsters. I have no clue what this man really did nor do I care other than the fact that he took another persons life. I dont need to swallow my tongue due to the fact that anyone with a 5th grade or higher education knew I was being a smart ass anyways good luck with the reading! By the way no need to reply back cause im not going to again lol I have better things to do then argue with a rock.

  • Mark

    I can understand that the rogue cop could have stolen another car but I thought one of the most basic rules of firearms is identify your target. Maybe Im just armchair quarterbacking…


    I don't believe in Dorner's actions and how he went about it, but I ask where are all the lawyer and Civil Liberty Unions and NAACP and every one else to help him???? It seems like the LAPD is way out of hand and Dorner was right.. Didn't here any of this on the national news networks, including FOX about the LAPD just shooting up everyone insight. Seems that the "STATE RUN NEWS AGENCIES" just let us know what they want us to know….. ALL OF THEM!!!!!! Did you love the NEWS "BLACK OUT" of the area during the police murder and massacre of Dorner??? Great excuse to get all prying eyes away from the scene so they could dispose of the problem, wasn't it ???? WAS that the way for Dorner to address his problem, no, and obviously it gained him nothing as not one of the "STATE RUN NEWS AGENCIES" EVER PICKED UP ON THE FACT THAT HE WANTED THEM TO INVESTIGATE HIS PROBLEM!!!! BUT it does tell you that if you take on the Government of any kind, YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE BAD GUY, NO MATTER HOW RIGHT YOU ARE!!!!!! AND that includes when they come to get your guns!!! Make your stand, but realize you stand alone!!!
    Think about it!!! LAPD DESTROYED Dormer, a Police Officer and a Military Soldier and it will all go away now and all his allegations will fall on have fallen on deaf ears and be forgotten and the the only thing remaining score will be: Dorner 4 + LAPD 1………..

  • tim

    Two more justified shootings by highly trained and professional officers from the great state of California. Maybe THEY should be issued muzzleloaders instead of us law abiding Americans as some suggest.

  • Guest Jones

    The rogue cop made complaints to his boss about police brutality and the LAPD cop crossing the line. The said be wouldn't be part of it. His boss turned it all around on him and told him to tow the line or he would be made to lookgguilty. His boss was the ring leader of the Rodney King beatings. True Story. I check my facts. I

  • Terry Waters

    If these are called justified shootings, then pray tell what would be the definition of an unjustified shooting?

    Sheriff Andy Taylor was on to something, one bullet to be kept in the shirt pocket.

  • Terry Waters

    You know what? OJ Simpson being found not guilty in LA is beginning to make sense.

  • Jason T

    They are shooting to kill on sight(or even possible sight???), do police do that? Anywhere? That lends credibility to Dorners' allegations but in no way excuses his actions unless they are proven to be self defense. Like any other group of people, among the ranks of police officers there are good and bad ones. I know they are running hot because some of their own have fallen but for Gods sake guys, how about some positive identification before even putting your finger on the trigger. Any private citizen would go to jail for a very long time for doing the same thing.

  • cvedrick

    According to one of my first responder buddies who was there, The LAPD were had to be forcefully removed from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and were given armed escort across 3 states until they were back in their own jurisdiction.

    One example of the reason why is the short media lived footage of several of them tackling a grandmother in her own home in order to take away her legally and rightfully hand gun with which she intended to defend herself and was showing to, not pointing at news agents.

    Thank God Sheriff Joe showed up, took over and brought some sense to that fiasco.

    Of course, the Mayor Ray Nagle got re-elected via absentee ballot several months later by people who to this day still have not gone back to N.O.L.A.

  • Herbert

    To keep with law enforcement tradition, they should all be charged with assault on a peace officer and subject to $100,000 bail to minimize any chance of a successful civil action.

  • mike grunewald

    the ex cop is right LAPD stinks to high heaven,they are corrupt and stupig

  • BDBerzerker

    Just before this cabin went up in smoke they were playing audio from the police at the scene and I heard them say they were using C.S. gas. They were pumping C.S. gas into the cabin.
    They were using the same thing at Waco just before it went up in flames.

  • L. Williams

    Write the checks, no more early morning paper routes for these individulas , who in all probability were just trying to make a living, SHAME ON THESE DUMB MOFO's WITH A GUN and license to kill innocent citizens.

  • Richard

    I feel really awful about laughing when I read this. I guess if this had gone on a few more days and the million dollar reward had caught on then people would have been blazing away at any over weight negro man that crossed their paths. Since all blacks…. no I am not going to say it.

  • Richard

    oops what button did I hit?

  • cop

    when a cop tells you to stop u stop got it stop!

    • Lex

      And when they don't, then ya shoot 'em dead? Unarmed, unthreatning, woman, man or child. That might be the right attitude for an IDENTIFIED immediate attacker, but not for a good cop on the American mainland. I too served in the military and law enforcement, and never got that elitist bully ass attitude your displaying. Betcha think that shield allows you to break the laws we're supposed to be enforcing. To many of us, that's the main threat to the proffesion. No small wonder civillians are starting to wake up. If you're that afraid that you condone shooting unarmed women, ya should give that badge up. And those morons should be held accountable to the public they swore to PROTECT.

  • Sig 556

    Ex Cop 4… LA 1

    Hmm…. Seems good odds to me.

    Let the SOB's come for them. I'd rather die free than live a slave.

    Dorner finished the job wrong, but LAPD has finally heard his greivance. Perhaps our Govenrment will take note of how just one lone citizen handled it…. did no go well for the officials did it.

    Imagine over 4 million gun owners (of course there are more) standing up and saying "Come and take it!"….. with 4 to 1 odds that's enough to kill every member or our standing professional members that decide to commit treason and fire on the sovereign (and the Congress that chooses to supress the proletariat masses) . Not to mention the inept chickens that shoot at old ladies.

    So, let the comments fly, I stand by the words. Prove me wrong and hand over your guns when they come.

  • valhallason

    Well, this has been a rather interesting read. It is amazing to see how the opinions have be manipulated by the media. That is what they are doing, after all. If you don't think so, open up your eyes. As far as the situation, it stands to reason that either the police force is completely inept, or that they have a hidden agenda propagated by the government. Either scenario is plausible. Now, as far as the derogatory comments about the military men and women, who are put in harms way by our corrupt government, they did their jobs in a WAR-zone. This is not a war-zone, no matter how much the government and the media want to make you believe it. Their is no excuse for the actions taken by the police. NONE! Their job is to "protect and serve", which it seems that not much of which gets done anymore. If there is not a income source directly connected to the action, the police take none (other than covering their corruption or ineptness). Here is an interesting analogy for you. The government has become the mob, and the police are just their muscle. When you stop and take a look at the actions the government has taken since 9/11, it leaves very little doubt to this line of thinking. The police will continue to do what's in their best interest, not yours. The only reason the government and the police want the weapons removed from your hands, is to make you more compliant and easier to control. Exactly when are the people of this country going to wake up and realize that we are the bosses of the government, not the other way around. They are supposed to do what we want them to do, not the other way around. I don't need the government to tell me how to raise my children, protect my family, or wipe my ass. I can figure all that out for myself, and so should every other red-blooded American. Protect your 2nd Amendment, because if that goes, the rest are next.
    Semper Fi. Tom and Supergrunt – keep the faith brothers.

  • Solitaire

    I have yet to see it stated who they are to "Protect & Serve", many times it is not us in the general populous, but the special elite & their agenda.

  • Fat Mike

    Whenever the feds are involved, you can pretty much count on something being set on fire.

    • Heretic

      Fire works, remember, fire works.

  • Don


  • QuitBS

    I wonder how many variations on the spelling of Barney Fife these cops can come up with? Maybe we should only give them one bullet. And they have to keep it in their pocket!

  • obamatard

    Some would say that the ideology of the 2 Amendment no longer applies today. An example in California, just recently this rouge ex-police-officer was sought for multiple murders. On three different occasions the police opened fired on civilians, no verbal commands, just ambush and open fired. Two women delivering newspapers early in the morning, Truck? the wrong make and model. Plates? did not match. Occupants? the police did not identify. The police just open fired and pummeled them with ONE HUNDRED EIGHT ROUNDS of ammunition. Is not the citizen permitted to maintain sufficient armament to protect his or her own life? Whether it be to protect against an officer’s inept actions, or it be of the evil intent of a perpetrator, or it be to stave off a tyrannical government. THE CITIZEN HAS THE RIGHT to maintain sufficient armament to guarantee the advantage. The citizen is to be afforded this advantage not the government. To limit the people to 15 rounds of ammunition and not the offical, millitary or ploice is subverting the 2nd Ammendment.
    Look at history, study the political climates they faced then and how it mirrors what we face today. We find that the level of wanted counteraction and necessity of resistance seems to coincide to the severity of oppression. The African had no firearms, they became slaves. The Jew had firearms confiscated and the perceived threat to the ruling government mandated the Jews extermination.
    The day you hand over your (equally matched/armed) ability to resist the government, is the day you allow the creation of a doorway to servitude, oppression and slavery. Be warned this doorway is purposely and relentlessly being created by today’s political climate to “Fundamentally Change America”.
    Moral of the story is to carry a gun and kill that which tries to kill you.

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