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Record Black Friday Gun Sales

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  November 27th, 2012 1

“Black Friday” is, in retail folklore, the day that businesses “get in the black” for the year as post-Thanksgiving shoppers stock up on Christmas gifts.

With more than two years of steady year-over-year growth, firearms retailers probably didn’t need a big Friday to get in the black, but they got one anyway. As the National Shooting Sports Federation reported:

A new single-day record for point-of-sale background checks was established on Black Friday, November 23, when 154,873 were conducted by the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). That total was nearly 20 percent more than the previous high of 129,166 set on Black Friday last year. Since a federal background check is mandatory for every firearm sold at retail, background check activity serves as an indicator of retail gun sales.”

Actually, a NICS check is not required for every sale, since some states do their own checks or exempt concealed carry permit holders. But that only means that the total sales were even greater than reported by the FBI.

The National Instant Check System reported delays for phone background checks, but said its computerized E-Check system was keeping up with the demand. NICS encourages FFL holders to enroll with the E-Check system to avoid long wait times. FFLs can learn more about enrolling in NICS E-Check by visiting the NICS FFL Web site.

It’s a fair bet that a great percentage of the guns being bought these days are black guns and pistols, and that greatly complicates life for the Dianne Feinstein wing of the Democratic Party. It was one thing to try to ban AR-15s when a hardcore few were buying them out of SGN. It’s quite another when Wal-Mart is selling them by the truckload.

The Brady Campaign and other anti-gun groups are peddling the story that all this buying of guns is just the same bunch of firearms fanatics cramming their gun safes even tighter, but the numbers are just too huge for that notion to get traction. These sales numbers mean more and more foot soldiers for our side of the conflict, and even Mike Bloomberg’s billions can’t overcome that.

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    The big problem is that not every vendor/booth is advocating for all customers to join NRA _and_ the local state rifle/pistol affiliate lobby/club. So many new buyers, but are all of them paid up NRA members? If not, why not? It's going to be the NRA that's going to pull the heavy load on lobbying against the draconian Feinstein bill (most of which isn't even listed on her senate site. And the devil is always in the details, or the specific wording, as bad as the bill is as listed) and other disasters the banners have been compiling and refining over the last 30+ years for the opportunity to push something through after a mass shooting.

    It's going to be the NRA that for the most part will help you keep your black guns going forward, and they will fight to prevent "grandfathering" so you"ll still be able to buy & sell in the future instead of lifetime ownership that will only be surrendered when you die or spouse insists you turn in, or you lose interest later in life, become ill/disabled, etc.

    Shows should offer discount on entry for membership in NRA, higher for life, etc. Vendors should offer discounts to members as well and price accordingly, or add surcharge for non-members for all sale items, higher for high demand items, or just for high demand items. And have membership applications available at booths so customers can join on the spot to get discount on purchases as well, and the membership fee will seem nominal when discount is included in consideration of purchase with/without membership discount.

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