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Firearms News Gets Unexpected Plug from Tom Brokaw on ‘Meet the Press’

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  January 3rd, 2013 53

Firearms News got a plug Sunday in an unexpected venue: NBC’s Meet the Press. Longtime NBC correspondent Tom Brokaw surprised fellow panelists by announcing he takes the magazine and gave a pretty accurate description of its contents. Sadly, his discourse was interrupted by a commercial break and was not taken up after the commercial. I had heard over the years that South Dakotan Brokaw was a closet gun guy, and there’s no better proof of your gun guy status than an FAN subscription. I’ll take plug anywhere and anytime I can get one, so thanks, Tom Brokaw!

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  • Matt

    No doubt the commercial was strategically placed. They have to respect his opinion to some degree and shotguns are still not as bad as all those "Automatic Handguns" and "Assault Rifles" with "High Capacity Clips"

    • John

      Explain what an "automatic Handgun" is so the rest of us can be as smart as you.

      • DOUG T

        I believe that Matt was phrasing his comment as a liberal would. If you can't see that then you may not be as smart as the rest of us.

        • John

          My attempt at drawing "Matt" into a losing discussion has only brought out those who are unable to read between the lines. Twenty Six years, USAF

      • KFB

        The fully automatic handguns are basically a tv deal.The press make semi-automatic hand guns or
        semi-automatic rifles out to be something they are not.The trigger has to be squeezed each time a round is fired.They are not designed to pull the trigger and wtch it spray bullets. Even though they may look
        like a millitary weapon they do not function like one. Just because you own Chevy does'nt mean its going to run like a NASCAR built Chevy. Hope this helps

        • Kansas C&R

          These are properly named machine pistols. I believe the Luger was one of the first. There have been a number of 1911 machine pistols but I think they were custom jobs. Since then, we've seen many including the Glock 18, Beretta 93R, Micro Uzi, Mac-11, Calico M950… The list goes on…

      • GunnerV1

        Don't try to be smarter that you actually are. Full auto (select fire) hand guns do exist. Colt, Beretta and Mauser all have/had these types of firearms and Browning made a "Lever Action" rifle in to a "Full Auto" firearm. But I also know what Matt was talking about as most civilans make the same mistake about a misnomer as in "Colt Auto(matic) Pistol" when we both know that it is a "semi-auto" pistol.

    • Ken

      A shotgun is my weapon of choice. With buckshot it cant be beat. Do you know the difference between a shot gun and a handgun? Are you a city boy? I think its a dead give away. You people think different than the rest of the country. You should make laws that apply to city dewllers and leave the rest of us alone and we will abide by the constitution.

      • robert

        i like the way you talk.

      • Red

        Ken, The Taurus Judge is a .410, 44LC chambered Revolver (PISTOL). And it happens to be this Kentucky Boy's weapon of choice.

    • daryl

      Matt have you seen or own an automatic hand gun. The trouble is the ones who make comments about guns and they know nothing about guns.

    • Justin

      Laws only effect people that abide by them. The second amendment is.ment to protect your self against the.government. Obama.can protect his cant protect yours. Go ask Germany what happend when they took there guns history repeats itself.

  • William Glenn

    I frequently travel to Iraq and Afghanistan and give all my SGN copies to our Military, and they remember me for what I had gave them.

  • John

    I think it is like one to two billion combinations for the AR-15 platform.

    • Gun Owner

      Why do they keep saying that an AR was used in the Newtown shootings. The mental reject left it in the car and didn't use it!

      • chocopot

        Why? Because that suits their anti-gun agenda. Next silly question…

      • Just another guy

        Disinformation is the name of the Media's game; like the Nazi Propaganda Minister Gobbles said, "If you tell a big enough lie often enough, the people will believe it!" Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it…our lazy voters who expect Government to protect, feed and cloth them will find themselves as slaves to Government Officals (who now have benefits and behave like they are royalty)!

        • Longknife

          To quote Henry Ford If a person thinks the government will take care of them better take another look at t he American Indian. there are things that are the rightfull duty of the government but to make a decision because of .000033 % of the people that effects at least 3,000,000 peole is not one of them.

        • Gobbledegook

          "Nazi Propaganda Minister Gobbles "

          Hysterical. Simply hysterical.

          • daryl

            I am glad you thank hurler was hysterical

        • robert

          King O is gonna use his "SUPREME POWERS" to bypass congress on gun control. you and I know this is just a begining.

      • David

        It is my understanding that the Bushmaster AR was taken into the school and was the primary if not only murder weapon, other than the handgun he used to kill himself. I'm sure we will eventually have more details as I think authorities are keeping relatively quiet at present. AR or handgun, both just as deadly. The VA Tech shooter used a handgun and killed many more innocents. Rather ignorant to think that an AR ban will have much of an impact on anything when it comes to mass killings.

        • countyguard

          Actually, check out the facts more… the rifle was found in the vehicle, not the school, so all shots were from another rifle… this was a hit by professionals… and a tribute to this shooting was released a month BEFORE the shooting… … imaging that.

          • Heretic

            There's a facebook page to honor one of the children killed at Sandy Hook that was created 4 days before the shooting. Can we say psy-op.

        • TC1

          The FINAL report (by officers on scene and reported live) was that he had only handguns with him inside the school, despite early reports of otherwise.

      • TC1

        To expand on that topic. It seems the "long gun" in the trunk that was described at the time as "an AR-15 style long gun", looked nothing like an AR-15. It looked like a shotgun. But a shotgun cannot be picked on well enough by the media hacksters as the AR would be, so their solution? Be vague about it by adding the word "style" in there in an attempt to cover themselves. Problem is, contrary to their hopes that the two "styles" would be close enough to use that tactic, as most people with a brain know, the two "styles" are nothing alike, aside from them being "long" and "guns".

      • Jack Vanderhilt

        It was actually a hunting rifle. After the police confiscated it, it was verified however the news ran with the AR platform instead. lol

  • @Foggs

    Check the news reports. The coroner stated that everyone except the shooter was shot with a .223 round. The shooter used a pistol on himself.

  • skot

    Why do we care about the opinion of the anti-gun people? We have the guns, and the ammo. I don't understand why the NRA isn't forming civilian battalions right now to deal with a repressive government. Isn't that what our 2nd amendment rights are for?

    • Scott

      Soap, ballot, jury, then ammo box. We would have a long way to go before such extreme action is warranted.

      And frankly, I will not shoot other Americans. Even ones I disagree with. Its called non compliance and hundreds of thousands of boating accidents.

    • ds1274

      How about a General Strike if they pass new restrictions?

  • Dchristn

    It's interesting to note that the utility knife and the hammer take more lives then then firearms in the United States yet there is no specific set of laws governing these wepons.

  • montana Rod

    How come the mainstream media always asks for opinions on gun control from absolutely clueless people that live in the big cities or east coast suburbia? I've never seen them interview someone from a western state, with the exception of a few weirdoes in California. How about Alaska, where having a weapon is a matter of survival! I guess we're not " educated" enough and I don't own a suit.

  • Joe

    Complete bs. Brokaw was the one that did the show that ended with live discussion about "assault weapons" years ago and wasn't exactly favoring for gun owners. How quick people forget.

    • vishnu

      Good point, Joe. Didn't anyone notice that when Tom Brokaw was describing SGN and its focus on the AR-15 platform, he was describing how banning a single rifle isn't good enough, because you could get around it by swapping uppers, stocks, or whatever? Hardly a pro-gun stance. I think that we already know that many – too many in my view – American gun owners really don't care about gun bans unless the ban is on their favorite firearm. I really doubt that Mr. Brokaw owns an "assault rifle" or cares to.

  • robert

    somehow im not to terible serprized that a man who started his carer dodging bullits in vetnam understands tha value of haveing a gun as for the worrys about guvermint abuse of power it wasnt that long ago after the first ban that the clintens and janit reno went on the killing spree how menny would have died if not for bow grites and the montana malsha putting a stop to it with a simpal show of force thanks bowGOD BLESS YOU YOUR MEN AND EVERY LIKEMINDED AMARICAN

    • Jim-Texas

      Jeez…learn how to spell……..this is America!!!

      • GunnerV1


  • Sue-WI

    YEAH Tom! Someone in the media has to have the guts and brains to state they are not afraid of being a gun owner. Tom is a highly respected man in the U.S. And of course, they were told to shut him down with a commercial.! I certainly hope he gets invited now on Leno and Letterman where it can be talked about more.

  • Sgt Ken

    Whats really interesting is the amount of high ranking lib's in our guvment have CCW permits and are packing heat….while lobbying against our right to do the same. The name Pelosi come to mind?

  • David call

    Wow, i would never had believe Tom would be that kind to us "Gun" Lovers, and I am a gun lover. I also like all gun lovers feel bad about the CT shooting . 150,000,000 gun owners shot no one yesterday, today and will not shot anyone EVER! God Bless the USA and FREEDOM !

  • Paul DeBye

    Fully "automatic" weapons, or select-fire weapons, including real assault rifles by the military's (true) defintion, are heavily regulated under federal law and have been since the 1930s. Fully automatic weapons may fire continuously by simply holding the trigger. Semi-automatic weapons require subsequent pulls of said trigger if one wishes to continue their fire. One pull equals one bullet, no more.

    Added regulations were imposed by the 1968 Gun Control Act. Even the Firearm Owner's Protection Act of 1986 banned the ownership of automatic weapons made after the date of passage. The 1986 Act was a compromise for ensuring federal right of passage for legal gun owners to travel between states where one is legal to carry without being potentially violated by states in between.

    If people are going to bandy about certain terms for their own purposes, they should know what they're talking about. If one expects another to lend an ear whilst someone whistles out the wrong end, hold the tune with (at least) some basic skill.

    • vishnu

      True dat, Paul. During one of the recent discussions about gun control on cable news, one of the talking heads on CNN said something to the effect that “the gun lobby always criticizes us for getting things wrong,” shrugging this off as though it were irrelevant. Such people ask why we can't have a “reasonable discussion about common-sense gun laws,” yet they place no importance on having the facts about firearms, gun laws, or the terrible shooting incidents that apparently are the only incentive to have a discussion. This is why, for example, we hear calls to “close the gun-show loophole” in the wake of recent shootings even though none of the guns used were bought at a gun show.

  • Retired PD/Cal

    WAKE UP PEOPLEIt is not about, and has never been about a particular type of weapon system. Sniper Rifles (AKA:hunting rifles with a scope) , then shotguns, handguns, .22 cal, etc. will all fall.
    Our Founding Fathers: An Armed populace are citizens….An unarmed populace are supjects….Look at the Pres writing in his books and his State record……

    • Kenny – Tampa


  • Kenny – Tampa


  • Dan- Wisconsin

    In the olden days when I was a kid, auto was for autoloader, hence .45 auto.

    What I worry about is why Obama bought 1.6 Billion rounds for use by his Homeland Security against taxpayers.
    He would not need as many if he was arming up against foreigners. The breakdown was something like hundreds of thousands of .308 match, millions of rounds of .223, and about a billion .40 hollow points. No wonder you can't buy an AR, AK, or any .308 ammo. It gets snapped up as soon as it comes in.

    • JJL

      Your right about that why is he doing this for someone who wants to cut down the armed forces so why so mant rounds and firearms for what ….us taxpayers hmmmmm watch out people Hitler did the same thing so who gets massed murderd out of this ????

  • Brad TEXAS

    So far EVERY MOVE our King has made has been to destroy the United States……. It is obvious that he hates this country and everything it stands for. He is even trying to strip us of our morals ! Every move he makes is getting us closer to full blown communism. He hasbeen out right caught in a number of scandals that all involved MURDERS and nothing has been done, nothing! What gets me, is, the rest of the world is building a WAR machine right now, and he has dismantled ours! What the *&%+ All i can say is he must have a huge, rich bunch of sponsers from who knows where? he should havebeen impeached before the 22nd. When our guns are gone, that will be the end. All the soldiers that gave life and limb since the begining of this once great country will be in vain…..all the people who settled and built it were a special breed of people- I think they called them AMERICANS. BRS TEXAS

  • jacko

    registered weapons are not the cant take the unregistered guns off the criminals. the system is not working,so don't punish the responsible gun owner.

  • Pete

    It is wonderful to get on here and let off steam about the idiots who want to disarm the law abiding. How about everyone who posts here find out your senators and congressman's names and shoot them a message. Be respectable because only a lowly staffer will actually see the message and they have no say in anything like you and I but if enough of us tell them we are watching and we do vote maybe it will have an impact. Maybe it won't but it is worth the few minutes that it takes and besides the haters are never going to be swayed no matter how right we are. They presume we are knuckle dragging, idiots because Uncle Barry has promised them getting rid of AR's will keep anyone from ever murdering anyone ever again, and that the rich will pay their way out of this mess he is creating, and their children will have a good life in the future which we know isn't true because the USA will be owned by China if we don't do something about all the free stuff the politicians give away to buy votes. I also heard Brokaw say in this same discussion that "he wondered why the AR's couldn't be owned by a club where you could join and then have the privilege to join and go and shoot them whenever you wished." That's what I will tell the insane murderer who is pounding down my front door "wait till I go to the club and get my AR" oh wait that wouldn't work because they wouldn't let me take it off of club property would they? He might be a "gun guy?" but he has flawed reality of how a criminal mind really works.

  • howard w. morrison

    why I do I need a high capacity magazine? ,WHY DO RICH MAN NEED A CAR THAT RUN,S AT 140 .

    • Paul Middleton

      who are you to question what i "need" or what i want? its none of your business how i live my life sir.. if i follow the laws and conduct myself in the legal manner, why should you have any determination on what i NEED? how would you respond if i said i dont think you NEED to vote, and certainly don't NEED freedom of to worship however you wish?

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