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Shotshell Causes Flight Delay

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  November 29th, 2012 2

It could happen to any of us. You’ve been hunting or to a trade show and get on the plane, only to notice that you’ve managed to get through all that expensive TSA screening with a round of ammo in your pocket. What to do?

Someone apparently decided that taking his chances with the security bureaucracy was too risky, and just shoved a live shotshell into the seat pocket and tiptoed off the plane at his destination. A later passenger found it in Milwaukee and reported it, setting off a big search by bomb-sniffing dogs that found no other ammo.

This kerfluffle illustrates the dilemma that our current security regime causes the absent-minded passenger. If you do the right thing and self-report the contraband ammo, you may be stuck at the airport for hours while they search for your possible links with al-Qaeda. Who wants that?

If you drop it in the seat pocket, a whole planeload of innocent people may be delayed while the plane is searched. Who wants that?

Seems to me if we can let city residents haul in guns for no-questions-asked turn-in, we could do the same for airline passengers. In the meantime, check your pockets.

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