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The Boycott of DICK’S and Field & Stream Stores May Be Working! Show Us How Your Local Store Is Doing!

by FAN Online Editors   |  March 19th, 2018   |   0
The Boycott of DICK’S and Field & Stream Stores May Be Working!

The Boycott of DICK’S and Field & Stream Stores May Be Working!

I received a text from my brother-in-law today regarding the Field & Stream store in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. He was curious as to what was going on since their parent company, DICK’S Sporting Goods, banned all “assault-style” firearms from both stores. The Cranberry Field & Stream location is an important one to DICK’s, as it was the flagship store that launched the rest of the 25 or so locations for that chain; it is also a stone’s throw to DICK’S national headquarters.

I remember when the store launched in 2013, and had its grand opening. Willie Robinson, of Duck Dynasty fame, showed up for it, and many of us gun owners were curious if the Field & Stream store would be carrying military-styled semi-auto firearms. Back then, a story that stated that Willie Robinson himself inquired about the very same thing and would not show up for the event if these firearms were barred from the store, as had been the case at DICK’S stores after the Sandy Hook shooting. Turns out that DICK’S Sporting Goods did hold the ban of military-styled semi-auto firearms for the DICK’S stores, but not the case with Field & Stream. I visited the store a couple of times and it had a nice section dedicated to modern sporting rifles (MSRs) and accessories, including standard-capacity magazines of 30 rounds.

Recently, Diane Feinstein visited Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO, Ed Stack, and called him a “great American” for banning voting-age adults aged 18-20, who must be registered for the draft, from buying firearms in “his” store. She also stated that Stack is a “supporter of the Second Amendment.”  I would call him an absolute fool, who never studied any of our country’s founders’ writings regarding the Bill of Rights, and specifically the hundreds of documents and quotes regarding this right, as the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting and little to do with “self-defense” against robbers and rapists.  Rather, it is a declaration that restricts the government from barring any American from keeping and bearing arms, which would protect themselves from a tyrannical government, if such a government would ever be formed in the good old USA and go after its own people. It is a God-given right to defend one’s life. This is an individual’s freedom, like the freedom of speech or freedom against warrantless searches, etc.

The founders were spot-on, knowing history and that human nature would not change in the future – during the 20th century, governments around the world murdered over 100 million of their own disarmed citizens, mostly under Communism. And “which American political party has been the most against this right of self-defense against tyranny?” you may ask. None other than the American Communist Party, which has been pushing for gun bans since the 1930s. The Communist Party Lite, a.k.a. the Democrat Party, also does a good job in civilian disarmament. Just look at New York, California (Commiefornia), Massachusetts, etc. Citizens of many countries in Europe have more firearms freedoms than our red, white, and blue citizens of those states. Anyone who gets a compliment regarding their view on liberty from the female version of Vladimir Lenin is no freedom-loving American, in my eyes.

But, the NRA is also partly to blame for this. While we hear about the NRA always talking about the Second Amendment, we rarely hear from them any more about the true meaning of the Second Amendment. Oh sure, the NRA is out there spending millions on concealed firearms freedom, national reciprocity and such, as well as great videos and instruction about home defense, but when was the last time we heard the NRA talk about owning firearms for defense against tyranny and what those firearms are supposed to be? And there’s that LaPierre “bump-stock” push for ATF to re-determine the application of the un-Constitutional National Firearms Act of 1934, as well as the hypocrisy of “enforce the laws on the books” drivel. Really? Enforce the un-Constitutional gun laws that passed, which the NRA and gun owners failed in stopping? This is a matter for another article; let’s get back to DICK’S.

So, what did my brother-in-law see when he went to the flagship Field & Stream store? Well, first off, he didn’t see any modern sporting rifles, so-called “hi-cap” magazines, or parts or accessories for these firearms. He also did not see ANY customers in the large gun section of the store. This is very telling, as he was there after 5 p.m. on a Friday, in one of the busiest shopping suburbs of Pittsburgh, where there are a ton of gun owners. To give you an idea of how strong Pennsylvania is as a gun state (especially around Pittsburgh), about 20 years ago, Allegheny County (the county where Pittsburgh lies, and next to mostly rural Butler County, where Field & Stream is) had more than 44,000 concealed carry licenses issued – that was one of the highest in the United States! And that was 20 years ago. Mr. Ed Stack may not have realized that his headquarters is smack dab in Pennsylvania’s Second Amendment country – he may have just stepped on his own “DICK’S.”

There are around 700 DICK’S stores and 26 or so Field & Stream stores out there, probably one and/or the other by you. Please stop in your local DICK’S or Field & Steam store and take a photo of the gun department and post the photo below (or a link to it), along with the date and time, and let’s see how the gun owners’ boycott of this corporation is doing. While you are there, maybe ask to speak to the manager and let him know how much you used to spend in his store and how you will not be shopping there any longer. As for me, I wouldn’t buy a pair of shoe laces at DICK’S, nor would I go to Field & Stream, even if they were passing out free ammo.

DICK’S Sporting Goods is a private corporation and can do as it wishes – so can 80,000,000 American gun owners. Maybe we can show them what happens when we do as we wish.


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