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Which SGN Advertiser Has the Hottest Girl?

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  May 22nd, 2012 39

There’s nothing like a great-looking girl to help sell any product, and some few SGN advertisers have put the principle to work over the years. We used to get complaints about ads that combined a little feminine beauty with the hardware, but those days seem to have passed. So which SGN advertiser is making the best use of a great-looking model?

  • brentondadams

    Ugh… Its so hard to choose between ATI and Kahr. I went with ATI. a women in silk stockings is gonna do it for me every time. Plus the gun is neat too. An STG 44 in .22LR….. Okay! The Kahr is damn close though. I would have called a tie if I was able.

  • Paul

    I Had To Go With The ATI , She is So HOT And Makes Me Want To Take Hold Of That STG-44 and Feel It In My Hands………The Curves look Smooth and Warm…….Also Looks Like It Can Handle The Heat Of Being Used ……And Ready to Go Every Time , Round After Round After Round ………..

  • Vinnie Aaron


    • Greg

      Miss Red Star Arms would be hotter than these girls but the Kahr woman edged out the ATI girl in my opinion. Now if the Dillion Reloading catalog girls were put in the list……

  • Heretic

    I voted Spikes, because she's the hottest of the group. However, ATI usually has the hottest women.

  • steven

    Jess, by far are you kidding me! Plus she has an amazing personality to go with the looks. SB/AWI

  • steve

    ATI in case you don't know who Jess is. SB/AWI

  • Landing strip

    ATI putting the ROC on the map…..

  • Heretic

    I seem to remember an ad for a wrap around sword where the girls nipple was showing through her hair. She was pretty hot. Just sayin'.

    • Johnny Come Lately

      Cover the ladyparts with your hand and just look at her face. From the neck up that lady looked like a tranny.

  • James

    Erm. Is it just me, or is this thread a bit sexist?

    • Eric

      It's just you.

  • steve

    Keep the votes coming for the sexy ATI model Jess! SB/AWI

  • Doug

    ATI, none even close.

  • Keith

    The parabellum girls face says, "Did I just fart?" and the Spikes Tactical girls face is saying, "Did she just fart?"

  • Steve

    They are all stunning! However, there was an ad a few months ago that featured a gorgeous young lady in black leather laying back on a black (?) motorcycle. That has to the hottest of all of the SGN ads.

  • Mike Dixon

    The girl in the ATI is beautiful but just looks like window dressing. The girl in the Kahr ad looks like she really knows how to use that pistol, plus I like the 40's styling.

  • bart

    My wife said you and me included are a bunch of sexist assholes I of course disagree . We are just assholes

    • Doug

      Thanks for the laugh. Needed it!

  • Ben Raines

    Spike's Tactical is my choice. Nice gun!

  • Rudy

    Noveske – This gentleman prefers a blond.

  • gunstuff

    ATI hands down! +1 for the stockings. Its always sexier when a girl dresses like a girl, when will these knucklehead advertisers wake up to that.
    To be honest, I saw the Kahr girl at the Shot Show and was a little disappointed. Maybe she was having a bad day.

  • Wookie

    ATI – clearly the best.
    EAA – nice and plain
    Kahr – a stick figure
    Parabellum – snotty chick at the mall
    Spikes – airbrushed to death

  • Ben

    Even if Parabellum is a snotty chick at the mall, I'd love to be the cocky jock showing her my gun!!!!!

  • woodster

    I like the EAA chick with the shotgun. Her tits are real and she dont loojk like a porn star. lol

    • aesomes

      I agree

  • DearbornDave

    They forgot to include the Outlaw girl. She's my favorite SGN girl!

  • blakkmantis

    I can not tell a lie, I sure liked the Spikes Girl!

  • Bryon 0311 til I die

    AMY from larue tactical has them all beat

  • Geoffrey

    The EAA girl looks like someone to go shooting with not just a model.

  • Jim Burianek

    I would probably vote for the parabellum armament girl if she didn't look like she just took a big bite of a s#$t sandwich.

  • Bernardo

    I have personally met ATI's girl, her name is Jessie and she is even hotter and nicer in person than in the photo. We hammed it up at a gun show that is local to me and I came to find out she lives in my county ! It was all I could do to keep from drooling and sporting a hat rack ! She's the real deal and a real sweetheart.

  • TheBrassMan

    I have to vote for the EAA girl. I would be happy to have her next to me in a firefight. Plain and down to earth.
    The next would be the ATI girl, SEXY!!

  • Jeepers Creepers

    I would have say ATI. I'm mostly attracted to women with very dark brown eyes and black hair. NON here. I would have liked a photo of an 50 BMG or 10 guage pump with 000 buck.

  • Brian

    Went with the Kahr chick `cause I could see her entire face and figure.
    The ATI chick could be a zombie from the other side,just saying, LOL!!

  • Outlaw

    Where was the option to vote for all? There's nothing bad about any of them now is there? Women are like guns, their aren't many that aren't beautiful and that I wouldn't want to hold. What a wonderful world we live in with so many beautiful girls, and guns……..

  • Royalist1

    ATI women are hotter by far. Most of the others except for the Kahr lady are too skinny. Much like crack addicts.

  • Antonio

    Spikes. Boobs and guns go together like… sorry, can't think of anything right now, too busy thinking about boobs and guns.

    • 1911 ithaca

      the lady at kahr arms is class

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