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Remington Timeline: 1950 – Remington in the 1950s

by FAN Online Editors   |  September 9th, 2016 0

By the close of 1952, Remington Arms Co. employed 5,336 workers in company-owned plants in Ilion, New York, Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Findlay, Ohio, and 10,303 ammunition workers in the government-owned Lake City Plant.


The Remington Model 870 Express was a low-cost version of the 870. It featured a matte-finished exterior and low-luster hardwood stock and forend. Photo Credit: Remington Archives Photo Collection

The company products now included rifles, shotguns, traps, Blue Rock targets, Remington and Peters sporting rimfire and centerfire ammunition and shotshells, cement kiln guns, and stud drivers.

Remington Model 870 “Wingmaster” Shotguns
The very beginning of the second half of the 20th century, 1950, was a milestone product year for Remington Arms Co. It introduced a new shotgun that would become the most successful single model in Remington history and the best-selling pump-action shotgun in firearms history. It was named the Model 870 “Wingmaster.”


Introduced in 1950, the Remington Model 870 “Wingmaster” is one of Remington’s most successful launches ever and is still going strong today. Photo Credit: Remington Archives Photo Collection

Three years earlier, Remington had begun work on a replacement for the rugged but outdated Model 31 pump-action shotgun. Utilizing common parts from the sleek, new Model 11-’48 autoloader, L. Ray Crittendon, Phillip Haskell, Ellis Hailston, and G.E. Pinckney developed the Model 870.

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Although the Model 870 was an excellent shotgun from the start, it’s unlikely that even Remington could imagine the future extent of its amazing success.


Artists featured the Model 870 in many early pieces now houses in the Remington Museum. Photo Credit: Remington Art Collection

Like the Model 11-’48, the new Model 870 shotgun breechblock locked securely in a hardened barrel extension, and a new locking block and slide with double-action bars were devised for a smooth and effective operation.


Over the years the 870 pump shotgun has been offered in many variations. In 1996 Remington sold its seven millionth 870 with many more sold since then.

It featured five-shot capacity, side ejection, and easy takedown for use of interchangeable barrels. Over its now forty-eight-year history, the Model 870 has been offered in a huge and constantly increasing variety of options.

There is no shooting discipline or sport that has not been filled with a version of the versatile Model 870.

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