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Introducing the Laserlyte LTS Trigger Tyme Pistol and Targets

by SGN Online Editors   |  January 23rd, 2013 2

Laserlyte rolled out a couple of neat new training products at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, introducing the Laserlyte LTS Trigger Tyme pistol and targets. The Trigger Tyme pistol uses the Laserlyte LT Pro system, a microphone-fired laser that can be installed in the training pistol or any actual handgun. Meant to provide more training time for shooters, the Trigger Tyme pistol allows shooters to get some safe practice indoors using Laserlyte’s LTS Laser Target system, which immediately reacts when the laser is fired, and can even show grouping. Smaller LTS Reaction Tyme targets are also available in packs of two, and can be used in training mode at different elevations or distances. The LTS Reaction Tyme targets also feature a reaction time mode, in which the targets can be set to react in timed intervals; the targets will react only in that 3-second window, giving shooters better reaction time practice. The LTS Trigger Tyme pistol retails for $54.95 and will be available in March. The LTS Laser Target retails for $230.95, and the LTS Reaction Tyme targets retail for $175.95. Check out the video from SHOT Show.


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