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Now on the Newsstands: Firearms News March 2018 – Issue 6

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The new March 2018 issue of Firearms News is available now. Look for the Ruger PC Carbine on the cover – article by David Fortier.

The Soviet PPSh-41 submachine gun played a crucial roll in the defense of Russia during the Great Patriotic War.

Soviet PPSh-41 Submachine Gun

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The Soviet short sword of World War II was the Pistolet Pulyemet Shpagin-1941 (PPSh-41) submachine gun

Heckler & Koch’s Maschinepistole 7 was developed as a modern Personal Defense Weapon capable of penetrating modern soft body armor.


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While NATO never made the switch to a modern PDW, the HK MP7 has seen some success including limited fielding by U.S. Special Operations.

The Caliber .45 M3A1 Submachine Gun is a classic American design adopted in Dec. 1944 and known as the Grease Gun.

The M3A1 “Grease Gun” Submachine Gun

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On the range the M3A1 proved simple to operate, reliable and fast handling. Thanks to its slow rate of fire, it’s very easy to trigger off single-shots.


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