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Building A 1911 Long Slide

by Gus Norcross 10

There is something that draws me to long slide 1911s. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I like… more »


Solving Scope Mounting Problems With Burris Pos-Align Rings

by Gus Norcross 1

Yesterday, when zeroing a Savage target rifle for a customer, I found the scope elevation turret to be almost at… more »


Single-Loading The Service Rifle

by Gus Norcross 0

It was a beautiful spring day in the late ’80s on my local range, and I was practicing prone slow-fire… more »



by Gus Norcross 1

It doesn’t look like much. A flat piece of spring steel slit in two places to form three legs which… more »


The 1911: Bo-Mar Rear Sight Installation

by Gus Norcross 1

After a couple decades of 1911 work, I can say that the most popular adjustable rear sight for 1911s is… more »


How to Mount a Scope on a Swiss K31

by Gus Norcross 5

I think most of you will agree that standing on a range hammering targets with an accurate bolt-action rifle is… more »


Zeroing The M84 Telescope

by Gus Norcross 0

The M1D sniper rifle was developed at the end of World War II, but never saw service in that conflict…. more »


M1A Stock Ferrule Modifications

by Gus Norcross 0

Simple modifications can be made to increase the accuracy of any factory M1A- or M14-type rifle. In previous articles, we… more »


Gunlube For The Masses: Red Oil

by Gus Norcross 6

Decades ago, I spent some time at the National Guard Marksmanship Training Unit Small Arms shop outside an Air Guard… more »


How to Mount Scope Rails on a 1911 for Bullseye Competition

by Gus Norcross 0

NRA Conventional Pistol or bullseye pistol competition was always about shooting iron-sighted pistols and revolvers until a couple decades ago… more »

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