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Browning 725 Citori O/U Shotguns

by Ashley Dale   |  November 7th, 2011 4

The new Citori 725 12-gauge O/U shotgun’s receiver is significantly lower than other Citori 12-gauge receivers, yet it shares the renowned durability of generations of Citori shotguns. It showcases a new FireLite Mechanical Trigger that offers reduced takeup, a crisp break and shorter overtravel. The Inflex II Technology recoil pad and new Invector-DS (Double Seal) Choke System that provides better patterning, lighter weight and a sleeker barrel profile.

For further information contact: Browning, Dept. SGN, One Browning Place Arnold, MO 63010 or



  • Sam Davis

    I am interested in the new 725 shotgun. Does it come with a 30 inch barrel? Also will there be a 20 guage and 28 guage later on?

    • Ralph

      Please learn how to spell gauge…

  • John

    I want a 725 and know the price, but can I get a rifled deerslayer type double barrel for it? What's the cost? What experiences have others had with the gun for turkeys, pheasants and deer? Thanks for any help. I want the 12 gauge version and YES, I can spell gauge.

  • Steve

    In that what will become classic photo of President Obama shooting clays, he's shooting a Citori 725, ported barrels, just like the one pictured above. He has good taste in shotguns.

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