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Firing Pellets Full-Auto

by Tom Gaylord   |  August 2nd, 2011 9

By Tom Gaylord

Sure, there have been BB and airsoft machine guns that are entertaining, if often frustrating. But now you can fire airgun pellets with power and accuracy. Better lay in a big supply, though! You can read all about it in the 9/20 issue of SGN.

The author found the SMG 22 a fun submachine gun to shoot. The gun was workhorse-
dependable, as long as the right trigger technique was used.

The SMG 22 is the first production pellet gun to fire full-auto on CO2. Manufacturers
have made a variety of airsoft and BB machine guns in the past.

The belt comes out of the drum on the left side of the receiver, passes through the
mechanism, and back out the receiver’s right side and into the drum again.

One belt comes assembled, but the other is put together by the owner. Interlocking
plastic links fit together with pins that allow each link to move freely.

Five links are placed over the pins of the lower loading block. Then a pellet is placed into
the end of each link. The loader is simple in design, but effective.

Once all five links are loaded, the top half of the loading block presses the pellets down
into the links so they’re all held at the same depth for firing.

The feed pawl pulls the belt in from the left and pushes it back out and into the drum on
the right. The cover would be closed during firing, of course.

The manual calls this a trigger adjustment, but the slotted screw at the left adjusts the
flow of gas to the bolt, which controls the cyclic rate of the gun.

Gaylord didn’t have to search for volunteers. Here, a shooter tries the gun on high-
pressure air. The air tank is below his elbow at the back of the SMG-22.

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