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Making of the Russia’s New Precision Rifle

by Marco Vorobiev   |  March 14th, 2012 5

New ORSIS T-5000 precision rifle is headed for its mass production.
By Marco Vorobiev
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Marco Vorobiev was a member of the elite Soviet Spetsnaz in Afghanistan in the 1980s. He’s a U.S. citizen now and conducts training courses that draw on his special forces training. He’ll have a new installment every Wednesday.

I have written about the introduction of Russia’s new precision rifle the ORSIS T-5000 at the International Arms and Munitions Salon in the Ural region city of Nizhniy Tagil, Russia.

The following is a follow-up to my earlier post. This is sort of a photo essay on the birth of new and exciting product.

The Russian state company “Promtechnologii” produces the T-5000 in a relatively new manufacturing plant. It is small but very modern and equipped with state-of-the-art CNC mills and machines. Its stated capacity is roughly 5,000 rifles annually with additional expansion capabilities depending on order volume. Though currently there are no government orders for the new T-5000 rifle, the company’s management is hopeful that this may change in the future pending field testing.

Meanwhile, the company plans to start production of SVD style semiautomatic sniper rifle next year. There is even talk of possible handgun production.

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High Precision Tactical Sniper Rifle

Russia's new high precision tactical sniper rifle the ORSIS T-5000 was introduced by its manufacturer the State Company "Promtechnologii" last fall.

  • matt

    What caliber is it?

    • matt

      Found it! On image 5 of 6 .308 Win. or .338 Lapua Mag.

  • Sasha Chikin

    "Note that the muzzle brake is an integral part of the barrel itself. That's a concept that might be questioned."
    The is nonsense, the muzzle brake is placed on threads brake, it is glued to the barrel, because it's cross section)))

  • Sasha Chikin

    1.) It is a PRIVATE company
    2.) This is just steel rods, barrels are manufactured by ORSIS
    3.) This is a milling machine, where the barrel is being countered or fluted
    4.) as already said, the muzzle brake is a saparete part and placed on threads
    5.) yes, the assembly is by hand and the rifle also has glass bedding in every rifle
    6.) The stock is aluminum, main rifle parts are stainless steel

  • safi

    can we buy that if we can boy it what is the price for that plz plz plz

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