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MGI’s Hydra QCB-D

by David Fortier   |  April 5th, 2012 6

Previous multi-caliber guns have been horrendously expensive and availability of spare barrels and parts has been negligible. Here’s a swap-barrel gun that uses standard AR barrels. Read more about it in the 5/10 issue of SGN.

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MGI's Hydra

MGI's Hydra appears to be a standard 16-inch 5.56x45mm AR, but it's a very interesting piece that is quickly and easily changed to match a user's needs.

  • Just to let you know

    Never buy a gun from Mack, he is a liar and dose not produce what he sells. For instance, he will tell you there are 20 odd different calibers and 9 different magazine wells that are available. This is not true, due to lack of funds for R&D. He only has 3 magazine wells that work at all that have actually made it to the machine shop down in Waterville, ME. He owes numerous barrel manufacturers still for runs he never paid for, i.e. E.R Shaw. You probably wont see a gun you buy from him for at least a year (that is if he is still in business and hasn't yet blown any profits that came in). He is a bad businessman, conman and cheat.

    • I agree

      I agree. Years ago I placed an order with Mack for an upper with different mag wells, etc. I called from time to time to check on my order and was told it would be coming soon. A year later I still hadn't received my order. I called again and asked him to pull up my order and find what the problem was. He said he could not locate my order. I began to order again but now he was quoting prices which were much higher than my original order. I told him to keep his stuff. I will never deal with his company.

  • Jeepers Creepers

    I love my T/C contender. I can put a barrel on it to go plinking with or put a barrel on that can shoot a hole thru 1/2 inch thick steel plate at 50 yards. I still have another barrel that can do that at 100 yards. It only takes 2 minutes to change a barrel while taking my time to do it. I own three frames and 10 barrels That I have been buying since 1992. So if your an bad guy that wants to take something I own. Just think about what your hiding behind for cover or your get away vehicle had better be heavily steel plated.

  • John

    Who is Mack ??? What company so we don't deal with him

  • anthony

    he is the owner and founder of the company that produces the gun in question. you would have had to have read the article instead of looking at the pictures.

    sadly, those are some strong words to be leveling at this man. i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. seems like a neat weapon system.

  • jeepers creepers

    If I'm an bad guy i won't be going into your red neck trailer to take your garbage.

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