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Russia to destroy 4 Million Guns

by Marco Vorobiev   |  April 26th, 2012 65

Russia’s Ministry of Defense intends to destroy 4 million guns by the end of 2014

Marco Vorobiev was a member of the elite Soviet Spetsnaz in Afghanistan in the 1980s. He’s a U.S. citizen now and conducts training courses that draw on his special forces training. He’ll have a new installment every Wednesday.

The Russian Ministry of Defense intends to utilize (read destroy and melt down) 4 million older model guns by the year 2015. These will be pulled from the stockpiles of estimated 16 million guns that are no longer in service with Russian Armed Forces. Roughly 6.45 million of these guns are no longer serviceable.

Though the types were not officially announced, a little birdie whispered to me that most of the guns slotted for destruction are Mosin rifles and carbines, SKS carbines, Nagant revolvers, TT33 Tula Tokarev pistols, a huge number of AKM automatic rifles, RPK and RPK-74 light machine guns and a small number of older PK medium machine guns.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is planning to send these guns to the factories where they were produced for disposal. Apparently this would keep in business plants like Molot and create 240 jobs. Meanwhile, Russia’s biggest arsenal Izhmash, had to suspend its destruction program after misplacing approximately 80 AKM rifles.

I don’t know about you, but I can come up with a much better idea for disposal of these guns: Send them over here! We would even pay for them. But unfortunately this will never happen. So, millions of guns, including some of the truly historic firearms, will be sent to the crusher instead.

  • Mal

    Send them to the hood!!! Lol Just kidding

  • @rolandsings

    This is incredibly sad. My Romanian M1956 is literally weeping gun oil, while trying to keep a stiff upper receiver. I haven't got the heart to tell my P64 about it yet.

    • Henry Kissenger

      LOL. My WASR-10/63 can't even freaking speak English….it just keeps going BANG. I ain't telling it shit.

  • Joe Smith

    I'm all for recycling and creating jobs,but I think they can still accomplish what they want by selling the guns to us! I mean,it's money that creates jobs! Not the destruction of innocent guns.

  • Richard Beals

    this 1 way that their going to do away with us gun nuts pricing them so high we can,t afford them darn it !!!

  • fulvio panizza

    mi piange il cuore

    • AshleyDale210

      Sì, così triste.

  • jcmyhope

    A gun is a Terrible thing to waste !

  • AR_guy

    I think I am going to cry…. :(

  • G.B.

    -Somebody needs to give the Liberals a ringside seat for this. Should be positively orgasmic for them.

    • GunLovingLiberal

      I think you're confusing regular every day liberals with the Brady campaign idiots. They're a minority. I'm about as far left as they come, and this positively breaks my heart. I just picked up an SKS last week to beat the election year price rush, so this hits especially close to home.

    • Delirium

      Yeah,funny, I'm pretty damn far left leaning and yet I work in a gun factory and plan on building my own personal arsenal.

    • Triplan

      Most liberals are not against guns, that's just an obnoxious rumor that helps NRA raise money.

    • G.B.

      Really? Are you jokers frigging kidding me? If y'all aren't against guns, then why does the NRA even need to raise the money to keep fighting for our gun rights? Splain that to me Lucy….

  • HowardBeale

    So we will never get cheaper SVT-40s or SKSs in the US. Thank you Bill Clinton you sniveling cum stain.

  • mike

    doesn't GeorgeHWBush get the blame for the 1989 import ban ?

    • Xiccarph

      Yes, he started it all. Though I'd say the downhill momentum was initiated with a very steep decline with the NFA of 1934, and given a nitro-boost with the GCA of 1968,…the rest was just momentum utilized by Big Gov't finger-in-the-air, head up their arses, politicos. The Commies always said we'd do ourselves in from within.
      Oh, the pain…see that beautiful laminated Russian wood…….

  • G.B.

    I'm not confusing anything GunLovingLiberal. I'm well aware that there a varying degrees of leftism, just as there are on the right, but it's you "everyday liberals" that keep voting the gun grabbers in. Witness the mess in my home state of Illinois. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, molded in the same cast as the Daley Dynasty. There are some real Liberal gun grabbers for you, voted in by the blue collar left. Am I wrong?

    That being said, " Peace to you GunLovingLiberal "

    • gun loving realist

      I agree. Nothing has done more harm to not only our gun rights, but all of our rights in general than the liberal party. I find it odd that many gun lovers can actually call themselves liberals, but meanwhile vote for the very polotitions that pick away at our gun rights. We have to face fact, if the liberal party was allowed run unchecked, there would be no such thing as "gun rights".

  • John

    Thats dirty pool Russia cold war over stop being a dick.




  • Rob

    what a pity to waste these great guns!!!

  • Mike Hunt

    Looks like the stuff left over that the importers over here didn't want to bring back. Except for the Ak's which can't come over anyway.

  • old gaffer

    If Obama won't let S. Korea send back a thousands of M-1 Carbines that WE'VE ALREADY PAID FOR ONCE, he darned sure won't let in a bunch of Eastern bloc refugees from the smelter.

  • hrlee

    I'm surprised that Mr. Putin didn't ask Mr. Obama to pay for the disposal so they won't be sold on the world market.

    • Jeffrey M. Cooke

      He didn't offer he sent them a check!

    • Xiccarph

      Don't worry, that will be addressed when Obama signs the pending UN Small Arms Treaty…if he's re-elected!

  • mason x. hamilton

    Never fear – this and other PRs by the Russian (and lots of other govs.) are just a free announcement that these guns are available to the highest bidder.

  • Dewey E. Du Bose

    That really sucks. I wonder how much the Russian government could make by selling these guns and their parts on an open market?

    I see doing this the same thing to these weapons that the Germans did to the Jewish people back in the 30's and 40's. In my heart and mind it is simply criminal.

  • xkn

    Somone should tell ruskies when they sober, that they can save more jobs by selling those firearms, either complete or in a kit form (making kits requires employing people doesn't it?).
    After 'mericans now Russians are loosing their mind apparently…

    • Mack Missiletoe

      Yeah! They all started drinking when they found out they had to burn their guns. Even they are sad! The workers they will hire to burn the guns will be drinking and crying :(((

      But we know the tuth–what Mr. mason x. hamilton posted, "Never fear – this and other PRs by the Russian (and lots of other govs.) are just a free announcement that these guns are available to the highest bidder. "


  • Rocky the Southpaw

    Most of these will go out of the back door through the "secondary" markets. What factory management team is going to melt down arms that can be sold generating revenue and saving the disposal costs? Other scrap metal can be smelted to make the numbers come out. There are huge stocks of each of these models in worldwide service so there is a ready market for complete weapons and subassemblies. Nice way for the newly re-installed Mr. Putin and his supporters to make a few bucks.

    • Xiccarph

      We could build a secret tunnel across the Bering Strait…. Soros could afford to do it in secret, lol; maybe someone should ask him…… :D

    • S H

      looking back; you were probably right. Mosins are available again now. Have been for awhile.

  • Dan Jurkiewicz

    If there is a way to make money on the slide you better damn believe they're gonna do it!!

  • Jolly Green Chopper

    We do not need any more foreign guns on the American market to compete unfairly with our own gun mfg.. workers. Think about it. How many guns do we need and how many will we make for ourselves at our own factories?Some of those Russian guns would have replaced American made hardware. Its a damn fact of life.

    • gunner

      What about the cost of these "foreign guns" versus the cost of American made. I have both, and will continue to buy both. I hunt and collect, but I only collect Mosins, Mausers, and Manlichers. American is generally to dang expensive for me.

    • sks lover

      if you can make the jamamatic ar platform perform better when dirty and/or wet then i'll switch to us made guns. till then ill keep my much more reliable sks

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Owebama &Co. won't even allow American guns to come home. There's no way they'd allow us to get our hands on these Russian babies.

  • Arthur R. Vinson

    Why are you crying those guns USED to sell for much less than $300.00 and now look at them and how many of you voted for Obama, Bilberry and other anti-gun Politicians, How many of you said "Guns Are for Hunting Only" when the word hunting is NOT IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT. How many of you voted on Party Lines ONLY when they are all taking our Guns. IT WILL GET WORSE IF YOU DO NOT WAKE UP!!

    • Lance

      Most people vote on real issues, I love my AK and my AR15 for weekend shooting and fun, but they are not really something that crosses my mind on election day…

  • Tree Dee

    They could start the "Numrichovich" or "Sarcoski" Gun Parts Company! (I could use a couple of those Makarov magazines, but not the ones on the top of the pile. Those you can smelt.)

  • Anishinabi

    How much you want to bet some gun fearing idiot will come along and say we should be more like Russia and melt down our guns. It's inevitable.

    • gun loving realist

      We already do have many gun destroying programs here in the USA. Mainly in California.

    • Triplan

      Nobody is ever going to take our guns. If someone does try it will be a religion or a business that will try. Do you think the liberal element concieved the prohibition of Chinese guns or was it some businesses ? The Prohibition of alcohol or some moralistic "you can't do this " crusaders.

      I should go in the business of collecting conservative paranoia money. I could buy Panama in a week.

  • gunstuff

    Eric Holder will buy them! He'll use taxpayer money and then give them, for free, to the Mexican drug cartels.
    Or, a happy compromise could be to sell them as parts kits. The Russian factories can employ people to take them in, break them down, and destroy the receivers and then sell the parts kits to us and make a few extra bucks. Its a win-win.
    Or, sell us the complete guns so that we can fight back the drug cartels.

    • Anonymouse

      "Or, sell us the complete guns so that we can fight back the drug cartels." You're thinking about the future aren't you, eh? Well the government doesn't want you to think so far ahead. Keep buying apples and cereal, pretty soon the southern borders will be fighting a war with Mexico who I hear does not let it's people fight back. How sad if it's true!

      I personally feel that it has already started when I read of the Mexican farmer who stood up to the bad guys, killing 4 or so with his rifles. They grenadier-ed him. Not fair. There are good guys and there are bad guys. Fight the bad guys, they cheat.

  • collector

    Just like when the Germans announced they were going to destory their surplus guns look what it did to the price of a three hundred k98 now there six hundred and up, ya think the russians werent going to get it on that!Won't belong till a hunderd dollar m91/30 will be three or four hundred dollars!!! It's just a way to run up the prices and thats all and its sucks!!!

  • Buck

    Maybe/ just maybe, ifn we all had the same place to write to we could ask in a nice way to have them sent over here. I am sure we would pay more than the folks destroying them would make. I hate to even hear of that many good firearms being wasted.. Send hem all my way and Ill find them all a good home

  • Magus

    I bet they're taking the junkiest, least desirable guns in their stockpiles ("Roughly 6.45 million of these guns are no longer serviceable."), and making a big show of destroying those junkers in order to spike prices of the ones still shootable that they'll sell on the export market.

    Or at least, I hope that's what they're doing.

  • Rich Anderson

    What an incredible waste of a huge money making opportunity. Forgetting the fact some of these are complete units, never fired, all those surplus parts that could be sold to help existing weapons in the US keep on shootin!
    Would love to read about who decided that destroying them was a better idea than to sell them as parts, or complete units abroad to a huge market for them.

    • flashman

      Probably influenced by Hillary Clinton.

  • william clay

    I "CRIED" soooo sad.!!!!!!!!!!!



  • justin

    the actual reality here is probably much more sinister.

    when is the only time that the paperwork trail of military AK-47 ends? when it has supposedly been thrown into a smelter.

    so the question is, why would putin suddenly break with russian doctrine of preserving EVERYTHING and selling it off for profit?

    the answer is: when melting down a few million dollars in old guns you dont care about will provide cover for you exporting a few hundred thousand perfectly good AK-47's to allies like iran, syria and venezuela.

    the main purpose being to destabilize regions the US is strategically involved in.

  • Burtzland

    If a bunch of commies that hate America want to lighten their defenses.. so be it. They'd likely sooner sell them to the Chinese at this point.. so better they be melted down.

    • Jim Dickson

      Well Said!

  • Nick Dwyer

    Buddy of mine in the AF had tohelp destroy like 2000 mint M-16 a few years back. They were vintage maybe civillian legal? I am not sure if they could have sold them throught the Cmp.

    • nytweed

      The CMP does not sell anything that can fire full auto. Sorry no M14's and no m16's.

      • Nick

        Maybe a conversion? Heck that would create jobs!

  • Jim Chafin

    I only want one.

  • Okie

    The Russians may want to give Eric Holder a call. He knows some folks in Mexico who could take them off their hands and make sure they go to drug dealing criminals and not into the hands of law abiding citizens.

  • keith

    actually,some have been shipped here and they are for sale. there are original 9130 mossin nagants with turned down bolt and scope for a little over 600 us dollars.

  • Ammo Can

    makes me want to cry. i would Love to have all them Mosin And SKS parts :(

  • Michael J. Salzbrenner

    More of the global attack on individual freedom. Vastly more money could be made by selling these weapons on the open market. But alas. The governments of the world simply won’t have that.

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