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The Type 99 Arisaka Japan’s last bolt-action military rifle

by Paul Scarlata   |  July 21st, 2011 11

It never completely replaced the Type 38 in Japanese service, but was a rugged and reliable service rifle with many interesting variants. Watch for Paul Scarlata’s report on it in the 9/20 issue of SGN.

Feed Australian prisoners examine a Type 99. It was greatly outnumbered in Japanese
service by the 6.5mm Type 38, but was captured in large numbers, regardless.

Until given a taste of nuclear weaponry and total war Soviet style, the Japanese
intended to fight to the last man, woman and child. These Home Guard women drill
with Type 99s.

Japanese soldiers, under the watchful eyes of M1 carbine-toting American sailors,
dispose of surrendered Arisaka rifles by dumping them into Tokyo Bay in 1945.

Japanese soldiers, armed with Type 99 rifles, surrender to American troops in 1945. In
places like Indonesia and Vietnam, surrender didn’t come right away.

The Type 99’s career didn’t end in 1945. Here, South Korean Coast Guard troops drill
with them in 1948. Japanese arms were widely used during the Korean War.


    i am looking for a very good japanese rifle with the emporer's flower intact with out any debasement of the flower or markings below the flower.

    Ed Roberts


    Maitland, Flower

    • Rich West

      Good luck on that one.

    • Justin hart

      You still looking for said rifle?

    • paul

      I know where one is but it would be one of those "from my cold dead hands" situations.

  • Rich West

    Is there even any ammo available for these?

  • Paul Scarlata

    Hornady makes excellent 7.7mm Japanese ammo

    • tom pregent

      hi Paul S. great article on ARISAKA 99. i have one, in great shape. several markings on gun & bayonet that i can't identify. kindly e mail me

  • Jim Sangor

    Norma still manufactures 6.5 JAP ammo for the Arasaka.

    I've seen a few boxes at gun shows.
    The Sons of Guns show featured an Arisaka that was original and without any damage to the Chrysanthemum and other markings.

  • Larry Morse

    They show up often on Gunbroker. I have 7. Two have full mums.

    You can get 38 & 99 models. Just watch the auctions and don't rush in and buy the first one that you see.

  • Jim

    Where is good place for ammo?

  • Henderson Carl Smith III
    A great article..found one with mum and they shoot great..


    A good place for this questi

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