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The World’s Heaviest “Light” Machine Gun—Maxim MG08/15

by Peter G. Kokalis   |  February 6th, 2012 7

Kokalis says this World War I relic is one of the most common belt-feds among U.S. collectors, and both its design and history make it interesting. Read more about it in the 3/20 SGN.


    I want one!!!!!


      (you cant have) one cuz the U.S. goverment stole our 2nd amendment rights to own M Gs, only the Privilege few who have MONEY,or live in a non NATZI state can have one. :P maybe we can call the ATF and complain, they are honest people, RIGHT ?

      • charcoal

        you really need to learn how to spell. get a job and earn some dough and stop your whining.

        • Left Coast Chuck

          Reasonable minds can differ, I thought JCMYHOPE's comments were right on. I truly believe if our founding fathers were running the government today they would expect neighborhoods to be organized and to own collectively machine guns and mortars, weapons that would be within the price range of a neighborhood of fifteen to twenty-five households. As for his comments about the wealthy having what they want, it has seemed to me that gun laws are sexist, racist and elitist. The first gun control laws were enacted in the south to keep all them damned _ _ _ _ _ _ _ from having guns, so that when the night riders went out at night to terrorize them the night riders wouldn't get shot. It's damned hard to terrorize someone who has the ability to blow you out of the saddle. The infamous Sullivan Law was passed by the pols in Tammany Hall at the behest of the Irish gangs to keep the damned wops (sorry to all Americans of Italian descent) from horning in on their territory. And so it goes. Dianne Finestein I don't care if that's the way she spells it or not) carried a gun in SF without a permit. Bloomberg has an armed NYPD officer with him 24/7. Heck, I wouldn't feel the need for a gun if I had a secret service detail camped out at my house at taxpayer expense.

        • jcmyhope

          I see your a Grammar Nazi, the only people who are smart who take the time and check there spelling, I got a JOB and you sound like a whining puss yourself

      • Joesnopro

        ATF… alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Whos bringing the chips? now they have added exsplosives to thier monacre. Bunch of controlling assholes.

  • vvvvvvvvvv

    Amen brother! Wait what.. are you suggesting the ATF might have questionable morals and practices? Ha

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