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Springfield Armory’s Venerable 1911 TRP, Now Available in 10mm

by Calvin Ross

Springfield Armory’s new 1911 TRP models can now be used with a 10mm cartridge, giving the versatile handgun more power than it has seen before.


Big Retro Firearms Issue Hits the Newsstands on January 8th, 2018!

by FAN Online Editors

Firearms News Editor Vincent DeNiro is a huge retro fan & collector and he and his great writing staff will be covering this topic in Issue 30.


Russia licenses Saudis to build AK-103 Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition

by David Fortier

The agreement will facilitate licensed manufacture of Concern Kalashnikov’s 7.62x39mm AK-103 series of assault rifles as well as ammunition.


LaRue Tactical’s New SURG Suppressor and 6.5 Grendel

by David Fortier

David Fortier speaks with Mark LaRue of LaRue Tactical at Big 3 East about his new SURG suppressor and 6.5mm Grendel.


First Look At The Sig Sauer AR-15 MCX Rattler in 300 Blackout

by David Fortier

This gun was designed from the ground up to be as discreet as possible while retaining all the robust capabilities of the MCX.


New 10mm carbine from Hi-Point Firearms

by David Fortier

David Fortier takes a quick look at the new 10mm carbine from Hi-Point Firearms


New AK pistol and IMS Muzzle system from Krebs Custom

by David Fortier

David Fortier interviews Marc Krebs of Krebs Custom at Big 3 East about his new AK pistol and IMS muzzle system.

The VP9SK from Heckler & Koch is the compact version of the VP9, HK’s interpretation of the striker-fired, plastic-framed, double-stack autoloading pistol.

Review: Heckler & Koch VP9SK

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

If you’re going to take on a product accepted and proven as the Glock, you better come to the table with some good ideas, and the VP9SK does.

Tarr isn’t much of a revolver guy, but he thinks the .44 Spl. is an underappreciated alternative to the 
.45 ACP and thinks Ruger nailed it with the GP100.

Review: Ruger GP100 .44 Special – A Fistful Of Fun

by James Tarr

Fed up to the neck with plastic-framed, striker fired autoloaders? Take a step back to cartridge popular a century ago, fired from a very modern revolver.

Winchester's new XPC is typical of bolt-action rifles that have features shooters have learned to love on their ARs, like adjustable stocks and M-LOK handguards.

Review: Winchester XPC Rifle

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

Winchester’s new XPC Rifle shows off new features that any type of shooter can appreciate.

A great home-defense carbine. This one is topped off with a Bushnell AR Optics Incinerate red-dot and GG&G 45-Degree Transition Sights.

Pistol Carbines and The CMMG Guard

by Jim Grant

The CMMG Guard is a pistol-caliber carbine that fulfills the role of a personal home defense weapon for civilians.


Sneak Peak at the Galil Ace 5.56 pistol

by FAN Online Editors

Firearms News Contributing Writer Scot Loveland gives us a peak at the Galil Ace 5.56 pistol. Look for a review in issue #2! Hits newsstands January 16, 2018.

FN 509 Pistol

Review: FN 509 Pistol

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

There’s more than one way to be a winner; FN’s offering in the Modular Handgun Program has charms all its own.

The awkwardly named Springfield Saint with Free-Float Handguard is the next step up from the original Saint, which was aimed at the beginning AR owner.

Review: Springfield Saint 5.56 With Free-Float Handguard

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

The model name is a mouthful, but this new version from Springfield Armory offers a lot of value.


Firearms News’ Big 10mm Special Issue Coming in November!

by FAN Online Editors

Be sure to pick up Firearms News issue #27 which is our big 10mm issue.


Firearms News visits ATG Family Range Day – SMG test of Wolf 9mm Ammo

by FAN Online Editors

Firearms News editor, Vincent DeNiro runs the 115gr. 9mm FMJ ammunition through an M-11/9 sub machine-gun and a Beretta M9A1 Compact Inox pistol.

New from Wolf Performance Ammunition is the 9x39mm Wolf cartridge featuring a 278 grain  FMJ-BT at subsonic velocity.

Wolf Performance Ammunition’s New 9x39mm Wolf Cartridge

by David Fortier

Wolf Performance Ammunition introduces a worthy subsonic rival to the 300 Blackout.


LaRue Tactical’s new .224 Valkyrie

by David Fortier

Get a sneak peak at Federal’s interesting new cartridge and LaRue’s latest shortie AR.


The Most Pro-2nd Amendment song EVER! “Don’t Let ’em Take Your Gun” by Grand Funk Railroad

by FAN Online Editors

Performed by the legendary rock band Grand Funk Railroad and produced by Frank Zappa, this song appeared on the Good Singin’, Good Playin’ album in the Bi-Centennial year of 1976.

Truck guns are as old as trucks themselves and can be a very handy tool to have in 
certain situations. Think about what you 
really need first. Photo by Lukas Lamb.

Truck Guns – Things to consider before tossing a firearm in your rig

by David Fortier

Whether it’s an old H&R Topper or a shiny new AR, keeping your truck gun secure and operational is vital.