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First Look: Umarex Throttle Air Rifle

by FAN Online Editors

The new Throttle air rifle from Umarex features the company’s innovative Stopshox anti-recoil system. The rifle also features a SilencAir… more »


First Look: Umarex SurgeMax Air Rifle

by FAN Online Editors

The new Umarex SurgeMax air rifle features a nucleus integrated rail platform and a TNT gas piston break barrel, along… more »


First Look: Umarex M&P 40 Blowback Pistol

by FAN Online Editors

New for 2016, Umarex has introduced a Smith & Wesson M&P 40 CO2 pistol that features a realistic all-metal slide… more »


Ruger LCP Custom Review

by James Tarr

The Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) pocket auto is arguably the company’s most successful handgun model of the last ten… more »


First Look: Savage-Stevens S1200 Shotgun

by FAN Online Editors

Stevens by Savage Arms introduced its first-ever semi-automatic shotgun for 2016. The new 12-gauge S1200 features a smooth-shooting inertia system… more »


First Look: Savage Model 42 Takedown

by FAN Online Editors

Imagine a lightweight, compact “combination” gun that, with the push of a button, can be disassembled and fits within an… more »


Walther PPS Review

by James Tarr

With all the hoopla and kerfluffle over the new Glock 43, I thought it might be prudent not just to… more »


Introducing Firearms News

by David Hunter Jones

Greetings. You might think that your computer has taken a wrong turn as the title in your browser now reads… more »


IWI Tavor: History and Development

by Peter G. Kokalis

The state of Israel declared its independence from Great Britain on 14 May 1948. Since that time it has been… more »


Steyr AUG A3 Review

by James Tarr

Getting a new full-auto Colt Commando is pretty much a non-starter unless you’re a police department. There is no such… more »


How to Buy Military Surplus Guns

by Paul Scarlata

This article is condensed from the Introduction of the author’s book “Collecting Classic Military Bolt Action Rifles.” It and his… more »


Canik TP9SA Review

by James Tarr

Just about two and a half years ago, I reviewed the original TP9 from Canik 55, and this past year,… more »


Firearms News 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

by SGN Online Editors

Every year, we at Firearms News look forward to stuffing our stockings and giving gifts with some of the greatest guns and… more »


Direct Impingement vs. Gas Piston ARs

by James Tarr

During the 1980s and ’90s, gun magazines were obsessed with contests. The obsession didn’t lie with giving away prizes but… more »


Sako TRG M10: A 21st Century Sniper

by David Fortier

While Sako’s TRG 22 was a fantastic sniper rifle when it was first introduced, it is very much a product… more »


Hornady Heat Shield: More Than Just Hype?

by David Fortier

I will always remember talking to a rep in the industry after he left his gig at a famous bullet… more »


The Go Bag

by J.M. Peterson

This article appeared in the June 2013 issue of Be Ready! To purchase to the current issue of Be Ready!, click… more »


Sig Sauer Legion Series Introduced

by David Fortier

If you’ve seen this video and it has sparked your interest, don’t worry, we have you covered: I was contacted by… more »


Geissele’s New Super Precision Optics Mount

by David Fortier

Bill Geissele exploded onto the AR scene in 2004 when he started building National Match triggers. It wasn’t long before… more »


Firearms News Writer Patrick Sweeney Wins ‘Big 3′ Award

by David Fortier

Firearms News was present at the very first Big 3 East Media event back in 2007, and we have attended every… more »