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Shopify’s New Policy is a De Facto Gun Ban

by Jim Grant

Canadian online-store provider Shopify, formally banned the sale of, “Certain Firearms and Certain Firearm Accessories” on the 13th of August VIA its AUP.


Speer Ammunition Announces New Gold Dot 10mm Auto Load

by FAN Online Editors

Speer Ammunition announced its new 10mm Auto 200-grain load.


Now on the Newsstands: Firearms News August 2018 – Issue 15

by FAN Online Editors

Leroy Thompson reviews a Thompson and more in the August 2018 issue of Firearms News.


Now on the Newsstands: Firearms News July 2018 – Issue 14

by FAN Online Editors

Look for the PTR 9CT pistol on the cover of Firearms News July 2018 – Issue 14.

The Author takes aim with his personal BCM A2 clone wearing a full set of the new Retro Furniture from Brownell’s.

Running Through the Jungle with New Retro AR-15 Furniture from Brownells

by FAN Online Editors

Overall the new Brownell’s retro sets do a great job of, “scratching the itch” of having a retro-themed rifle or carbine, without having to break the bank to build one.

The Pro For Sho muffs are effective enough to make shooting my evil little draco pleasant.

The Best Hearing Protection Under $20

by FAN Online Editors

Jim Grant rounds up the best hearing protection available under $20.

Strange in appearance, the Unique-Grip forms to the shooter’s hand.

Get a Custom Grip on your AR with Unique-Grip

by FAN Online Editors

The aptly named Unique-Grip is a new product from Unique-ARs.

Justice Kavanaugh sitting in front of the Senate Committee

What the Appointment of Brett Kavanaugh Means for Gun Rights

by FAN Online Editors

Trump formally announced justice Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court pick.


Gun Owner Groups WIN Lawsuit Against City of Columbus

by FAN Online Editors

A Columbus Common Pleas Court granted a permanent injunction against the City of Columbus, forbidding it from enforcing its ban against bump stocks.


Crimson Trace Upgrades Popular Rifles

by FAN Online Editors

Crimson Trace offers numerous lighting upgrade options to owners of modern sporting rifles (MSRs) and most rail-equipped long guns.

Firefield’s Verge M-LOK Series Rail System

Introducing Firefield’s New Verge M-LOK Series Rail System

by FAN Online Editors

Firefield introduces tactical Verge M-LOK Series rail system.


Tech Startup Launches 3D-Printed Coil Gun

by FAN Online Editors

ArcFlash Labs announced last Sunday night, that their 3D-printed coil gun, the EMG-01A, was available for purchase.

All Photos are Screenshots from This Source:

YouTuber Builds AR-10 Receiver from Used Brass Cartridge Cases

by FAN Online Editors

YouTuber, GunCraft101, builds an AR-10 from used brass casings.

The Bridge by John Falter

It’s Independence Day NOT Just the Fourth of July!

by FAN Online Editors

We at Firearms News hope that you have a safe and happy Independence Day!


Now on the Newsstands: Firearms News #13, July 2018 – BIG RETRO GUNS COLLECTOR ISSUE!

by FAN Online Editors

Be sure to pick up your copy at your local magazine stand or major book retailer! On sale July 3, 2018!


The Capital Gazette Shooting And Maryland’s Restrictive Gun Laws

by FAN Online Editors

Jarrod Ramos, the 38-year-old suspected of killing five employees of the Capital Gazette last week, has been formally charged with a… more »


Ruger Introduces Four New Products to Kick Off the Summer

by FAN Online Editors

Ruger has introduced four new products to kick off the summer: the SR1911 Officer-Style in .45 Auto; Security-9 with Viridian E-Series Red Laser; 10/22 Target Lite with Red and Black Laminate Stock; and Ruger 77/17 in .17 WSM with Green Mountain Laminate Stock.

RCBS Celebrates 75 Year Anniversary

RCBS Celebrates 75 Year Anniversary

by FAN Online Editors

RCBS is celebrating 75 years in business this month!


So-Called ‘Smart Gun’ SAFETY Act Contradicts Its Name on All Counts

by FAN Online Editors

So-Called ‘Smart Gun’ SAFETY Act Contradicts Its Name on All Counts

Mossberg 590M Shockwave 12-gauge Firearm

Mossberg Introduces 590M Shockwave 12-Gauge Pump-Action

by FAN Online Editors

Mossberg introduces the 590M Shockwave 12-gauge firearm with 15-inch barrel, pistol grip and the world’s first double-stack, 10-round shotgun magazine.