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IMPACT assigned Sweeney to track down and interview suppressor guru John Hollister. He did just that at SHOT Show, and you’ll find his insights very useful.

Suppressor Guru John Hollister on Subsonic Ammo

by Patrick Sweeney

Editor Patrick Sweeney spoke with suppressor guru John Hollister about subsonic ammunition at SHOT Show 2017.


The Boycott of DICK’S and Field & Stream Stores May Be Working! Show Us How Your Local Store Is Doing!

by FAN Online Editors

Stop in your local DICK’S or Field & Steam store, and let’s see how the gun owners’ boycott of this corporation is doing.

If you shoot, collect or have any interest in ComBloc firearms, then you should
be aware of the Wolf
brand. Their economical
ammunition makes the world go around.

A Look at Wolf Performance Ammunition

by FAN Online Editors

Wolf Performance Ammunition’s steel-cased military-style ammo makes shooting affordable, and that’s a good thing.


Now on the Newsstands: Firearms News March 2018 – Issue 6

by FAN Online Editors

The new March 2018 issue of Firearms News is available now. Look for the Ruger PC Carbine on the cover – article by David Fortier.


Florida Governor and Legislature Put Politics Before Children’s Lives

by FAN Online Editors

Florida legislature put the politics of the day ahead of good policy, ahead of expert advice, ahead of common sense, and ahead of the children’s lives.

What the heck is President Trump up to?

The False-flag Drive Toward Registration, Confiscation: What the heck is President Trump up to?

by Vin Suprynowicz

Is having a “Middle-Of-The-Road Solution” President a door opener for those who want to rip apart our second amendment?

These five weapons carried James Bond through most of his novels and movies. Suave, bold, and lethal, Bond uses these guns along with his license to kill to keep the world safe for Queen and country.

The Guns of 007

by FAN Online Editors

From the Beretta 418 to the HK UMP, Will Dabbs, MD, takes a look at the different guns of 007 throughout the years.


Century Arms Announces Release of New AK-47 Pistol

by FAN Online Editors

Century Arms has announced a new addition to their AK-47 pistol line, the C39v2 Blade Pistol.


New Anti-Gun ‘Study’ a Rehash of Same Old Lies

by FAN Online Editors

There’s a difference between “research” and “agenda science,” and this new anti-gun ‘study’ a rehash of same old lies.


Now on the Newsstands: Firearms News March 2018 – Issue 5

by FAN Online Editors

Check out the latest issue of Firearms News to get the latest news from the firearms industry.


If Some of the Newly Proposed Gun-Control Policies Were Law in 1945, the Most Highly Decorated Soldier of WWII Would Not Have Been Able to Buy a .22 LR Rifle Upon Returning from Service

by FAN Online Editors

If Governor Rick Scott’s proposal were law back then, Audie Murphy would not have been able to buy ANY type of firearm.


Bump Stocks and the Bill of Rights

by Vin Suprynowicz

Outlawing bump stocks may be a door opener to regulate other common firearm components if legislators don’t narrow the language of the measure.

Wilson Combat Ranger

New Ranger AR Rifle Series From Wilson Combat

by FAN Online Editors

Wilson Combat has introduced their new Ranger AR Rifle Series.


John Kasich’s Best Idea to Stop School Shootings is a Failure and a Retread

by FAN Online Editors

John Kasich’s best idea to stop school shootings is a retread two decades-old idea even HE admitted was a failure.

SIG SAUER's Varmint & Predator Elite Performance Ammunition

NEW: SIG SAUER’s Varmint & Predator Elite Performance Ammunition

by FAN Online Editors

SIG SAUER, Inc. introduced its new line of Varmint & Predator (V&P) Elite Performance Ammunition.


The Gun Community IS Doing Something About Violence

by FAN Online Editors

A less known fact is that US gun owners are already heavily involved in various activities to directly address gun violence.

Approximately 17 Ukrainians were murdered per minute in the Ukrainian genocide known as the Holodomor. (The Last Road, painting by Nina Marchenko)

There’s Plenty We Could Do About Mass Shootings

by FAN Online Editors

Mass shootings in America occur almost entirely in “gun-free zones” – sometimes “no-guns-allowed” theaters and shopping malls, but especially in our gun-free, coercion-based “public schools.”

The Soviet PPSh-41 submachine gun played a crucial roll in the defense of Russia during the Great Patriotic War.

Soviet PPSh-41 Submachine Gun

by David Fortier

The Soviet short sword of World War II was the Pistolet Pulyemet Shpagin-1941 (PPSh-41) submachine gun

Heckler & Koch’s Maschinepistole 7 was developed as a modern Personal Defense Weapon capable of penetrating modern soft body armor.


by David Fortier

While NATO never made the switch to a modern PDW, the HK MP7 has seen some success including limited fielding by U.S. Special Operations.

The Caliber .45 M3A1 Submachine Gun is a classic American design adopted in Dec. 1944 and known as the Grease Gun.

The M3A1 “Grease Gun” Submachine Gun

by David Fortier

On the range the M3A1 proved simple to operate, reliable and fast handling. Thanks to its slow rate of fire, it’s very easy to trigger off single-shots.