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Shotgun News Classifications

Use these categories for placing a classified ad in Shotgun News.

Use the form printed in the front of each issue or download the form below.

Click here to download the Classified Ad Order Form

Click here to download the Classified Category Numbers

Accessories For Sale S5200
Accessories Wanted S5201
Ammunition For Sale S5220
Ammunition Wanted S5221
Appraisal Services S5260
Archery For Sale S5240
Archery Wanted S5241
Aviation For Sale S5250
Antiques S5270
Barrels For Sale S5280
Barrels Wanted S5281
Binoculars & Spotting Scopes For Sale S5300
Binoculars & Spotting Scopes Wanted S5301
Books & Magazines For Sale S5320
Books & Magazines Wanted S5321
Cartridge Collections For Sale S5340
Cartridge Collections Wanted S5341
Clips & Magazines For Sale S5380
Clips & Magazines Wanted S5381
Cowboy Action Accessories For Sale S5390
Cowboy Action Accessories Wanted S5391
Clubs & Organizations S5420
Education & Home Study S5440
Engravers S5460
Gun Cleaning Supplies S5475
Gun Lists, Consignments and Collections For Sale S5480
Gun Lists, Consignments and Collections Wanted S5481
Gun Parts For Sale S5500
Gun Parts Wanted S5501
Gun Safes For Sale S5520
Gun Safes Wanted S5521
Gun Shows S6150
Gunsmith & Dealer Services S5540
Gunsmith & Dealer Supplies S5560
Holsters For Sale S5580
Holsters Wanted S5581
Hunting Guides S5600
Hunting Supplies S5620
Knives & Bayonets For Sale S5640
Knives & Bayonets Wanted S5641
Lost & Stolen S5660
Metallic Sights For Sale S5680
Metallic Sights Wanted S5681
Militaria For Sale S5700
Militaria Wanted S5701
Miscellaneous For Sale S5720
Miscellaneous Wanted S5721
Muzzleloader Accessories For Sale S5730
Muzzleloader Accessories Wanted S5731
POR Firearms and Accessories S5750
Prints, Stamps & Collectibles For Sale S5760
Prints, Stamps & Collectibles Wanted S5761
Real Estate S5770
Reloading Components For Sale S5800
Reloading Components Wanted S5801
Reloading Equipment For Sale S5820
Reloading Equipment Wanted S5821
Sales & Auctions S6120
Scopes, Rings & Bases For Sale S5840
Scopes, Rings & Bases Wanted S5841
Scopes, Laser Sights For Sale S5850
Scopes, Laser Sights Wanted S5851
Services S5852
Shooting Events S6140
Stocks & Grips For Sale S5860
Stocks & Grips Wanted S5861
Surplus Gear For Sale S5880
Surplus Gear Wanted S5881
Swords For Sale S5920
Swords Wanted S5921
Taxidermy Services S5940
Taxidermy Supplies S5960
Targets For Sale S5980
Triggers For Sale S5990
Triggers Wanted S5991
Videos For Sale S6000
Videos Wanted S6001
Airguns For Sale S3000
Airguns Wanted S3001
AMT For Sale S3020
AMT Wanted S3021
Anschutz Rifles For Sale S3040
Anschutz Rifles Wanted S3041
Astra Handguns For Sale S3060
Astra Handguns Wanted S3061
Auto Mag Handguns For Sale S3080
Auto Mag Handguns Wanted S3081
A Miscellaneous For Sale S3100
A Miscellaneous Wanted S3101
Baker For Sale S3120
Baker Wanted S3121
Benelli Shotguns For Sale S3130
Benelli Shotguns Wanted S3131
Beretta Handguns For Sale S3140
Beretta Handguns Wanted S3141
Beretta Rifles For Sale S3150
Beretta Rifles Wanted S3151
Beretta Shotguns For Sale S3160
Beretta Shotguns Wanted S3161
Browning Handguns For Sale S3180
Browning Handguns Wanted S3181
Browning Shotguns For Sale S3200
Browning Shotguns Wanted S3201
Browning Rifles For Sale S3220
Browning Rifles Wanted S3221
B Miscellaneous For Sale S3240
B Miscellaneous Wanted S3241
Charter Arms For Sale S3260
Charter Arms Wanted S3261
Chief AJ For Sale S3270
Chief AJ Wanted S3271
Colt Named Model For Sale S3280
Colt Named Model Wanted S3281
Colt M1911 Semiauto & Variants For Sale S3300
Colt M1911 Semiauto & Variants Wanted S3301
Colt Rimfire Autos For Sale S3320
Colt Rimfire Autos Wanted S3321
Colt Numbered Model For Sale S3340
Colt Numbered Model Wanted S3341
Colt SAA 1st Gen. For Sale S3355
Colt SAA 1st Gen. Wanted S3356
Colt Single Action For Sale S3360
Colt Single Action Wanted S3361
Colt Rifles For Sale S3370
Colt Rifles Wanted S3371
Colt Commemoratives For Sale S3380
Colt Commemoratives Wanted S3381
Cooper Rifles For Sale S3390
Cooper Rifles Wanted S3391
Cowboy Action Guns For Sale S3395
Cowboy Action Guns Wanted S3396
Custom Handguns For Sale S3400
Custom Handguns Wanted S3401
Custom Rifles For Sale S3420
Custom Rifles Wanted S3421
C Miscellaneous For Sale S3440
C Miscellaneous Wanted S3441
Dakota Arms For Sale S3450
Dakota Arms Wanted S3451
Desert Eagle For Sale S3460
Desert Eagle Wanted S3461
Double Rifles For Sale S3480
Double Rifles Wanted S3481
Double Shotguns For Sale S3490
Double Shotguns Wanted S3491
Drilling & Combination For Sale S3500
Drilling & Combination Wanted S3501
D Miscellaneous For Sale S3520
D Miscellaneous Wanted S3521
EMF For Sale S3530
EMF Wanted S3531
English/European Rifles For Sale S3540
English/European Rifles Wanted S3541
English Shotguns For Sale S3560
English Shotguns Wanted S3561
European Shotguns For Sale S3580
European Shotguns Wanted S3581
E Miscellaneous For Sale S3600
E Miscellaneous Wanted S3601
Fabrique Nationale (FN) For Sale S3620
Fabrique Nationale (FN) Wanted S3621
Fox Shotguns For Sale S3640
Fox Shotguns Wanted S3641
Franchi Shotguns For Sale S3660
Franchi Shotguns Wanted S3661
Freedom Arms For Sale S3670
Freedom Arms Wanted S3671
F Miscellaneous For Sale S3680
F Miscellaneous Wanted S3681
Glock For Sale S3700
Glock Wanted S3701
Golden Eagle For Sale S3720
Golden Eagle Wanted S3721
G Miscellaneous For Sale S3740
G Miscellaneous Wanted S3741
Harrington & Richardson For Sale S3760
Harrington & Richardson Wanted S3761
H&R 1871 For Sale S3770
H&R 1871 Wanted S3771
Heckler & Koch For Sale S3780
Heckler & Koch Wanted S3781
Henry Rifles For Sale S3790
Henry Rifles Wanted S3791
High Standard For Sale S3800
High Standard Wanted S3801
Hopkins & Allen For Sale S3820
Hopkins & Allen Wanted S3821
Husqvarna Rifles For Sale S3840
Husqvarna Rifles Wanted S3841
H Miscellaneous For Sale S3860
H Miscellaneous Wanted S3861
Interarms Handguns For Sale S3880
Interarms Handguns Wanted S3881
Interarms Rifles For Sale S3882
Interarms Rifles Wanted S3883
Ithaca Rifles For Sale S3900
Ithaca Rifles Wanted S3901
Ithaca Shotguns For Sale S3910
Ithaca Shotguns Wanted S3911
Iver Johnson For Sale S3920
Iver Johnson Wanted S3921
I Miscellaneous For Sale S3940
I Miscellaneous Wanted S3941
J Miscellaneous For Sale S3960
J Miscellaneous Wanted S3961
Kimber of America For Sale S3970
Kimber of America Wanted S3971
Kimber of Oregon For Sale S3980
Kimber of Oregon Wanted S3981
Krieghoff Rifles For Sale S3990
Krieghoff Rifles Wanted S3991
Krieghoff Shotguns For Sale S3995
Krieghoff Shotguns Wanted S3996
K Miscellaneous For Sale S4000
K Miscellaneous Wanted S4001
Lefever Shotguns For Sale S4020
Lefever Shotguns Wanted S4021
Left-Hand Guns For Sale S4040
Left-Hand Guns Wanted S4041
Llama Handguns For Sale S4060
Llama Handguns Wanted S4061
Luger Handguns For Sale S4080
Luger Handguns Wanted S4081
L Miscellaneous For Sale S4100
L Miscellaneous Wanted S4101
Magnum Research Handguns For Sale S4105
Magnum Research Handguns Wanted S4106
Magnum Research Rifles For Sale S4110
Magnum Research Rifles Wanted S4111
Mannlicher-Shoenauer Rifles For Sale S4120
Mannlicher-Shoenauer Rifles Wanted S4121
Marlin Rifles For Sale S4140
Marlin Rifles Wanted S4141
Marlin Shotguns For Sale S4150
Marlin Shotguns Wanted S4151
Mauser Handguns For Sale S4160
Mauser Handguns Wanted S4161
Mauser Rifles For Sale S4162
Mauser Rifles Wanted S4163
Military Arms For Sale S4200
Military Arms Wanted S4201
Military/Automatic Arms For Sale S4220
Military/Automatic Arms Wanted S4221
Military/Automatic Parts S4222
Miniatures, Replicas For Sale S4234
Miniatures, Replicas Wanted S4235
Mossberg Rifles For Sale S4236
Mossberg Rifles Wanted S4237
Mossberg Shotguns For Sale S4238
Mossberg Shotguns Wanted S4239
Muzzleloaders & Antique Handguns For Sale S4240
Muzzleloaders & Antique Handguns Wanted S4241
Muzzleloaders & Antique Long Guns For Sale S4245
Muzzleloaders & Antique Long Guns Wanted S4246
Muzzleloaders Custom & Historic For Sale S4250
Muzzleloaders Custom & Historic Wanted S4251
Modern Muzzleloaders For Sale S4255
Modern Muzzleloaders Wanted S4256
M Miscellaneous For Sale S4260
M Miscellaneous Wanted S4261
Navy Arms Blackpowder For Sale S4280
Navy Arms Blackpowder Wanted S4281
Navy Arms Handguns For Sale S4285
Navy Arms Handguns Wanted S4286
Navy Arms Rifles For Sale S4290
Navy Arms Rifles Wanted S4291
N Miscellaneous For Sale S4300
N Miscellaneous Wanted S4301
O Miscellaneous For Sale S4320
O Miscellaneous Wanted S4321
P-38 For Sale S4340
P-38 Wanted S4341
Para-Ordnance For Sale S4350
Para-Ordnance Wanted S4351
Parker Shotguns For Sale S4360
Parker Shotguns Wanted S4361
Perazzi Shotguns For Sale S4380
Perazzi Shotguns Wanted S4381
Police Equipment For Sale S4390
Police Equipment Wanted S4391
P Miscellaneous For Sale S4400
P Miscellaneous Wanted S4401
Q Miscellaneous For Sale S4420
Q Miscellaneous Wanted S4421
Remington Rifles For Sale S4440
Remington Rifles Wanted S4441
Remington Shotguns For Sale S4460
Remington Shotguns Wanted S4461
Remington Handguns For Sale S4480
Remington Handguns Wanted S4481
Rossi Handguns For Sale S4490
Rossi Handguns Wanted S4491
Rossi Rifles For Sale S4495
Rossi Rifles Wanted S4496
Ruger Rifles For Sale S4500
Ruger Rifles Wanted S4501
Ruger Shotguns For Sale S4520
Ruger Shotguns Wanted S4521
Ruger Handguns For Sale S4540
Ruger Handguns Wanted S4541
R Miscellaneous For Sale S4560
R Miscellaneous Wanted S4561
Sako Rifles For Sale S4580
Sako Rifles Wanted S4581
Savage For Sale S4600
Savage Wanted S4601
Sharps Rifles (Modern) For Sale S4620
Sharps Rifles (Modern) Wanted S4621
Sharps Rifles (Original) For Sale S4625
Sharps Rifles (Original) Wanted S4626
SIG Handguns For Sale S4640
SIG Handguns Wanted S4641
SKB Shotguns For Sale S4660
SKB Shotguns Wanted S4661
LC Smith Shotguns For Sale S4680
LC Smith Shotguns Wanted S4681
S&W Early Models Pre-1940 For Sale S4700
S&W Early Models Pre-1940 Wanted S4701
S&W Handguns For Sale S4720
S&W Handguns Wanted S4721
S&W Performance Center For Sale S4730
S&W Performance Center Wanted S4731
Springfield Rifles For Sale S4740
Springfield Rifles Wanted S4741
Springfield Armory Handguns For Sale S4750
Springfield Armory Handguns Wanted S4751
Springfield Armory Rifles For Sale S4755
Springfield Armory Rifles Wanted S4756
Star Handguns For Sale S4760
Star Handguns Wanted S4761
Stevens For Sale S4780
Stevens Wanted S4781
Steyr Rifles For Sale S4800
Steyr Rifles Wanted S4801
S Miscellaneous For Sale S4820
S Miscellaneous Wanted S4821
Taurus Handguns For Sale S4840
Taurus Handguns Wanted S4841
Thompson/Center For Sale S4860
Thompson/Center Wanted S4861
Thompson/Center (T/C) Contenders For Sale S4870
Thompson/Center (T/C) Contenders Wanted S4871
T Miscellaneous For Sale S4900
T Miscellaneous Wanted S4901
Uberti For Sale S4910
Uberti Wanted S4911
U Miscellaneous For Sale S4920
U Miscellaneous Wanted S4921
Valmet For Sale S4940
Valmet Wanted S4941
V Miscellaneous For Sale S4960
V Miscellaneous Wanted S4961
Walther For Sale S4980
Walther Wanted S4981
Weatherby Shotguns For Sale S5000
Weatherby Shotguns Wanted S5001
Weatherby Rifles For Sale S5020
Weatherby Rifles Wanted S5021
Webleys For Sale S5030
Webleys Wanted S5031
Wesson Handguns For Sale S5040
Wesson Handguns Wanted S5041
Wildey Handguns For Sale S5060
Wildey Handguns Wanted S5061
Pre-Winchester, Henry, etc. For Sale S5070
Pre-Winchester, Henry, etc. Wanted S5071
Winchester Rifles For Sale S5080
Winchester Rifles Wanted S5081
Winchester Shotguns For Sale S5100
Winchester Shotguns Wanted S5101
Winchester Commemoratives For Sale S5103
Winchester Commemoratives Wanted S5104
W Miscellaneous For Sale S5120
W Miscellaneous Wanted S5121
X Miscellaneous For Sale S5140
X Miscellaneous Wanted S5141
Y Miscellaneous For Sale S5160
Y Miscellaneous Wanted S5161
Z Miscellaneous For Sale S5180
Z Miscellaneous Wanted S5181