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by Ashley Dale   |  August 30th, 2011 8

The polymer-frame PPQ features the Walther Quick Defense Trigger, dual slide serrations, ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release, interchangeable backstraps, adjustable rear sight and accessory rail. Capacities: 9mm – 15 rounds; .40 – 12 rounds. Optional extended magazines available.

For further information contact: Walther USA, Dept. SGN, 2100 Roosevelt Ave., Springfield, MA 01104 or

  • woody

    its a decent weapon. but I still like my glock better

    • david

      i have no problem with glock but i prefer berreta.

  • david

    it si left and right hander frinderly all tough i dont own 1 i have shot 1 before they rilley dun ther home work.

  • wade

    Anyone owned a .40 caliber version yet? I have a P@@ and love it do death. Had many glocks and would like to try this in a .40. any feedback appreciated on use and ownership?

    • Rob

      My .40cal Walther PPQ is one of the best handguns I've ever shot. Not much of a kick & it's extremely accurrate!! I've shot hundreds of rounds without a problem. Easy to take apart & clean. Rob

  • Rodolpho

    Beautfull Gun.

  • 44reese43

    yes they are amazing.. But i LOVE my STEEL so P38 i like better but for carry hell ya its amazing shoots glocks outa the water.. and YES it is a .40 if it had a hammer if like it even better but 2 me a ww2 P38 is the best : load indicator, SA / DA and decock safety.. maybe i just love walthers cuz out of the 20 i've owned and the 6 i still own.. NONE have jammed and ALL even WW2 p38's with pitted barrels were very accurate i can shoot either P38 or the PPQ and keep a 2-3'' group @ 25ft. Walther company if you read this i need a job and great job with the handguns from 1930's – today…bring the STEEL P38 back for a 100yr ann.

  • Vmoto

    I have a PPQ. It is a great pistol! Superb trigger and accuracy!

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