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Convicted Criminal Among Those in New York Biker Mob

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  October 7th, 2013 18

By now you have probably heard about the New York incident in which a businessman was dragged from his Range Rover and beaten by a mob of motorcyclists. The attack—which nicely combined elements of The Wild Angels and Bonfire of the Vanities—would have been media catnip regardless, but became a sensation when helmet-cam videos were posted on YouTube.

Check out the video from ABC News.

The story just keeps producing spicy tidbits, notably the fact that a half-dozen undercover New York police officers were among the hundreds of rampaging cyclists.

Now the New York Post has reported Reginald Chance, who was videotaped using his helmet to break out the Range Rover’s window, has an impressive record of 21 arrests on various drug and robbery charges. Most recently, he was found to be in possession of cocaine, marijuana and a gun.

As the Post summarized it:

“Chance was busted and hit with gun and drug raps and faced more than 25 years prison.

“But Brooklyn prosecutors dropped the gun rap when Chance was indicted. A source said the charge was weakened by the fact that Chance—who allegedly admitted the pistol was his—had not been the target of the search for the gun.

“Under a sweetheart plea bargain overseen by Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Suzanne Mondo, all the remaining felony drug charges against Chance were also dropped.

“He wound up with a one-year conditional discharge for misdemeanor pot possession and was given 20 days of community service.”

If you are a longtime SGN reader, you will be completely unshocked by that piece of intelligence. New York politicians bloviate about getting tough on guns, but what they mean is getting tough on some 55-year-old NRA member in Canandaigua, not a drug dealer in Brooklyn. Gun charges are always the first ones to be dropped when a career criminal’s in the dock. Don’t think that leniency would apply to you, of course.

  • Obama Sucks A S S ! ! ! ! !

    I guess I don’t understand…Hunnicutt voted for Obama, praises him, and then when they don’t prosecute a negro, he writes a story about it? Which is it, Hunnicutt. card-carrying commie or confused dolt?

  • MrApple

    This story just keeps getting more and more interesting.

  • obamavomit

    Scientist, for the last 130 years have been cognizant of the NEGR0 being the walking link between the H0M0-SAPIEN-IDALTU and modern current times. Fortunately for the known sub classification H0M0-SAPIEN-NEGR0, H0M0-SAPIEN has tasked itself to ascertain whether or not the NEGR0 can be trained to fit into modern society. It was theorized that if some NEGR0S were placed in high levels of visibility and leadership the majority might gravitate to assimilation, the violent characteristics would subside and the intellectual level would increase. It would seem the experiment is drawing towards its conclusion, sadly a failure. The NEGR0 as a whole is not able to ascertain the reason behind its introduction to civilization, prevention of starvation, disease and ultimate suffering. Only now the NEGR0 has noticed that something is going on and is in fear of displacement or extermination. My fear is that because the NEGR0 has squandered this opportunity to be absorbed, is readying to war against the H0M0-SAPIEN , extermination scenario will preponderate. You only need to look into their eyes or listen to hear their panic-call to war.

  • derek817

    If that guy is a banker he deserves death, do not like those select individual scumbag bikers either.

  • Heretic2011

    I’ve heard the guy in the SUV was harassing the bikers. He apparently felt safe in his huge vehicle, he learned better.
    As a biker, I’ll leave you with this.
    Little boy blue, don’t blow your horn.
    The bikers up front think it’s a beautiful morn.
    But if you start honking, and crowd them for space.
    They might just drop back, and rearrange your face.

    • tomaso

      5000lbs vs 400lbs hector you do the math.

    • John Paterson

      Why would a man, with a woman and a baby, initiate anything with thirty bikers who are young men and acting lawless?

      From what I understand, the whole thing started when the biker, the SUV driver hit, did a brake check without having considered his surroundings and stopped too short for the SUV to stop behind him, causing the biker to get hit and sprawl across the roadway.

      • Heretic2011

        It’s my understanding that the driver of the SUV was basically tailgating and bumped the back tire on one of the bikes. That is what initiated the brake check. I have ridden most of my life, and I’ve had cages damn near kill me on several occasions. It’s not that that don’t see you, they just don’t care.

    • fatdog98

      Cute little rhyme. guess it must make you feel tough ? just a word of advice, don’t be to quick to try your little theory out on the road .not all cage drivers are as docile as the guy driving the range rover.

      • Heretic2011

        Your so big and strong…..You could help comb my hair.

        • desertsteel

          I’ve been riding since 1969. People like you are the reason I carry.

    • Merlin40

      Go ahead and drop back, bro. I got a SIG .40 for you.

      • Heretic2011

        Yea, a lot of women carry those.

    • obamatard

      I think my IQ just dropped 20 points after reading your post +_+

  • Mike Smith

    Their Morons just a bunch of Morons that run things up there.

  • ImagineThat

    Personally I would have ran as many as could over ,I would have chased them . China man was being nice ,I would not have been so nice . They would have been running the pussies they are. There would have been a lot of road kill under my wheels.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Big Mouth in the White House on this horror? Why is it the White Guilt Media and their Marxist Bosses are so silent on this Injustice? Why does the Leftist Media support such UNFAIR treatment of Blacks against ______ (fill-in-the-blank – let’s start with Humanity).

    Why are not Black Thugs given a one-way drug trip execution like White Folk? Should not Affirmative Action and Quotas play here too? Methinks the Multicultural Crap we are being force fed demands it! After all, it is just FAIR.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Just where is the Main Stream Media on this and similar issues?

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