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Introducing the Heckler & Koch MR762A1 LRP

by SGN Online Editors   |  January 23rd, 2013 0

Heckler & Koch rolled out its brand new Heckler & Koch MR762A1 LRP rifle at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The MR762A1 LRP (Long Rifle Package), based on H&K’s previous MR762A1 models, features a G28 telescopic buttstock with a larger buffer and buffer tube, which also features a cheek rest that can be adjusted with two Allen wrenches. The cheek rest is also spring-loaded, ensuring that when using the charging handle, there will be no obstructions. The LRP also features a slimmer, more ergonomic pistol grip that allows easy access to the magazine release and trigger. Also included is the Mantarail system, which prevents wear from the heat given off by the gas system, plus a free-floating rail system, and a LaRue tactical bipod and 3-9x40mm scope, both perfect for long-range shooting. American-made, the MR762A1 LRP is currently available for $5,995. Check out the video from SHOT Show.


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