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Only Cops Should Have Guns? Yeah, Right

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  February 17th, 2012 33

You don’t hear it so much these days, but it was a commonplace among anti-gunners a generation ago that only minions of the state were reliable enough to have guns. Their general superiority as human beings and training meant you didn’t have to worry about them committing crimes.

Well, not so much. It appears that two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents got into a dustup in a federal building in Long Beach, Calif. that led to one firing on the other. After the second agent suffered a several gunshot wounds, a third agent fired on the first, killing him on the spot.

This incident just demonstrates once again that police are people, too, with all the frailties endemic to the human condition. The notion they should possess a monopoly on deadly force is ridiculous, as this incident demonstrates.–abc-news.html

  • CombatDoc

    This law enforcement shooting briefly reviewed here reminded me of a fairly one-way "conversation" that occurred with me over 20 years ago. A customer came into my shop, who said he was a Reserve Army officer. I don't recall what spurred his outburst ,but he forcefully stated that only U.S. military (both active or retired) should be allowed to own a firearm. I was astounded, to say the least, especially since I was a 3 tour Vietnam combat vet & had seen far too many officers who had demonstrated, by their actions, who not only knew what little instruction had been given then in O.C.S., but absolutely no knowledge of a world full of other weapon types &/or sporting firearms!

    • mike

      Very strange coming from a supposed Army officer who was sworn to uphold the constitution of the USA, i took the same oath in the Army and As POLICE OFFICER AND NOWHERE DID I SEE THE CLAUSE''EXCEPT IF I DISAGREE WITH''' i would have called him out, told him my opinion of him and shown him the door

  • PMD

    i believe this demonstrates exactly why civilians need to have firearms as well, to protect us from a government gone rogue [as in 1776] and officers [mil/leo] thereof, as well as other civilians. the 2nd ammendment is about protection of state AND SELF, even protection of self from state.

    • Tony Cantero

      Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it. History is replete with incidents of both police and the local militia metamorphose from protectors of the people to oppressors and enforcers of tyranny. Our founding fathers included the right-to-bare-arms clause as an option of last resort if the separation of powers (judicial, executive, & legislative branches) clause fails to prevent corruption from taking roots. They've envisioned the possibility of collusion between two (or all three) branches of power to disregard their duty to obey the will of their constituents. Should democracy fail, people have the last-resort option of removing officials from power under the force of firearms.

  • Heretic

    One wonders what they were arguing about in the first place.

  • Mru

    That reserve Army Officer was clearly extremely uninformed. Actually, saying that only the military should have guns is very misleading. The military does not allow active duty officers, NCO's or soldiers to carry guns outside the combat zone, blocks any right to carry on base and requires all active duty to "register" all their firearms with the post database – with these records maintained under federal control for perpetuity – with no discarding of the records after you leave the military. In essence – forced federal registration of all firearm!. U.S. military members have almost zero access to loaded firearms in garrison in their official capacity – except for very limited training or deployments. MP's do have access, but they're a tiny percentage of the force.

    • Robert Willis

      yep…..they tried to make me register all my weapons when i arrived at Ft Carson for active duty in 1993!! They tried to tell me that even with me living off post that i have to do this,,,,,,,,,,,,not only did i not do it, i continued to add to my collection during my 2 1/2 years i was stationed there! never heard from them again on this issue after i expressed my opposition to this registry and stated that there was no law that required me to comply while living off post!

  • guest

    Remember, that most people that enlist want to enlist for their country and the protection of their freedoms.

    Remember also, that most of these people that enlist, don't have a college education, may or may not
    have completed high school or a GED, and can not get a job. And they want to protect us??

    • Mike

      Huh, When was the last time you were in a recruiters office. The Marine Corp will not except anything less then a high school diploma. GED not apply. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the new enlistees have had some college. Lets also not forget that having a higher education degree has nothing to do with how intelligent someone is. I have met may fair share of college educated morons.

      • Neal R

        Right on Mike. Try this,I worked nine years at DARTMOUTH COLLEGE in Hanover, NH.. Two of us (Safety and Security officers) were on patrol in an off campus parking lot. We got flagged down by a guy and a girl. They couldn't unlock the doors to her vehicle with the remote! My partner asked if they had tried using the key?? HUH??? College does not necessarily produce intelligence that gives students the ablility to survive in the real world. Here's another classic. A student that graduated two years prior, called our dispatch. Seems she was living somewhere in NY, her electricity had gone out, and she wanted to know when it would come back on?? The dispatcher tried to explain, that she needed to contact her electric power server. "Well, can you give me their number?" It was the best job I ever retired from.

    • Mike Caddell

      When I took the Texas Concealed Handgun Instructors' course in Austin, Texas, which is required in order to teach the Texas CHL course to civilians, our instructors were young Texas State Troopers (DPS). They informed us that DPS officers in the field having to deal with the "bad guys" were much more favorable to civilians being armed than were the average LEO administrators. One reason was that Texas Concealed Handgun Licenses had been available long enough to compile reliable statistics on shootings of innocents by CHL holders. The statistics showed that innocent civilians were more than 100 times as likely to be shot by a law enforcement officer than by a Texas CHL holder. This included accidental shootings, shootings of bystanders, shootings of the wrong perpetrators, and intentional murders. After 10 years of CHLs being available to Texans, there had been two shootings in Texas by CHL holders, one was completely justified as self-defense and the other was being investigated. In fact, one of our instructors, a young bright and energetic DPS sergeant, told us of his very first shooting as a patrol officer when he was starting out in the DPS. According to him, he was so hyped up after a long car chase, that when the shooters were finally forced to pull off the highway and stop, he grabbed the 12 gauge shotgun kept in the patrol car, jumped out of the car, and immediately began firing. His first shots took off the right front fender of his own patrol car. These DPS instructors taught us that armed civilians are better at controlling their shooting urges because they are trained to be absolutely sure before they fire a gun at anyone, and if a CHL holder makes a mistake and shoots an innocent party, he will probably go to jail and have his assets taken in lawsuits by his victim.

    • Gig

      You have to have a GED or a high school education . My son join the Army after graduation from Pitt. with a degree in higher math. He went in the army as a Warrent officer. He's served 3 tours in Iraq. He now lives off base and is teaching the 4th generation of our family to shoot safely.

      • Neal R

        God bless him.

    • Guest

      Tell me about no education! How about, you get one about our military. My squad in Iraq had a really "dumb" guy. He had a doctorate and 2 masters degrees- and had no desire to be an officer! Personally, I quit in my second year of college, but another of our squad had completed his degree. The other two had completed high school. Yep, typical dumb infantry squad.

  • Andy Lindberg

    Hey Guest, your comments about the education and job prospects of current enlistees are absolute lies. Besides it isn't the enlistees but the senior officer corps that is the problem. Most of the 06's and above are political creatures and elitists also. Just look at the rules of engagement they propagate and the Maj Hassan incident at Ft Hood for an indicator of their perfidy. Don't expect to see many of them as members of Oath Keepers.

  • Andy Lindberg

    The only person in Minnesota killed with a full auto firearm was the girlfriend of a BIA officer who used his department issued SMG to kill her.

  • gunner45

    Only cops should have guns? Well it sure worked for Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, etc,etc, etc.

  • Charlie

    Same deal in anti-gun super restrictive Massachusetts, Hamilton Police Sargent shoots Beverly Police Officer

    • Poggie

      Massachusetts = Romney.. .Romney fails to answer the Gun polls presented him. He has been and will likely prove to be anti 2nd Amendment IF elected.

      • Neal R


  • Dewey Du Bose

    Never equate a level of intelligence with a level of education, vis-vis. Education is a fine tool, but there's no better fool than an educated fool. A good example of educated fools are our elected officials in Congress and the Whitehouse. Having spent 30 years in the Army, as an elisted man, I can tell you that I've met my fair share of educated fools.

    Weapon safety is #-1, however there are way too many college grads(commissioned officers), that don't "think" the rules apply to them, duh! The closet that I ever came to being shot, other than in combat, was by a commissioned officer at Ft Benning, GA. on the rifle range and he was the "safety officer" showing off for his officer buddies. Stupid is as stupid does and there ain't no cure for stupid.

  • sammy parker

    If you think it should be this way,just look at all the countries around us,that have been "DISARMED" they are run by dictators and the people have no way of defending themselves against the ruleing parties !!!!!!!!!!!

  • FAC$@&

    I don't see any news about how we should disarm LEO's after the shooting??? Why??? because they think they are exempt from the very laws they want to enforce on us.

  • Moose

    I wish I was not in communist Illinois!! Gun rights almost gone here. Might soon be time to move

    • Mangymutt

      Right back at ya Moose, it's the same over here in the peoples republic of California. Got a governer that couldn't get the illegal guns off the streets of Oakland when he was mayor and now he's targeting all of the law abiding gun owners. I'm thinking Arizona.

  • Aiki Te One

    Excellent thinking, Andy Lindberg, and thanks for mentioning Oath Keepers. They are critically important to holding the US in the road.

  • ARsrule

    As far as I know they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you and me.

  • Alan Lee

    No guns for the citizens equals no freedom for the citizens and screw Europe and the One Worlders who are behind this!

  • Jim

    Like any sector of public safety (police, fire, ems) your personal safety is #1, then your partner/crew/etc, then the public. Police have guns to protect themselves, not others….


    If the Feds want to shoot each other buy them more ammo! I'll pitch in a couple boxes!

  • Dan

    I have been a law enforement officer since 1976 and I would be more than happy to let every sane, stable, non criminal, and able bodied person that wants to have a firearm for self defense, hunting, collecting or recreation have one (or more). The framers of the Second Amendment had the insight to realize what may happen when firearms were restricted to a select few.

  • Dewey Du Bose

    Why is it that when a LEO is involved in a shooting, he/she only has to give up his/her service weapon and NONE of his/her personal weapons, HOWEVER, if a civilian is involved in a shooting(even if it is in self-defense), they must give up ALL of their personal weapons until after the investigastion is completed, thus leaving them unarmed with no personal protection, IOW, defenseless?

  • Flashing Lights


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