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SIG’s Great-Looking P210

by Peter G. Kokalis   |  November 9th, 2011 18

It was great-looking and beautifully made, but the original P210 often disappointed when time came to shoot it. This new version maintains the looks and corrects the deficiencies, Kokalis says. It’s not cheap, but if you’re looking for a 9mm that’s as much fun to shoot as it is to look at, here’s your chance. His full report will appear in the 1/20 issue of SGN.

SIG SAUER’s new P210 Legend pistol is an elegant and classic design that has been completely overhauled to address every tactical deficiency in the original.

The Swiss Ordonnanzrevolver Modell 1882 was still in service during World War II. Shown here with an original holster and a box of 1941 7.5mm ammunition.

The rare Swiss contract Pistole Ordonnanz 1900 has distinctive dished toggle grips, while the Ordonnanzpistole 06/29 has plain rounded grips for cocking.

Two original Swiss SP47/8 (aka SIG P210) pistols: a military variant (top) with black plastic grip panels and a commercial version sold with wood grip panels.

The magazine catch has been changed to a button behind the trigger. The safety lever rotates easily, snapping into the frame detents at its two positions.

The lock mechanism is still removable as a unit, but is now retained by a Torx T15 screw and SIG SAUER does not recommend its removal by the operator.

Field stripping procedures are straightforward, as the recoil spring and guide rod are a captive unit; although the grip panels now require a Torx T15 driver.

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