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Prepper Pack: Taurus First 24 Survival Kits

by SGN Online Editors   |  May 6th, 2014 11

Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere and you better be prepared when it does. Give yourself a fighting chance with Taurus First 24 Survival Kits.

Introduced at the 2014 NRA Show, Taurus First 24 Kits come neatly packed with a collection of necessary and resourceful tools for emergency situations.

The kits come in two variations: one of which comes outfitted with a Taurus 617 revolver chambered in .357 Magnum, while the other contains a Taurus Judge in .410 ga./.45 Colt. The revolvers in both cases are customized by the Aim Pro Tactical Performance Shop, where their actions and triggers are tuned, their chambers are polished and the firearms are finished with a durable X-Coat for added corrosion resistance.

Both kits include several tools and accessories every survivalist wants in their bug-out-bag. The accessories in each kit vary slightly based on which Taurus revolver you choose. The kits are available now from $1,399 to $1,499 depending on which revolver you prefer.

Here’s a breakdown of the items in each kit, and check out our web-exclusive video below for a first look at the new Taurus First 24 Kits.

  • vince71

    If you live in the benelux and there is a emergency situation then you are in big trouble,…

  • whaa

    $1400 MSRP

    $565 Pelican case

    $550 gun
    $40 knife
    $5 compass
    $5 mylar sheet
    $10 paracord
    $30 ammo
    $25 signal flare
    $10 tactical light sticks
    $40 flashlight
    $10 fire starter kit
    $5 box with 2 AA batteries
    $15 two speedloaders

    • Mr Doe

      Your gun and knife prices are too low, it’s not a pelican case, the kit comes with more than 2 AA batteries, and no ammo actually comes with the kit. The gun and knife prices you indicate are too low because those are the stock prices. The gun and knife in the kit have had their surfaces specially treated by a third party and, allegedly, the knife has been precision honed and the action of the revolver has been tuned. I am not affiliated with Taurus, I just hate misinformation on the internet.

  • 101nomad

    I’ll just have the .357 please. I’ll stop by walmart on the way out of town.

  • dduggerbiocepts

    While tuning might make a difference in competition shooting – any stock gun that requires tuning for survival use must be really crude to start with – and not of a quality to warrant its choice for a survival weapon. Additionally, considering a pistol as an overall singular survival weapon is questionable to begin with – since the weapon of choice should provide accuracy for both hunting and defense at a distance, in the worst case close quarters – making carbines with fold stocks superior to pistols.

    Regarding prices – for equivalents – I would agree with Mr. whaa that they are well above well shopped costs providing no advantage in buying this kit. Kits are supposed to provide bulk cost purchase discount advantages to both seller and buyer – and the opposite seems true here.

    Since this is obviously a “collapse” survival kit – one has to wonder who is going to rescue you when they see your signal flare other than a gang of predators. In concept, survival kits should allow you to build on scavenged resources and materials around you and have extended usability, The basics to do this are mostly absent in this kit beyond the fire starter and paracord. IMO the kit represents more a marketing gimmick than it does a functional survival resource.

  • DNS Signs

    Survival kit for those who don’t understand the concept maybe. Poor choice of weapons, no water purification ability, no food, etc. I have a Guard Force hard case that contains an AMD-65, 160 rounds of ammo for it, CZ75, 100 rounds 9mm, knife, lighter, spark stick, miox water purification system, batteries, space blanket, cord, snare wire, fish hooks, energy bars, fishing line, 10×12 ultralight tarp. Its not designed for only 24 hours as the way I see it if I need to grab that case and bug out its going to be for much longer than that. If all I need to worry about is 24 or so hours the gun, ammo, knife, and lighter I have in my pocket all the time already will get me through. The case I have now cost about as what Taurus is selling and would keep me going for a long time.

    • disqus_hhmIFhbjih-Indiana

      The Judge is a damn good choice. I have three and two raging Judge Magnums. I am retired Airborne.

    • disqus_hhmIFhbjih-Indiana

      All these damned idiopts that keep putting down the Taurus judge know nothing about the Taurus judge.

  • al

    No booze? No asswipe? Corn nuts? Solar cell phone charger? How are all the wimps gonna make it?

  • Michael

    The knife is absurd! A 3-5 inch drop point would be infinitely more useful. What are you going to use to purify and carry water in? Where is the first-aid kit? What are you going to cook anything you catch or shoot in? I would rather see a double action .22LR with at least a 4 inch barrel. You could easily carry 100 plus rounds.

  • 101nomad

    Make your own.

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